Where were the ideas of vote, accept and commit phases originally introduced?

In the Stellar Consensus Protocol SCP, the voting procedure follows a 3 phase commit i.e. vote, accept and confirm i.e. see section 5.

Is this a novel introduction or has this been previously been introduced, and if so, where? More specifically, I refer to definitions of these given in section 5.

Can I take an earlier or later train than my originally scheduled Amtrak train?

I’ll be flying to Chicago (O’Hare) in a couple of months and then taking Amtrak down to St. Louis. There are two trains I could take from Union Station. One leaves three hours after my flight arrives, and the other leaves nearly five hours after.

If I buy a ticket for the earlier train but miss it, can I take the later train?

If I buy a ticket for the later train but then get to the station early enough, can I take the earlier train?

What are Amtrak’s rules about this? (I couldn’t find information about same-day changes on their web site.)

[ Maintenance & Repairs ] Open Question : How can you tell if a used car should have originally come with a key fob?

There are no locks on the outside of my used 2003 Ford Escape other than the one on the driver’s side door. Should I just be able to buy and program a new key fob? It’s kind of a pain especially when you have groceries, etc. that need to go in the back.

Originally I asked how to delete sound picker I was told how to do it…and I tried

However when I got to clear defaults it was not highlighted so I couldn’t click on it it’s very frustrating because I have a lot of tracks when I play them it’s my voice asking the Google Assistant something or talking to somebody it could be very embarrassing if somebody ever listen to one of these tracks , I I had nothing to clear and every time I talk into Google it says saving to my email address , maybe that is the problem it says” saving audio to my email” address please help me thanks

York Region VIVA bus stop: Was it originally called Scott-Bantry?

I was recently traveling on YRT’s Viva Blue rapid transit buses in the Greater Toronto Area, for the first time in a decade or so. One of the stops announced by the on-board system was Bantry-Scott, named for the two streets that meet Yonge Street there. This wasn’t the order I remembered from my previous visit: I recalled it being Scott-Bantry instead.

I’ve had a look around the internet, and haven’t found anything to corroborate my recollections.

Was this stop called Scott-Bantry circa 2006-2009, or am I simply mis-remembering things?

NGINX: determining what port a request forwarded by an AWS load balancer was originally sent to

I want a set-up where an Amazon load balancer forwards requests received on any of port 21001, 21002 and 21003 and send them all to an NGINX reverse-proxy on port 443 (regardless) which in turn forwards the request to a member of a cluster by IP address. Is there a directive I can include in an nginx.conf to determine the port that the original request was sent to in order to route this? X-Forwarded-Proto seems close, but only determines between https and http, not arbitrary high TCP ports.

Can I use my valid B1/B2 visa for personal vacation, if it was originally applied and used once before for business meeting?

I have valid B1/B2 visa till 2022. The visa was originally applied for business travel and I had already travel once after that. Now I want to travel for family vacation. Is the current visa having “R-B1/B2” good enough or I have to apply for B2 visa again?

Chrome is not rendering text when it is originally hidden

My goal was to make a simple Load More button. I had my container div which contained a total of 20 components and I only wanted to show and load 5 at a time. I started by making the height of the container equal to the height of just 5 components with overflow: hidden to prevent the rest of the components from showing. Once the Load More button was pressed the height of the container was changed to the height of ten components thus showing 10 components; then it was changed to the height of 15 components and so on.

This worked perfectly in Firefox and Safari however when I tried to load more in Chrome, some of the text would not be rendered. Upon checking in the inspector it was clear to see that the text was in fact there, just not rendered.

missing text When it should look like this:

correct text

This could be solved by focusing on a given component (e.g. highlighting the hidden text or hovering over a button within the component). However having users focus on a component to see what it says is not good practice.

I tried making all the components hidden and when the Load More button was pressed make those that were just loaded not hidden, to no avail. I also tried setting the innerHTML of each component to itself which also didn’t work.