only last option from theme options is being saved to the DB

I have this admin page functions where I am trying to prompt the admin for some text data.

the problem that is only the last field is being saved and existed ain the DB, the top ones do not exist in the DB at all.

adding options to admin page:

 register_setting( 'top-data-group', 'yourLogo');  register_setting( 'card1-group', 'card1_text');  register_setting( 'card4-group', 'card4_text');     add_settings_section('top-options', 'Top Information', 'top_options', 'top-data' );   add_settings_section('card1', 'Card 1', 'card1_options', 'top-data' );   add_settings_section('card4', 'Card 4', 'top_options', 'top-data' );    add_settings_field('yourLogo', 'Logo Image URL:', 'yourLogoImage_callback', 'top-data', 'top-options'  );  add_settings_field('card1_text', 'card 1 text:', 'card1_text_callback', 'top-data', 'card1'  );  add_settings_field('card4_text', 'card 4 text:', 'card4_text_callback', 'top-data', 'card4'  ); 

callback functions:

 function card1_text_callback (){     $  preText =  esc_attr( get_option('card1_text'));      echo ' <input type="text" name="card1_text" placeholder="card text" size="50" value="'.$  preText. '" > ';  }   function card4_text_callback (){     $  preText =  esc_attr( get_option('card4_text'));      echo ' <input type="text" name="card4_text" placeholder="card text" size="50" value="'.$  preText. '" > ';  }  function yourLogoImage_callback (){     $  preText =  esc_attr( get_option('yourLogoImage'));      echo ' <input type="text" name="yourLogoImage" placeholder="your Logo Image URL" size="50" value="'.$  preText. '" > <p> use external or internal image url , preferred (300 * 50 px) </p>'   ;  } 

the form page:

<h1> Top Section </h1> <?php settings_errors(); ?>   <form action="options.php" method="post" >       <?php        settings_fields('top-data-group');     do_settings_sections('top-data');      settings_fields('card1-group');     do_settings_sections('card1');      settings_fields('card4-group');     do_settings_sections('card4');      submit_button('save', 'primary sub-button', 'submit', true);    ?> </form> 

only last option is being saved to the db, top ones are all empty.

Purpose of OPTIONS method

I’ve been seeing OPTIONS method on my web server logs, when I googled about that stuff it says the its responsible for handling request from Same Source Origin policy. So I tried to access our site and sniff through wireshark to see if I can see the OPTIONS method by filtering it. However i cannot see it on the traffic why is it?

Add custom templating to ACF Options Page

So I’ve been wondering about this forever, is it possible to hook into a ACF Options page and add additional non ACF related fields? I have a text input with a button that I would like displayed inside the ACF Options page.

Here is the code that registers the ACF Options page:

add_action('acf/init', function() {     if(function_exists('acf_add_options_sub_page')) {         acf_add_options_sub_page(array(             'page_title'  => __('MailChimp'),             'menu_title'  => __('MailChimp'),             'parent_slug' => 'options-general.php',         ));     } }); 

I have my field from ACF:
enter image description here

Here is the code that I’m using to create a custom options page:

add_action('admin_menu', function() {     add_options_page(         'MailChimp Setup',         'MailChimp Setup',         'manage_options',         'mailchimp_setup',         'mailchimpSF_setup_page', //This links to the setup page     ); }); 

I’m calling the function to pull in details from mailchimp_page.php

function mailchimpSF_setup_page() {     $  path = WP_CONTENT_DIR;     require_once($  path . '/mu-plugins/sacfoodies/templates/mailchimp_page.php'); } 

Which gives me this API Input Box:

enter image description here

Is it possible to just have the connect box on the same page as all the other MailChimp related items at the top? Here is the ACF Query String: options-general.php?page=acf-options-mailchimp.

Thanks a bunch!

Giant Toad Grappling Options

Suppose a druid wild shapes into a giant toad. The manual states

…The toad makes a bite attack against a medium or smaller target it is grappling. If the attack hits, the target is swallowed, and the grapple ends. The swallowed target is …

Can the druid bite the grappled target again and not swallow the target? Would the toad have to release the target before biting again? And if so, are there any advantages/disadvantages for the target or toad?

What options do adepts have for resisting drain?

I was looking at taking the Centering metamagic on my adept, before realizing that it specified “magician,” and the sidebar at the bottom of CRB p.325 stating that only four metamagics in the book are useful for adepts doesn’t include it either.

The sidebar also says that “we’ll have plenty more metamagics for you in future supplements,” but from what I’ve found online none of the other books seem to offer any options to help adepts deal with drain. Searching through a list of positive qualities didn’t turn up anything either.

