SharePoint 2013 Search Results Sort Options – Odd Behavior from “Relevance” Option

I am working in a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search Center, and looking to change the default Sort options on a Results page. To do this, I am modifying the “Available sort orders (JSON)” property of the Search Results Web Part:

enter image description here

I have modified the JSON so that the date-driving options are first. For example, I have placed Relevance after the “Newest” and “Oldest” options:

[{"name":"Date(Newest)","sorts":[{"p":"Write","d":1}]},{"name":"Date(Oldest)","sorts":[{"p":"Write","d":0}]},{"name":"Relevance","sorts":[]},{"name":"Lifetime Views","sorts":[{"p":"ViewsLifeTime","d":1}]},{"name":"Recent Views","sorts":[{"p":"ViewsRecent","d":1}]}] 

When I publish the page, everything initially appears fine. When a search is performed, the ‘newest’ items are returned in the results. However, when I select “Relevance” from the drop-down list, the Sort drop-down changes back to “Date(Newest)”, and the results are sorted in the ‘newest’ sort order.

Below is a quick video on what I am seeing:

Does the Search Result Web Part have issues if “Relevance” is not the primary option? Is there still a way to allow for “Relevance” as a secondary option? Is it possibly because the “sorts” options are empty in the “Relevance” JSON values?

P.S. I was also able to duplicate this behavior on an Enterprise Search Center hosted in SharePoint Online/Office 365.

globalprotect option missing in network-manager VPN options

Ubuntu 19.04 has openconnect v8.02 which supports globalprotect. I’m able to to connect to a corporate network from terminal using following command:

openconnect --protocol=gp <some address>  

The issue is that it can not be defined in network settings (GUI) as the GP protocol is not available in VPN (only AnyConnect and Juniper options available under openconnect). It is there on my personal manjaro computer. Any idea how to add this option to Ubuntu ?

Ubuntu 19.04 with network-manager-openconnect network-manager-openconnect-gnome packages installed

Try Ubuntu vs Install Ubuntu option in VirtualBox

What is the difference between “Try Ubuntu” and “Install Ubuntu” option I have VirtualBox on my Windows 10 and have downloaded Ubuntu iso on my desktop. I have configured the VirtualBox and provide Ubuntu iso for Virtualbox. I get two options – “Try Ubuntu” and “Install Ubuntu”. I am not sure which option to take. My requirement is I want to run my Selenium scripts in parallel for which I need multiple machines, hence using VM. If I select Install Ubuntu will it alter my laptops file system? I intend to use VM temporarily to learn the concept of parallel script execution across multiple machines. Post learning I want to remove VirtualBox and don’t want Ubuntu.

Magento 2 create admin form selected option depend on another selected option

I have created an module for admin which have admin form and this form have some fields.I have two select option drop down fields.If I choose first dropdown option value then second drop-down display some values and if I choose another option then value should be different.

I have search on forums but not found any solution.Please help me.

screenshot are attached.

enter image description here

enter image description here

AirDrop: My iPhone appears as an option in my MacBook, but not the opposite

I’m trying to user AirDrop from my iPhone to Mac, but my device doesn’t show up. But I can share from my Mac to my iPhone.

It’s can be something related to my company’s internet connect because at my home it works out.

Basically, both devices are in the same network, with “everyone” set and same iCloud account. iCloud was reset on both devices.

defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1 is set.

Also, this behavior is happening only for me. Other colleagues have AirDrop working fine.

Any idea or what it can be?

Views Table with Aggregation, total values counted per option

I’m setting up a view of event registrations. Each registration will be allocated to 1 of 3 workshops at two different times in the day.

I’m looking to output the total number of allocations per workshop so we can try to balance the delegate numbers.

I’m pretty close, but not quite there.

I’m using the Display Format of Table with aggregation options with “Group and Compress” on the Event ID.

I then apply the group function on two data fields: “Allocated Workshop AM” and “Allocated Workshop PM”.

I can get closest to my desired result using the “Tally members” option, however, the results are wrong.

enter image description here

They are showing much lower numbers than are actually allocated.

enter image description here

Any suggestions on how I could achieve this?

Why isn’t there any option of ‘undo’ in Android smartphones?

The question is pretty much self-explanatory. I don’t get why there’s no option of ‘undo’ in smartphones running on Android OS. By undo, I mean undoing text(CTRL+z), a very basic feature available in PCs/laptops.

I read somewhere on Apple iPhones, you can shake your phone to activate the undo feature in a text program.

Applications like Inputting+ are available on Google Play store which gives the feature of undoing text but why isn’t this an inbuilt feature in Android smartphones?

Formating a number with specific spacing. (pulling option chains from Yahoo!)

I’m attempting to pull a particular option value from Yahoo! into Google Sheets. The base URL is:

When breaking the formula up, I have to concatenate several fields into the last part of URL. The breakdown is: + SYMBOL + DATE + C/P + PRICE

The price has to have 5 integers, followed by a decimal point, followed by 3 integers. If the price does not fill all characters, a zero has to be inserted.

For example: 125.00 has to be 00125.000 and 47.50 would be 00047.500.

What I’m trying to figure out is how to take a price in format of xx.xx or xxx.xx and add the correct amount of 0s to complete the link.

Please let me know if my explanation above doesn’t make sense or I have to add more data. Cells where data is being pulled from are arbitrary.