How can I further optimize this melee Hexblade Warlock build?

I’m looking for a highly-optimized melee build, abusing Elven Accuracy and Hexblade’s Curse. My current build and criteria are as follows:

  • STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHA are 15/9/18/12/11/20 after racial modifiers and feats.
  • PC is planned as a Half-Elven Battle Master Fighter 12, Hexblade Warlock 8.
  • Relevant class features chosen are Pact of the Blade and the Great Weapon Fighting Style.
  • The relevant Eldritch Invocations are Improved Pact Weapon, Eldritch Smite.
  • Relevant Battle Maneuver is Feinting Attack.
  • Feats chosen are Savage Attacker, Great Weapon Master, and Elven Accuracy.

Remaining options for the build:

  • Three Feats/ASIs
  • Two Eldritch Invocations
  • Warlock Spells
  • Five Battle Master Maneuvers

Criteria for optimization:

  • Class features/feats/subclass options/spells only. The build should be optimized outside of magical gear/boons.
  • The goal of the build is to find the highest potential and/or highest expected damage in one round of combat, using as many resources as necessary/able.
  • Alternate subclass proposals are welcome, provided they follow the play style of a heavily-armored, front-line melee Warlock.
  • Assume target is Large or smaller for the purposes of Eldritch Smite knocking them prone.

Combat Sequence (Turns):

  1. Action to summon Pact Weapon Greatsword, Bonus Action to use Hexblade’s Curse on target.

  2. Bonus Action to use Feinting Attack, Attack action (3 attacks), Action Surge, Attack action (3 more attacks).

Turn Breakdown:

  • The first attack of turn 2 will use Feinting Attack to gain Advantage, activating Elven Accuracy. On hit, Eldritch Smite will knock the target prone.

  • All subsequent attacks will dump all remaining Superiority Dice into Goading Attack for extra damage, and burn up Pact Magic spell slots on Eldritch Smite.

  • Great Weapon Fighting will be used to reroll damage where appropriate.

  • Savage Attacker will be used on the first crit to reroll the weapon’s damage dice for a potentially higher output, or the final hit if no crits occur.

  • Great Weapon Master will be activated on each swing for the bonus damage.

Current Damage Rolls:

Turn 2, assuming all attacks hit and none are criticals, will result in the following:

  • The first two attacks will deal 2d6+1d10+5d8+22 each. (GWM, Smite, and Maneuvers)
  • The third through fifth attacks will deal 2d6+1d10+22 (GWM and remaining Maneuvers)
  • The final attack will deal 2d6+22. Total base damage calculation is 12d6+5d10+10d8+132.

In addition to this base damage, the attacks can crit on 19-20 and attack rolls will be the highest of 3 d20s thanks to the brokenness that is Elven Accuracy.

I don’t need to get too crazy into the math of crit rates and expected averages. I’m just looking for areas where I can possibly squeeze in a few more dice or extra damage in addition to the chosen features. As stated earlier, replacement features or subclasses/multi-classing are viable submissions, the only core feature is that it is a melee-oriented Hexblade Warlock.

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Need help to make and optimize a dense forest in Unity with bird view camera

I’m currently developing a RTS game that has a bird view camera operating while playing the game. One of the core aspects of my game are trees.

So in the previous days i was playing with trees in Unity.

  • First i played with Unity Tree Creator however later i realized it is broken since 2018.3, and devs said it wont be fixed because it will be a community developed package in the future
  • Then i downloaded assets from the store that are said to be highly optimized trees, however they are mostly for “3rd person camera projects” thus having around 7-14k triangles.

After these experiences, i decided to export a tree prefab to fbx, then manually decrease the triangle count to around 2.5k in 3ds max, then reimport it to Unity. With this technique i was able to produce quite good results, but still not very satisfied with it.

My camera view, and my “dense forest” 180-300fps… and only like 3-4 shadows enter image description here For the above picture i used a Tree with 2 LOD and one billboard(BB).

After playing with this i realized i can sure do better especially with playing LOD numbers, material optimization, and with the default tree trinagle optimization.

However the problem is i can’t model pine trees that satisfy my needs in 3ds max. So i started looking into SpeedTree documentation, however it seems a bit too professional for my needs(All the tutorials also make trees with like 20k poly/tri).

So regarding this story. I would like to ask the following question + a bonus one about LOD:

  • Can you model quality trees with SpeedTree for Unity that have like around 1k-2k triangles, or SpeedTree is for high quality/high poly trees, they algorythms won’t work with lower polygon count etc? (I heared they have a simplify modifier is it good? like make a 7k triangle tree then cut it to 1k-2k)
  • I’m thinking about using 4-5 LOD and a BB for smooth transition. In my picture i use 2 LOD and a BB and sometimes when moving the camera fast, transitions are not as smooth as i want it to be. So i would like to rather have more lower detailed meshes before trasitioning to BB. So does having a 4-5 LOD-s a common practice or any better ides for this?

To optimize a website for Italy and US

I have in mind a project to do.
I would create it for Italian people but since I know the English language, to attract more visitors I'd expand it to England and the USA. Basically, it could be international.
Which are the techniques to make it optimized for international traffic on SE?
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How do you optimize in 1st Edition AD&D?

1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons gives its players a few strategic options during character creation, many of which are restricted by randomly generated attributes. With this in mind, what are some ways to maximize a character’s effectiveness, even with a mediocre set of attributes?

For instance:

  • What weapons and equipment available at start are most efficient and/or effective?
  • Are there especially potent race/class combinations?

Where to start to optimize a forum?

I own a MyBB forum. I have installed SEO plugin to make it user friendly and to have a sitemap.
These are the features:

  • Google SEO 404:
    • Error pages return HTTP 404 Not Found (and others) instead of 200 OK
    • Custom 404 error pages
    • Google's 404 widget
  • Google SEO Meta:
    • description meta tags for forums / threads / etc.
    • specify canonical pages
    • nofollow links
  • Google SEO Redirect:
    • redirect old URLs to…

Where to start to optimize a forum?

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