Can a simulacrum be healed by any means other the ‘complex process’ outlined in the spell?

Inspired by another discussion of Simulacra – can a simulacrum actually heal via any method other than the ‘complex process’ outlined in the spell? Or is that process simply another option? What if the copied creature type has Fast Healing, or Regeneration? Do Cure Wounds spells function on the simulacra? Is the simulacrum actually even a creature?

Material Design outlined textfields filled with auto fill chrome style

We’re using outlined textfields from Material Design.

On some occasions, chrome(or any other browser I guess) can auto fill the data because the users has saved them. Chrome gives a hint to the user by setting the background color of the textfield to a light blue.

enter image description here

I find the part where the blue background crosses the label quite hard to read and very awkward.

I don’t want to force background color to white because I think overriding default browser behaviour is a bad practice that would not serve our users.

Couldn’t find any reference to that on MD docs.

Tried to force background color to white and label+outline to the “autofilled” color but I’m not sure users would take the hint.

Do you guys have any suggestions?