Is there a way within the rules and options to selectively remove or lose a specific class feature?

A player selects a class or prestige class.

Then they realize that a specific class feature (Ex) doesn’t fit the character concept.

Ignoring it is insufficient, the player wishes to eliminate it.

Are there any existing rules, powers, spells, items, or other options in 3.x that would accomplish this? The retraining rules and rebuilding rules in PHB II don’t have an option for this.

Weird Science gizmos with flexible options: how do they work?

In Savage Worlds Deluxe (SWD), the Weird Scientist can select an arcane power and build a gizmo from it.

I’m not exactly sure how exactly those gizmos are expected to work for powers with flexible options. Should the gizmo retains the flexibility of the original power, or should the Weird Scientist stick to one version of the power for their device?

For example, while using Boost/Lower Trait, other casters can select which trait to boost or lower, and can affect more than one target at the price of one Power Point (PP) per extra target. How much of this flexibility should remain in the gizmo? I could imagine the Weird Scientist creating a very specific device for Boost/Lower Trait, for example a Mind Cap that boost the Smarts of the wearer. Or, the gizmo could be something extremely flexible, for example a general purpose Modification Beam that can boost / lower any trait of any target.

Clearly the more flexible the device, the more useful it is. How much flexibility is intended for the gizmos?

From the example in the book, it seems at least some restrictions are intended for the gizmos. On page 121, Doctor Gold creates a “vibroknife” (a knife with the Smite power), which can do +2/+4 to damage. This is a quite restrictive application of the power. A more flexibility power would be to create some “Enhancement Gloves”, able to enhance the power of any weapon they touch.

For this example, should a GM allow the “Enhancement Gloves” idea? Or are “Smite” gizmos intended to combine with a single weapon only?

D&D 5E: Are the new Bard Class Options Tier 1 [closed]

The tiers as defined here

Tier 1: Capable of doing absolutely everything, often better than classes that specialize in that thing. Often capable of solving encounters with a single mechanical ability and little thought from the player. Has world changing powers at high levels. These guys, if played with skill, can easily break a campaign and can be very hard to challenge without extreme DM fiat or plenty of house rules, especially if Tier 3s and below are in the party.

Are the new Bard class options Tier 1?

What sites or online options are there for finding an online Dungeons and Dragons party to play with? [duplicate]

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I want to find an online group to play with during the week because everyone is on different schedules with my irl groups. Any suggestions?

What options exist to improve a low level Sorcerer’s armor class?

I’m creating a character for a new D&D 5e campaign soon. We’ll be starting at level 3 to reduce PC mortality, and I don’t expect the campaign to run long enough for more than a couple level increases. I plan to play a Sorcerer, with a Draconic Bloodline and Bronze ancestry, using mostly electrical/lightning based magic where sensible. This allows an increased maximum hit points, +1 per level, as well as improving unarmored armor class from 10 to 13.

This DM has us generate ability scores by rolling 4d6, reroll any 1s, then take the best three, six times and arranged as desired. I arrived at Str 15, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 14, and Cha 17. The human ability increase (+1 to each ability score) in this case gives +3 AC bonus due to Dex, bringing me to AC 16.

The party, however, will be smaller than the “standard” count (two or three PCs — my Sorcerer, likely a Ranger, and possibly a Minotaur of some Fighter flavor), so combat roles can’t be divided in the usual ways. Because of this, I’m concerned about the relative fragility of a Sorcerer in combat, with limited healing and limited protection from other PCs.

As I understand it, Mage Armor won’t be any help for this build, because it can’t be stacked with the Draconic Bloodline armor class of 13 + Dex bonus. How else can I improve the armor class of this low level sorcerer, whether via gaining the ability to wear armor, or otherwise?

What feats or another options can help to avoid touch attack?

If character have only 10 DEX, he becomes vulnerable for touch attacks, because this kind of attacks don’t count the armor. What feat i can take, or what i must do to avoid this attacks, or at least reduce the damage?

I’m interested in avoiding melee touch attacks by keep my AC high against it.

Sources of races, and classes presented in question: Fiendish Codex: Tyrants of Nine Hells Complete Psionic Player’s Handbook

You may use any additional sources to answer.


Paladin 2/Ardent 2

STATS: 12 STR 10 DEX 20 CON 8 INT 16 WIS 14 CHA

Possible options of minimizing duplicate comments?

Are there any solutions that combine or group similar comments? Any plugins, 3rd parties or anything that takes community comments and compress what has been already said?

Barring that, what would it takes to create something that consolidate comments with the same messages (under youtube video or Reddit post, for example)?

Would it be helpful to add more options for expanding project pane?

Good morning, Sven. :)

I was wondering if it might be helpful to add Expand options in the menu.
Right now there’s expand all projects and collapse all groups.
What about :
-Expand THIS group(presently highlighted)
-Collapse THIS group(presently highlighted)
-Expand groups down to active projects only?

How do you help a new player evaluate complex multiclassing options without driving them and yourself crazy?

I have people trying to choose between all manners of combinations. From brand new options like adding in artificer. To hexsorcadins.

I have already calculated DPS(damage per second)/HPs/etc. Showed them what features they would gain or lose. But then I run into situations like battle smith vs hexadin where questions like do you want to a be a tanky off-support doesn’t cut it.

Everyone already knows the rules for multiclassing and the downsides. I just don’t want to scare them or myself off the whole prospect because of the complexity. Especially because many have already decided they want to multiclass, they just don’t know which direction to go.