Open a portal secured with Arcane Lock – What options are available?

What are the various ways that a portal can be opened when it has been secured by the 2nd level wizard spell Arcane Lock?

The spell itself says only dispel magic and knock can successfully bypass the lock. Are there any other options? For example, does a skilled thief have any chance at unlocking it using open lock? Could a very strong fighter smash the door still?

Leaving WIX: Narrowing Down My Options

Hi, Everyone.

I have an ecommerce store and have been with WIX for five years now. Overall I've been very happy with them. I'm somewhat of a computer novice, and I like the ease of navigating the site. However, they are lacking in a few features that I find I really need.

One thing I find annoying about WIX is the company's #1 priority seems to promoting their brand endlessly and driving up the price of their stock, at the expense of adding essential and additional features.

My #1 Need:…

Leaving WIX: Narrowing Down My Options

Do the War Domain cleric’s Channel Divinity options Guided Strike and War God’s Blessing stack?

The War Domain cleric has the Channel Divinity option Guided Strike (PHB, p. 63):

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to strike with supernatural accuracy. When you make an attack roll, you can use your Channel Divinity to gain a +10 bonus to the roll. You make this choice after you see the roll, but before the DM says whether the attack hits or misses.

The Channel Divinity option War God’s Blessing allows an identical benefit to extend to another creatures:

At 6th level, when a creature within 30 feet of you makes an attack roll, you can use your reaction to grant that creature a +10 bonus to the roll, using your Channel Divinity. You make this choice after you see the roll, but before the DM says whether the attack hits or misses.

If two War Domain clerics were in the same party, and one uses Guided Strike to add +10 to their attack roll, could the other War Domain cleric use War God’s Blessing to add a further +10 to that attack roll?

Or would they not stack, as they are the same source (i.e. a War Domain cleric’s Channel Divinity)?

In the Telekinetic feat for Psionic Options Revisited, what if you already know the cantrip?

The Telekinetic feat in the UA 2020 Psionic Options Revisited describes learning the Mage Hand cantrip, but without any components, and making it invisible. It says that if you already know the spell, that its range increases by 30ft. Is that on top of the no components and invisibility? Or does a spellcaster only gain the extra range?

Woocommerce shipping options not changing checkout total

I am working with woocommerce at the moment, I have created a child theme off of storefront, and I notice that when I change the shipping option to once that has a price the total order price does not change, and Javascript error is thrown. I have not changed any of the parent theme for this process so I am not sure why it would be throwing an error?

The error is as follows,

enter image description here

If I just use storefront it works fine, so there must be a conflict in my child theme but I am not sure where to start?

I want Lay on Hands, but I think Paladins are campaign-wreckers and won’t play one. What are my options?

I’ve DM’d for Paladins as PCs before, and my experience is that they can unwittingly derail a campaign, even without any effort or powergaming on the part of the player. As such, now that I’m a player, I refuse to play a Paladin. I don’t want to inflict campaign-derailing sidequests just because I accidentally broke the Code and have to go on a redemption quest just to be a useful party member; I don’t want to torment my DM with at-will detect evil, like I have been tormented.

I still like the character concept and some of the abilities though; I especially like their Lay on Hands class feature. So, as a first stab at finding acceptable alternatives to the Paladin class, I was wondering if there were abilities one could acquire that work just like or very close to Lay on Hands, but without being a Paladin.

Are there any PL2 options that are viable in a PL20 setting?

I’ve been doing a thought experiment involving Inventing in Mutants and Masterminds 3e. The way Inventing works is a DC 10+pp Technology check to design something at the rate of 1hrs/pp followed by a DC 10+pp Technology check to build it at the rate of 4hrs/pp. However, by pairing it with Quicken, you decrease the time rank tasks take you by the ranks in Quicken. This becomes a significant boon once you hit PL 20. If you invest the minimum 51pp required, you can design and create a 30pp invention in less than a second (practically a free action), OR spend 6 seconds to design and construct anywhere between 12 to 25 unique 30pp inventions (depending on if your DM considers 30hrs as Rank 14 or 15 time).

Now that many temporary devices being constructed in such a short amount of time can be devastating under the right circumstances, but I am more interested in the Construct spawning side of the equation.Being able to spawn 12-25 independent constructs a turn (or 6-12 if your GM limits you to a standard action with Inventing) while having access to usable materials sounds like a serious threat. However, both the PL limits of something with 30pp and the arsenal a PL 20 character has at their disposal make this a very ill-advised option. I know that just making regular devices with Inventing is most likely the most efficient thing I could do with the synergy I proposed, but are there any options a PL2 Construct can take that function decently in a PL20 setting?