Oracle impdp onlu one schema when expdp its use many schemas

I have the following problem and doubt in Oracle … I am trying to import with impdp a save from my database made in which I export several schemes … the problem comes when I try to import into the same database in another scheme completely empty one and only one of those schemes that are in the export (expdp) …. during the import show several errors of creation, of sequences, of data that already exist and of creation of other objects in general. How is this possible if the scheme where I import this empty? the expdp I execute it in the following way:

To export: 

expdp \ "/ as sysdba \" DIRECTORY=logic_bakups DUMPFILE=backup%U.dmp FLASHBACK_TIME=timestamp PARALLEL=5 SCHEMAS=SCH1,SCH2,SCH3,SCH4

To import:

impdp \ "/ as sysdba \" DIRECTORY=imp_logic_backups DUMPFILE=backup%U.dmp PARALLEL=5 REMAP_SCHEMA=SCH3:SCH3_V2 REMAP_TABLESPACE=source_tablespace:target_tablespace_V2

Thank you

How to get access to a table after import a dump file into Oracle DB?

After I import a dump file into Oracle DB, I got this successful message.

Master table “SYS”.”SYS_IMPORT_FULL_01″ successfully loaded/unloaded import done in AL32UTF8 character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set export done in WE8ISO8859P15 character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set Warning: possible data loss in character set conversions Starting “SYS”.”SYS_IMPORT_FULL_01″: sys/******** AS SYSDBA full=Y directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=exp_tbs_gxplt01282019.dmp logfile=impdpDB10G.log Processing object type TABLE_EXPORT/TABLE/TABLE Processing object type TABLE_EXPORT/TABLE/TABLE_DATA . . imported “XPL”.”ARTICLE_USAGE_TEMP” 642.3 MB 5270266 rows Processing object type TABLE_EXPORT/TABLE/STATISTICS/TABLE_STATISTICS Processing object type TABLE_EXPORT/TABLE/STATISTICS/MARKER Job “SYS”.”SYS_IMPORT_FULL_01″ successfully completed at Mon Feb 4 22:18:37 2019 elapsed 0 00:00:21

But when I tried to get access to the table, using

select * from ARTICLE_USAGE_TEMP; 

It showed

ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Is there any permission I should open to access the table?

Silent install of Oracle XE 11g fails with error -3

I’m trying to install silently Oracle 11g XE in the default location (C:\oraclexe).

PS D:\Profiles\xxx\Downloads\x.x\oraclexe\oraclexe-11.2.0> .\setup.exe /S /v/qn 

However, the command generates a setup.log with an error -3 in it, without more information.

[ResponseResult] ResultCode=-3

I've tried a lot of command alternatives, even by using f1 and f2 arguments, but it still does not work. No matter if it is on Powershell or the command line.

Looks like my issue sounds similar to this question, except the answer resolves nothing.

The normal GUI installation works well.

Do you know how I can resolve this thing ? What does the result code mean ?

Thanks for reading me.

Generar archivo DDL para Postgresql utilizando la herramienta de modelado de base de datos datamodeler de oracle

En la herramienta oracle datamodeler puedo crear el modelo relacional de la base de datos, luego realizo la ingeniería para generar el modelo físico y desde allí puedo generar el script para crear la base de datos, y entre las opciones de motor base de datos estan: sql server, oracle 11g, dBase, etc.. Pero no se encuentra postgresql y necesito el DDL para Postgresql.. Ayuda!!

no duplicate registers in oracle

Good morning, I want to do a sql in toad to extract all the values of a tables whits some conditions. I catch al the values but now i want add a new condition to the sql i don’t know how. I want only catch the values that aren’t duplicates. for example:

i have now this:

PRINCIPAL APELLIDO NOMBRE a b c b c d c d e a l m

In this case i want only catch the values that ‘PRINCIPAl’ is not duplicated, in the example i want to catch only de second and the third row because the first and the fourth are duplicated.

Oracle Database 12c Re2 installation, directory permissions (Ubuntu 16.04)

I’m trying to install oracle database 12c Re2 on my Ubuntu 16.04, but I failed.

When choosing the directory, where the Oracle Base, the Software and the Database file should be located, I got the error INS32012 (check your directory permission).

I used following install guide until the GUI appears ( At that point my configuration changes, because I use a Desktop Class. Nevertheless, I also tried with the Server Class and it didn’t work neither.

Could somebody tell me, if there is something missing in this guide? How can I solve this problem?


Select Column Values from all the tables of database ORACLE

I am trying to fetch column value from all the tables of database where column value matches.

Table A CAMPUS_ID 1  Table B CAMPUS_ID 1 

Expected Result

TABLE   VALUE A       1  TABLE   VALUE B       1  



Error Invalid Identifier

Inner query return the correct tables.

Hacer un SavePoint, Rollback y Commit de Oracle en django, (Python 1.8.7)

Quisiera hacer un savepoint, un rollback y un commit de Oracle en una view. Por ejemplo

def ejemploview(request):   if request.method =='POST':     with connection.cursor() as cursor:       #Aqui quisiera hacer el equivalente a savepoint save; en Oracle       ...       ...       if i>0:        #Aqui quisiera hacer el equivalente a rollback save; en Oracle        #Aqui quisiera hacer el equivalente a commit; en Oracle       else:         #Aqui quisiera hacer el equivalente a commit; en Oracle 

Me preguntaba si existia algo como el cursor.execute() para estos casos

Auswirkung des neuen Lizenzmodells von Oracle für Android Apps

Sehr geehrte Stack overflow Community

weiß jemand von euch ob das neue Lizenzmodell von Oracle Auswirkungen auf Android Entwickler hat?

In meinem Fall entwickle ich momentan mithilfe von Libgdx, welches auf Java basiert meine Android Spiele. 2 von den Spielen befinden sich im Google Play Store. Muss ich nun eine Lizenz für Java erwerben ?

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