Turn off titlegen and other…

Hello, could someone tell me how turn off titlegen? I have my own title, but all the same have been added some random words from titlegen.

The second thing
In article I want put link to my verified link, I do it like this:
<a href=”%verified_url%”>%verified_url%</a> but this never work propertly, always shows in article
<a href=”http://domain1.com”>http://domain2.com</a>

How to put this links properly?

How to set ‘other label’ value of a term set?

I am using the PnP commands to add new terms to an existing group, but I am not sure how to set ‘other label’ fields to add aliases to the term.

I am trying to add a financial accountplan with account and description as the alias/other label.

ie. termname “7215” otherlabel “Internet”

This is the command i use New-PnPTerm -Name “7230” -TermSet “Kreditorer” -TermGroup “Kreditorer” -LCID “1033”

Any idea how to set the other labels value?

Other Labels

My code seems to count the number of identical char if the char are beside each other. Why doesn’t it work if they are not? [on hold]

static void Main() {     Console.WriteLine(DuplicateCount("aabBcde"));     Console.WriteLine(DuplicateCount("Indivisibility"));  }  public static int DuplicateCount(string str) {      str = str.ToUpper();     int count = 0;     for (int i = 0; i < str.Length - 1; i++)     {         if (str[i] == str[i+1])         {             count++;         }     }     return count;  } 

My code works on the first string “aabBcde” but on the second string it produces ‘0’ instead of counting ‘1’ for ‘i’. Can someone help me with the error in why it only counts the identical char beside each other. I am new to C# so I am not familiar with Linq or the likes. Thanks.