only last option from theme options is being saved to the DB

I have this admin page functions where I am trying to prompt the admin for some text data.

the problem that is only the last field is being saved and existed ain the DB, the top ones do not exist in the DB at all.

adding options to admin page:

 register_setting( 'top-data-group', 'yourLogo');  register_setting( 'card1-group', 'card1_text');  register_setting( 'card4-group', 'card4_text');     add_settings_section('top-options', 'Top Information', 'top_options', 'top-data' );   add_settings_section('card1', 'Card 1', 'card1_options', 'top-data' );   add_settings_section('card4', 'Card 4', 'top_options', 'top-data' );    add_settings_field('yourLogo', 'Logo Image URL:', 'yourLogoImage_callback', 'top-data', 'top-options'  );  add_settings_field('card1_text', 'card 1 text:', 'card1_text_callback', 'top-data', 'card1'  );  add_settings_field('card4_text', 'card 4 text:', 'card4_text_callback', 'top-data', 'card4'  ); 

callback functions:

 function card1_text_callback (){     $  preText =  esc_attr( get_option('card1_text'));      echo ' <input type="text" name="card1_text" placeholder="card text" size="50" value="'.$  preText. '" > ';  }   function card4_text_callback (){     $  preText =  esc_attr( get_option('card4_text'));      echo ' <input type="text" name="card4_text" placeholder="card text" size="50" value="'.$  preText. '" > ';  }  function yourLogoImage_callback (){     $  preText =  esc_attr( get_option('yourLogoImage'));      echo ' <input type="text" name="yourLogoImage" placeholder="your Logo Image URL" size="50" value="'.$  preText. '" > <p> use external or internal image url , preferred (300 * 50 px) </p>'   ;  } 

the form page:

<h1> Top Section </h1> <?php settings_errors(); ?>   <form action="options.php" method="post" >       <?php        settings_fields('top-data-group');     do_settings_sections('top-data');      settings_fields('card1-group');     do_settings_sections('card1');      settings_fields('card4-group');     do_settings_sections('card4');      submit_button('save', 'primary sub-button', 'submit', true);    ?> </form> 

only last option is being saved to the db, top ones are all empty.

Is there an option to circumvent creating an entry in the character advancement log in Genesis 6.1.2 when creating a hero rank >1 character?

When creating Splittermond player characters with Genesis 6.1.2, how do I create characters with a higher hero rank than 1? Currently, it looks like I have to create an event after regular hero rank 1 creation that awards my character experience points, and then use those to advance them.

Is there an option to circumvent that step as it creates an entry in the character advancement log which I’d like to circumvent.

Is there any character option to gain teleport (or any improved version) or the greater plane shift as an at will usage, other than racial ability?

Is there any character option to gain teleport (or any improved version) or greater plane shift, as an at will usage, other than racial ability?

I’m not really looking at items, except as a last resort. All official material suitable, but no extreme TO, please.

The goal is ideally to plane shift at will, accurately to the desired destination. Doing a two step plane shift and teleport is fine if the greater plane shift cannot be obtained.

Does the Scent ability function under water in conjunction with the Aegis’ Underwater Breathing Astral suit option?

Does the Scent ability function under water in conjunction with the Aegis’ Underwater Breathing Astral suit option?

PC in party is an Aegis 4, Druid 7 and managed to get the scent ability, wonders if he can track by scent under water using the that suit option.

Underwater Breath: The aegis can safely breathe underwater as long as he is wearing his astral suit.

Option: Trading Energy for Speed and Skill (GURPS Thaumatology) with high skill

Trading Energy for Speed and Skill

One way to introduce more flexibility into standard spellcasting is to allow casters to exchange extra energy for special benefits. Below are two examples; see Adjustable Spells (this page) for an additional option. All such rules give magic-workers who have lots of spare energy (high personal FP, piles of Powerstones, etc.) a considerable advantage. […]

Faster Casting: Wizards can reduce casting time by one second per 4 extra energy points spent. This option can’t reduce casting time below a second, and isn’t available for ceremonial magic. Increased Effective Skill: The energy-for-skill tradeoff of Ceremonial Magic (p. B238) applies to all castings: +1 to skill for 20% extra energy, +2 for 40%, +3 for 60%, +4 for 100%, and another +1 per additional 100% of the required energy. Such skill increases affect the roll to cast the spell and the Power of enchanted items, but they don’t reduce casting time, energy cost, or ritual requirements. A further option for Missile spells is to give +1 to the attack roll per extra energy point spent.

[Source GURPS 4th Edition Thaumatology p.39]

Does this mean that if a Spell costs 1 to cast and I have skill 20 which reduces casting cost by 2 that I can “virtually” spend +100% on the spell (i.e. 2FP – 2FP = 0FP) to get the +4 bonus to the effective roll?

The question could also be formulated as: Is this extra energy part of the casting cost?

Can a Warlock use Mystic Arcanum to cast a spell using the At Higher Levels option a spell? [duplicate]

Can a Warlock use Mystic Arcanum to cast a spell using the At Higher Levels option a spell?

I just wanted to check if this is possible or not.

I realise that Mystic Arcanum allows me as a Warlock to cast a 6th-level spell, such as Mass Suggestion, but what if I want to cast a spell that I know using the At Higher Levels option of that spell?

For example, with a spell like Thunderwave if a Wizard casts it as a 6th-level spell it would be able to do 2d8 + 5d8 fire damage.

In our campaign our DM has allowed us to use the expanded spell lists from the recent Class Feature Variants which appeared as an Unearthed Arcana supplement.

Would I be able to use my Mystic Arcanum to cast Thunderwave at 6th level and do the 2d8 + 5d8 fire damage?

Thanks for your advice with this.

Is there a option to protect a USB stick from being infected other than flash drives with hardware protection?

I would like to protect my flash drives to being infected when I put it in another computers or devices. After some research, I found that I will not be able to reach this level of protection by using only software solutions (correct me if I’m wrong).

However, I don’t have a flash drive with hardware protection and my only way to get one is importing (it will not be cheap). I also found that SD card’s switches against writing is not in a hardware-level, so I kinda have to trust that a potentially infected computer will respect it, which is not a good idea.

So, my question is: is there a trustful way (using USB) to put my files into another computer without my USB stick (flash drive or SD card) being infected?

How does the Natural Weapons option of the Alter Self spell affect a Longtooth Shifter’s Shifting Feature?

I play an Eldritch Knight Longtooth Shifter who’s about to get 2nd level spells. I was looking at Alter Self (which I realize I can’t get until a level later anyway because of its school) and I was curious about how it interacted with my Shifting feature.

[Longtooth] Shifting Feature. While shifted, you can use your elongated fangs to make an unarmed strike as a bonus action. If you hit with your fangs, you deal piercing damage equal to 1d6 + your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike.

So my shifting feature grants me an unarmed strike attack as a bonus action using elongated fangs. Looking at Alter Self:

Natural Weapons. You grow claws, fangs, spines, horns, or a different natural weapon of your choice. Your unarmed strikes deal 1d6 bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, as appropriate to the natural weapon you chose, and you are proficient with your unarmed strikes. Finally, the natural weapon is magic and you have a +1 bonus to the attack and damage rolls you make using it.

If I cast this spell using this option and choose to “grow fangs” while shifted, does the bonus unarmed strike have a +1 bonus because of Alter Self?