Outgoing email is sent from which server role?

Our SP2016 farm have 2 WFE, 2 APP, and 2 Search servers. In the outgoing server settings, we point to our company SMTP (smtp.company.com). In order to allow the SMTP relay for SharePoint’s email, we need to apply firewall open. Although we can simply apply open for all 6 servers but I want to understand the traffic logic.

Should I expect all email will be started from WFE? Or it will be started from other server depends on server role?

I need help forwarding utm parameters from facebook, through a landing page, to outgoing links [on hold]

Essentially i need to pass subid information via dynamic utm parameters from facebook ads to my clickbank (uses tid for sub-id tracking) offer link found on my landing page.

I dont know really anything about javascript or jquery but ive found other threads about this and tried to out it in my website but it didnt work so if anyone can help i’d really appreciate it

Forward all incoming and outgoing calls and messages from one iPhone to another iPhone

I have two iPhones: one is a personal iPhone and one is a work iPhone.

I would like the work iPhone to be able to make both outgoing and receive incoming calls, iMessages, and SMS messages from the personal iPhone. Simply put,

I want the personal iPhone to be sitting at home (and turned on) and not really in use, while the work iPhone can handle everything the personal iPhone can do, while the work iPhone functions normally under a separate number.

Why not use eSim on the work iPhone?

Not able to because it’s a corporate phone.

Let me try to break this down into separate parts:

Incoming calls

We should be able to just enable call forwarding on the personal iPhone to forward all calls to the work iPhone.

Incoming and Outgoing iMessages

If both work and personal iPhone share the same Apple ID, then the work iPhone can receive all personal iPhone messages. iMessages can also be sent from the number / Apple ID that the message was originally sent to, so I’m not concerned about that.

Incoming and Outgoing SMS / MMS

Since the introduction of Continuity (and cellular continuity), text messages can also be forwarded to another Apple device, and that same Apple device can send new messages from that number.

enter image description here

Outgoing calls

Now, this should work by enabling Wi-Fi calling on the personal device, and then adding Wi-Fi calling for other devices. Again, my doubt is whether that other device can include a second iPhone on that same Apple ID.

Actual question

So, my question is: When Apple uses the phrases “you can forward texts to another Apple device”, and “Add WiFi-calling for other device”, does that other device also include another iPhone, especially an iPhone with active service already?

In other words, how do your cellular services work when you have two different numbers under the same Apple ID?

why are outgoing text message bubbles colorful?

Why are speech bubbles either blue or green for outgoing messages and not for incoming messages?

For example, in whatsapp, the outgoing messages are green. In iMessage, they are blue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a messaging app where the outgoing message bubbles are grey and the incoming ones are coloured. Is there a reason for this?

Good outgoing firewall? [on hold]

Back in the olden days, in the Windows world, there was an outgoing firewall called ZoneAlarm that would tell you what program was trying to access what IP address and let you choose to block it or not.

What is the best equivalent today for the Mac? I know there is Littlesnitch but ideally I’d like an open-source program.

how to setting BCC outgoing email for mulitple sender address to multiple address bcc with postfix

Hi i had the zimbra email server (using postfix for MTA system). I want to setting BCC outgoing email for multiple sender address to mulitple address bcc.

I try follow step pre below URL on topic “Sender BCC Maps”


at directory /opt/zimbra/postfix/main.cf insert

sender_bcc_maps = lmdb:/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sender_bcc 

at directory /opt/zimbra/postfix/sender_bcc insert

a@domain.com sale@domain.com b@domain.com sale@domain.com c@domain.com sale@domain.com a@domain.com hr@domain.com b@domain.com hr@domain.com c@domain.com hr@domain.com 

then i’m postmap the file sender_bcc insert

postmap /opt/zimbra/postfix/sender_bcc 

show warning “duplicate entry

postmap: warning: /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sender_bcc_maps.lmdb: duplicate entry: "a@domain.com" postmap: warning: /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sender_bcc_maps.lmdb: duplicate entry: "b@domain.com" postmap: warning: /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sender_bcc_maps.lmdb: duplicate entry: "c@domain.com" 

You have any idea for setting multiple sender address to multiple address bcc ?

thank you for your advice and sorry for bad english.

Limit number of recipients in To: and CC: on emails outgoing with ASSP

Too many Mail Service Providers, such Hotmail, Google, has limitations about number os sender into To: CC: and BCC: headers of mail messages.

I’m not finding a possible configuration, in ASSP.

The closest, but not 100%, with this situation, would be, LocalFrequencyInt and LocalFrequencyNumRcpt located in the documentation itself

Is there another way to block this unhealthy practice of putting hundreds of emails in the To: field?

Can a Bitcoin node create an outgoing connection to a inbound node?

I’m trying to figure out if we can create an outgoing connection to a inbound node (a node which we are already connected to, but the remote peer has initiated the connection). I know that this does not make much sense since we exchange information to inbound and outbound nodes. However, I have looked at the source code and did not find the code that prevents a node from doing that. Is anyone out there more successful?