All my Tool Options in GIMP are lost or unable to be moved

I have constantly had this problem with GIMP detaching my Tool Options. I always look for a solution on the internet, and usually I find one. This time, I couldn’t. My screen looks like this: I want my Tool Options and Paintbrush tab back and attached to the LEFT side of my window. Things I have already tried: – Going under the “Windows” tab and adding them manually. They won’t “click and drag” to the left. In fact, I can’t even find my Paintbrush tab. – Going under the “Windows” tab and clicking “Single-Window Mode.” – Clicking and dragging doesn’t work regardless if the tab is attached or detached. – Uninstalling GIMP completely and reinstalling it.

If you can figure out the problem, thank you!

jslink hide or disable options in choice field on quick edit view for SharePoint lists

I want to disable or hide options in a choice field on a sharepoint list because some of the value should not be selected after a specific date but must be in the list for older items.

Is there a solution with JSLink ? With the following i got the field:


and with this js snippet i got the field with the choices:

var c = ctx.ListSchema.Field.filter(function(f) {         return f.Name === 'Period';     }); c[0].Choices //This will set the array to a new array c[0].Choices = ["test","test"] 

Now the array is set to the “test” array if I reload the page. But, the values are not renderd to the Dropdown… there are still the normal values from the choice field.

if I do the same with the grid value it will be renderd correctly:

c[0].AllowGridEditing = "FALSE"

Is there a way to manipulate the choice field? Or maybe if I implement it as Lookup field?


Filesystem options

I am new to file system options so excuse my ignorance

my question is in regards to barriers (fstab barriers=1) and journaling. are these two exclusive? can i disable barriers while keeping journaling in-tact?

my next question is about block_validity, from what i know this enables in-kernel facility for tracking filesystem metadata blocks – why would we want this enabled? (i can see its enabled by default on my fs)

currently, im considering barriers=0 with my file system journaling as ordered – (or even disable journalling all together for extra performance) however i would like more info and recommendations for my file system.

Another question I have, If I run mount -o remount do I have to run this command after every boot? Do the settings stick? Other than writing the fstab, is there any way we can change the mount for system? As I know it’s mounted by the boot image so effectively fstab doesn’t change the mount flags

Travel Visa best options

To anyone, Does anyone out there have any information on me trying to apply for a British/UK visa to come and live and retire in the U.K.? I have been married to my British wife for 28 years and have been working and living in Germany for 25 years. I’m a retiree from the Army, working as a civilian now. If anyone out there knows how I should proceed with my application for a Visa with my application for a visa. Please let me know, I would appreciate any information available out there. Thanks for any assistance.

Manage Attributes – New Options not saving –

  1. In Magento Admin going to catalog/attributes/
  2. Choose specific attribute, such as “Artist”
  3. Go to Manage Label/Options
  4. Add Option (in this case an artist’s name)
  5. Click Save Attribute or Save and Continue Edit
  6. Either way it does not save the new label/option and takes me back to the Manage Products Page, not back to the Attributes page.
  7. Is not happening to every Attribute. For example, “Writer” works correctly.
  8. The only changes recently made to the site were doing the latest Magento updates. I was a little behind on updating so I believe it covered the most recent couple of small ones. I think was the one I had done previously. However, it has been a couple of weeks since doing the most recent updates and just discovered this issue, so the cause may be unrelated.

Have tried reindexing everything and cleaning cache and VAR folder. Tried repairing and optimizing the databases in PHPmyAdmin. Tried updating the Mage.php file to correct logging issue per information I could find on updating issues.

Any and all help would be appreciated!!

Add Product to cart with required Options is impossible

I added a required customizable option (not sure about the name in English, in French it’s “Option personnalisable”).

On front, there is no problem until you try to add the product to the cart. At this moment it’s printing you this message :

“The product’s required option(s) weren’t entered. Make sure the options are entered and try again.”

I tryed to get where the problem was happening in the code, and I found the place where the error was triggered : vendor/magento/module-catalog/Model/Product/Option/Type/DefaultType.php l216. When I tried to print getttype($ value), it gave me a “null”.

I tried to go further in the core, but cannot find were the bug is happening.

Do you have any idea how I can resolve this error ?

Feel free to ask for more details Thank you

How does Logitech Options software automatically launch from a mouse dongle?

I recently purchased a Logitech MX Master 2S mouse. I had no intention of installing the “options software” that came with the mouse. I simply desired a wireless mouse that wasn’t cheap and flimsy.

However, after immediately plugging in the wireless USB dongle, some manner of custom software was able to run without my consent, displaying the following window above all other windows:

Logitech Options software

There is no USB volume listed in File Explorer, and to my knowledge autorun from USB is disabled. I was also unable to find an obvious process listed in the Task Manager.

How did this process start? Additionally this seems like an ideal attack vector for Windows machines. Can anyone provide some insight as to how the USB dongle (with no volume) can do this?

Nexus 6P – cannot turn off Developer Options

On any other device, I was able to go to Settings, scroll to Developers Options and toggle it On/Off. On Nexus 6P, this toggle does nothing. If I turn it off, next time I look at it, it shows as on even though I turned it off minute ago.

I am building Android app so I do need Developer Options. I dont want to disable or hide it, I just want to be able to use the toggle to turn it on or off as I need. Just as I did with many other android devices.

Anyone else noticed this?

enter image description here

I tried suggestions from this link but that did not resolve anything.

I would also like to note that until very recently, perhaps 3 months ago, I was able to disable Developer Options by simply going to Settings->Developer Options -> Turn toggle Off