So, do adepts have any options for resisting drain other than simply increasing their Body and Willpower?

How can you make Aegis Augmented Weapon and Crystallize Weapon suit options work with unarmed strikes?

How can you make Aegis Augmented Weapon and Crystallize Weapon suit options work with unarmed strikes?

Augmented Weapon

The astral suit coats the aegis’s weapon. The weapon is treated as if it was one size category larger for damage purposes. The aegis does not suffer any penalties for wielding the weapon. This ability does not stack with effects that increase the aegis’s size category, such as expansion. The aegis must be at least 6th level to select this customization.


Crystallized Weapon

The aegis’s astral suit envelopes his melee weapon. The weapon is treated as if made from deep crystal. This treats the weapon as a masterwork weapon if it was not already, and the aegis can pay two power points to charge the weapon with psionic energy which deals 2d6 additional points of damage on its next hit. The weapon stays charged for 1 minute or until it successfully hits, whichever comes first.

How do I deal with a DM who restricts my character options?

This is my third campaign with a DM. He enforces these rules:

  1. Only races from PHB 1 are permitted
  2. Only classes from PHB 1 are permitted at 1st level
  3. Cross-Classing is not permitted until 6th level
  4. The only races allowed are: Hill Dwarves, Elves (High, Drow), Rock Gnomes, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, and Humans.
  5. The only classes allowed at 1st level are: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Wizard.

Those are the only races and classes I have seen him accept. When I ask if I can use a psionic race or a PHB2 race I’m shut down with a blunt “No.” I have asked to make a Psychic Warrior several times and every time I was shut down with either a “No” or “You are just gonna exploit the class.”

He seems to really dislike psionics. He finally allowed psionics after I argued for it, but then the character I made started getting targeted a lot! I almost lost my character.

Before you say “Well, shucks, why don’t you talk to the guy” — I have tried, but he just says “I know there are exploits and this way no-one can use exploits.” That’s great and really okay reasoning, except that my character under these rules can still crit over 60 damage and does practically double the damage he should be doing if he hits.

I’m OK with the whole “you cannot Cross-Class until level 6” thing, but it ends up with half the party being weapon-based except for one spellcaster. I find that a bit too dull, so I try to liven things up by making my characters as radical as possible in their back-stories (psychopathic characters, a character that believes he’s god, a character so goody-goody it hurts to RP him, etc.) but it just doesn’t seem to work — I still find the lack of diversity of class/race dull.

He says to write long back-stories, but he has complained about mine to other players. In the setup for the latest game, a fellow player sent me a message saying “The DM says your back-story needs a rework.” My reply was, “He didn’t say it to me?” Then the DM messages me with “Yeah you back-story is shit.”

On top of all that:

  • we have a problem player who complains about the game
  • we don’t actively get to play D&D that often because…
  • its always me trying to get a game started, since I’m the only one with a “Let’s get organised and play D&D” attitude.

What are the best options for dealing with this DM?

Why are there no in game time subscription options?

Many games employ a monthly subscription to play a game. However, this makes coming back to a game pretty difficult, as you are most likely unsure of whether you will be playing the game for a few months or a few days.

Why are there no games where you subscribe for in game time (or why is it not common practise)? That would allow returning players to either have some game time left when they return, or not feel so bad for buying more game time in the case they end up playing the game for only a couple of days. I believe a monthly subscription could exist alongside an in game time subscription. Currently, this is stopping me from playing a couple of games.

Customize default Prompt options (camera to share) when I trigger camera in Firefox with code development

I am having 2 cameras in my PC. When I try to trigger camera in firefox it always opens a permission prompt box with a webcam options. But I don’t want to show the camera options in the prompt box. So Is there any customizable thingy to customize the Prompt box for firefox by updated any javascript changes (I am a developer. So want to fix it by code updation itself for my web application) Anyone please help me resolve this problem ?

How to guide my players into realizing they have multiple options available for an encounter?

For my next session with my PCs, I’m planning to have them witness an attack on an NPC that’s intended to hook them the adventure. The plan is for the party to encounter his daughter, who also has a target painted on her back. I want the players to be making choices throughout the adventure, whether to fight back during an encounter, or to hide, or to flee.

These players are new to RPGs, so I want make sure that they realize that attacking isn’t their only option. So far all we have run is a run of the mill dungeon run.

The initial encounter should guide the player’s expectations. I don’t want trying to rescue the man to seem like the only option but I don’t want it to seem like it’s not an option. How do I help my players realize that they have more than a single option available to them?