SharePoint 2013 Search Results Sort Options – Odd Behavior from “Relevance” Option

I am working in a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search Center, and looking to change the default Sort options on a Results page. To do this, I am modifying the “Available sort orders (JSON)” property of the Search Results Web Part:

enter image description here

I have modified the JSON so that the date-driving options are first. For example, I have placed Relevance after the “Newest” and “Oldest” options:

[{"name":"Date(Newest)","sorts":[{"p":"Write","d":1}]},{"name":"Date(Oldest)","sorts":[{"p":"Write","d":0}]},{"name":"Relevance","sorts":[]},{"name":"Lifetime Views","sorts":[{"p":"ViewsLifeTime","d":1}]},{"name":"Recent Views","sorts":[{"p":"ViewsRecent","d":1}]}] 

When I publish the page, everything initially appears fine. When a search is performed, the ‘newest’ items are returned in the results. However, when I select “Relevance” from the drop-down list, the Sort drop-down changes back to “Date(Newest)”, and the results are sorted in the ‘newest’ sort order.

Below is a quick video on what I am seeing:

Does the Search Result Web Part have issues if “Relevance” is not the primary option? Is there still a way to allow for “Relevance” as a secondary option? Is it possibly because the “sorts” options are empty in the “Relevance” JSON values?

P.S. I was also able to duplicate this behavior on an Enterprise Search Center hosted in SharePoint Online/Office 365.

globalprotect option missing in network-manager VPN options

Ubuntu 19.04 has openconnect v8.02 which supports globalprotect. I’m able to to connect to a corporate network from terminal using following command:

openconnect --protocol=gp <some address>  

The issue is that it can not be defined in network settings (GUI) as the GP protocol is not available in VPN (only AnyConnect and Juniper options available under openconnect). It is there on my personal manjaro computer. Any idea how to add this option to Ubuntu ?

Ubuntu 19.04 with network-manager-openconnect network-manager-openconnect-gnome packages installed

What options exist for making non-equipment objects invisible?

I’m the DM of a 5th-level party whose PCs have a handful of illusion spells in their repertoire. The players have on at least one occasion mentioned the idea of using one of these spells to hide some important object — not by covering it with the image of another solid object, but with an illusion of open air. The question “Can you create an illusion of empty space?” already covers that scenario, where the accepted answer strongly implies it shouldn’t work. But what about spells that are expressly designed to make objects invisible?

Invisibility (and Greater Invisibility) works on creatures and their equipment, but the types of objects the players want to hide are things that can’t exactly be carried on someone’s person (e.g. a cart, a statue, a mound of dirt from digging a deep hole). The only spell in the Player’s Handbook I found that describes making an object invisible is Sequester, but it’s overkill for this situation (7th-level spell, 5k gp in material components, also blocks divination, lasts until dispelled).

Are there any other effects (spells, items, or otherwise) that can make an object or volume invisible? I’ll accept any official or playtest publication as a valid resource. I don’t necessarily need it to be available/affordable to 5th-level PCs, but I’d prefer something near the level/value of Invisibility, since I’m looking for similar utility.

Magento 2 sort options

I used Magento 2 add Sort By Best Sellers Option on category products litsing page and Magento 2 Sort by New Products and Most View Product for sorting options. now I want to add price (high to low) and remove name (default option) and direction switcher. Could anyone help me please?

here is my code :


class Config extends \Magento\Catalog\Model\Config {     public function getAttributeUsedForSortByArray()     {        $  options = ['mostviewed' => __('Most Viewed'), 'newest' => __('Newest'), 'bestseller' => __('Best Seller'), 'price' => __('Price - Low To Highا');         foreach ($  this->getAttributesUsedForSortBy() as $  attribute) {             /* @var $  attribute \Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\AbstractAttribute */             $  options[$  attribute->getAttributeCode()] = $  attribute->getStoreLabel();         }         return $  options;     } } 


