Calculated column with multiple options depending on start date of event compared to today

I’m attempting to create a column (“30, 60, 90, +”) that reports if an entry is within 30, 60, or 90 days out. One field is “Start Date” and I want the field to report ’30’ if the start date is within 30 days from today, ’60’ between 31-60 days from today, and ’90’ for between 61-90; with ‘+’ being the entry beyond that timeframe.
Is this doable?

Best options to page a dynamically updating list

We’ve got a list of very dynamic items. New items are frequently added to the list (maybe one every few seconds).

The items can also be re-arranged (say they’ve been sorted by ‘last updated’ and one is updated by the system).

Our problem comes with paging this list. If the user has it sorted by “latest”, and they’re looking at the top 20 paged items for, say, 20 seconds, then scroll down – 5-10 items might now have been created.

If we naively query the database to get items “20-40” (the next ‘page’, although it’s actually a scroll), we’ll get duplicate items.

We’ve spent quite a lot of effort in our backend to be able to query our list from a specific date – we send a “get me items 20-40 FROM THIS TIME” to the back end.

However, that’s quite a difficult requirement for the database schema and back-end, we can’t support some things we want to because we have to try keep duplicate records for this ‘history’.

Are there any generally accepted strategies for dealing with this kind of situation?

Pushdown Automata – can you have multiple transition functions options between 2 states?

I was wondering if you have 2 states, lets say q0 and q1. Are you allowed to have multiple options to transition between these 2 states?

For example,

 - if you have a 1 and the stack is empty, push it on the stack, and transition to q1  - if you have a 0 and the stack is empty, push it on the stack, and transition to q1  - if you have a 1 and there is a 1 on the stack, push it on the stack, and transition to q1  - if you have a 1 and there is a 0 on the stack, pop the 0 off, and transition to q1  - if you have a 0 and there is a 0 or 1 on the stack, push it on the stack and stay in q0 

I was wondering if this is allowed, and it knows what to do given the scenario?

Sorry if this is obvious, I have been looking at some PDAs and haven’t seen any that have multiple options to transition between states and was wondering if it was allowed.

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Adjusting Boot Options in rEFInd

I am trying to follow these instructions from a post 4 years ago. I need to adapt them to Mint. Where do I get the following entries?:

loader – The one I entered below it’s just a guess. initrd – The one I entered below it’s just a guess. options – Where do I get all the IDs numbers here from?

menuentry Mint { icon EFI/refind/icons/os_linuxmint.png ostype Linux volume boot loader /vmlinuz-linux-mint initrd /initramfs-linux-mint.img options "rw root=UUID=33bfccef-ae34-4044-a74a-9d8f9e4fde53 quiet elevator=bfq resume=UUID=f3b2e20c-8e7c-4ab4-8304-68ef1ae3773b resume_offset=1189888" } 

Here is an example of the refind.conf file

Thanks guys


What damaging options does a lich have while in an anti-magic field?

Magical and magical effects are rendered ineffective in an antimagic field spell.

The lich’s Paralyzing Touch is described as a Melee Spell Attack. Disrupt Life and Frightening Gaze are listed as needing saving throws against “this magic.” Presumably all three of these attacks would be negated as well as any of the lich’s spells.

What amount and type of damage is left that a lich could inflict if within an antimagic field spell? (e.g. such as the damage of their unarmed attack?)

Combobox with a lot of (thousands) of options

in my project there is a form. One of the field is problematic for me. User should choose an option from a very long list (thousands of options). I wanted to do it by combobox, but I don’t know how searching should works.

We can’t display options after typing by user first letter, because list will be still very long .

I thought that we could display options after 3 letters.


User have to choose one name from the list (10 000 of names).

enter image description here

Is it clear? Do you have any ideas do it better?

The most important is that user must choose an option from the list (can’t type new name) and list is veeeery long.