Outlook 365 rules are inappropriately applied

I have multiple email sorting rules in Outlook, which mostly work, but over the past few days I am seeing unexpected behavior. Specifically, sorting is applied incorrectly when forwarding messages sent to a specific distribution group.

There are 2 distribution groups, one agency wide external group (Group 1) and one departmental internal group (Group 2). I am a member of both groups.

My mail rule in question is “after message arrives, mail sent FROM Group 1 should be moved TO [a subfolder in my inbox] and stop processing more rules.” Not complicated. However, part of my job is to forward some of these messages to Group 2. Over the past few days, every message from Group 1 that I forward to Group 2 has been sorted back into the same subfolder.

This is problematic because (1) it causes me to worry that I accidentally sent the message to Group 1, which would be embarrassing! and (2) the mail sorting rules should absolutely not be applied to a message that has been forwarded. The behavior is new; I have had this rule in use since 2015. Prior to this, forwarded messages were left in my inbox, as expected.

Attempting to search for this issue returns many results telling me how to use rules to forward mail but no results confirming that this is a known issue.

Any help?

List all Outlook folder and subfolder with Applescript

I want to merge an Exchange account in IMAP. I moving all folder manualy in IMAP account but some emails are corrupted and all corrupted mail beging with

Content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary=”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”

This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may not be legible.` .

So, I want to write a script that replaces the corrupted emails in the IMAP account.

The first step I would like to list the folders and then check if the X mail in folder Y is corrupted in the IMAP folder. If this is the case, copy the mail with same date and sender from same folder in Exchange and delete it. The first probleme is that I can’t list the subdirectories. I have only first folder.

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"     set theAccount to the first exchange account whose name is "Afluens"     set folderNames to ""     set allMailFolders to get mail folders of theAccount     repeat with currentFolder in allMailFolders         set folderNames to folderNames & id of currentFolder & " - " & name of currentFolder & "          " -- put a newline     end repeat end tell 

How do I display a SharePoint Calendar with more than 5,000 items in Outlook?

We have SharePoint Online as part of Office365. We use a couple of SharePoint calendars for booking recording studio time, which are accessed via Outlook. Unfortunately each calendar hare more than 5,000 items in it.

There’s lots of information about how to handle lists larger than 5,000 items within the SharePoint environment but I don’t see any solutions when the list is being consumed by Outlook.

outlook for mac 2016

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How to Sync more than 5000 items SharePoint Calendar to Outlook using Connect to Outlook Option

How to Sync more than 5000 items in SharePoint Calendar to Outlook using Connect to Outlook Option. Getting error that “HTTP 500. The server returned the following error message: The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.”

Any Suggestion or Workaround will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

How to recover Outlook files online?

A few days ago, I faced an error in my Outlook file as I was not able to access that so I tried various ways to fix that but none works. Someone suggest me to use an OST to PST Converter by Recovee.
I download its demo mode which is free for me, it works for me but still, recovery is too slow with that version but finally, something works.

Found this remarkable software from here: http://www.datarecovo.com/convert-ost-to-pst.html

outlook 2016 mac mail merge

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