class Toolbar extends \Magento\Catalog\Block\Product\ProductList\Toolbar     {         public function setCollection($  collection)         {             if($  this->getCurrentOrder()=="bestseller")             {                   $  collection->getSelect()->joinLeft(                      'sales_order_item',                      'e.entity_id = sales_order_item.product_id',                      array('qty_ordered'=>'SUM(sales_order_item.qty_ordered)'))                      ->group('e.entity_id')                      ->order('qty_ordered '.$  this->getCurrentDirectionReverse());             }             if($  this->getCurrentOrder() == "newest")             {                 $  collection->getSelect()                     ->order('created_at ' . $  this->getCurrentDirectionReverse());             }             if($  this->getCurrentOrder() == "mostviewed")             {                 $  collection->getSelect()->joinLeft(                     'report_event',                     'e.entity_id = report_event.object_id',                     array('view_count' => 'COUNT(report_event.event_id)'))                     ->group('e.entity_id')                     ->order('view_count ' . $  this->getCurrentDirectionReverse());             }              $  this->_collection = $  collection;              $  this->_collection->setCurPage($  this->getCurrentPage());              $  limit = (int)$  this->getLimit();             if ($  limit) {                 $  this->_collection->setPageSize($  limit);             }             if ($  this->getCurrentOrder()) {                 $  this->_collection->setOrder($  this->getCurrentOrder(), $  this->getCurrentDirection());             }             return $  this;         }          public function getCurrentDirectionReverse() {                 if ($  this->getCurrentDirection() == 'asc') {                     return 'desc';                 } elseif ($  this->getCurrentDirection() == 'desc') {                     return 'asc';                 } else {                     return $  this->getCurrentDirection();                 }             }      } 

How would I clear values in ajax loaded select options?

I have 3 select drop-downs, selecting a value in the first populates the second using ajax, selecting the second populates the third. However when I change the value of the first select it doesn’t reset the second (If I already chose the first and the second drop down initially).


  • Choose an option from the first
  • This populates the second select with options A, B and C
  • If I change the first one it won’t reset the value if that value existed on the first option
  • So if our first option called A, B and C and we change the first drop-down to something else but it calls C, D and E; if C was selected in the second drop-down it doesn’t reset since it existed in both ajax calls, this then doesn’t load in the third select unless you select a different option in the second select.

Basically what I need is to reset the second and third select whenever the first changes.

Refund options in case of a schedule change or rebooking of SQ22 (nonstop SIN-EWR)

Suppose I am on a longer vacation in Singapore and, being an aviation geek and curious to see New York, I am contemplating to experience the world‘s longest passenger flights, SQ22/SQ21 SIN—EWR—SIN for a couple of days in New York embedded into that longer Singapore vacation.

I would be able to get a great fare (albeit non-refundable) for exactly those dates which are actually the only ones that really make sense for my travel plans due to other planned activities in Singapore.

Just in case SQ decides to either

  • cancel the outbound flight to EWR on that day,
  • stop operating SQ22/21 altogether
  • re-book me onto another day‘s SQ22, or
  • re-book me onto any other connection (e.g. via SFO), which due to the unique routing of SQ22 necessarily take significantly longer

… would I be able to demand a refund although the ticket is otherwise non-refundable?

I am asking because in such a situation, the best outcome from my perspective would be to just stay in Singapore, instead of being re-routed, losing time in NY and missing the opportunity to experience this special flight.

Any advice on where such regulations could be found (with special regards to the Terms and Conditions of Singapore Airlines) would be appreciated.

Flight departed from the gate 5 min before scheduled departure time. Refund options

This was Alaska Airlines flight from SJC to LAX. We ran later than we usually do on our way to flights and so we ended up reaching the gate 2 min before the scheduled departure time.

On our way from the security check to the gate we didn’t hear any call for our names asking us to make it to the gate asap. (Not that we were loitering around. We were running to the gate which was at the end of that terminal.)

So anyhow, we reached there 2 min prior but were advised that the flight already left and the gate was closed. We bought a ticket from SFO and continued with the rest of our trip because there was no point arguing as the flight had already left. We were very upset and I am looking into what can be done. A few things that I am not sure of here:

  1. Flights can leave ahead of time (but that is if all passengers have already boarded or there is a clear indication of no-show in that the gate is advised that some passengers didn’t even checkin at the airport AND they have approval by the ATC of course). We did checkin and so we shouldn’t have been marked no-show.
  2. Departure time is time to leave the gate and not take-off. Confirm this.
  3. How could I prove the airline left minutes ago? Could I ask the airlines for the record of the flight on that particular day?
  4. If I do prove this, can we ask for any sort of compensation?

Any other advice (other than “don’t go that late”). As I said, it doesn’t always happen but when it happens we should know our options.