Is the Outlook bar still a reasonable container for a list of lists?

(This assumes that it ever was, so please feel free to comment if you disagree!)

For years, our development team have designed data-centric desktop applications where the main window has an Outlook bar on the left, and clicking one of the tabs shows the associated list in the rest of the window…

Common (for us) main window UI layout

Double-clicking an item (or single-clicking and then clicking the Edit button) would open a child window with details for the customer, product, etc.

We’re just about to start a new application, and it made me wonder if we are behind the times. UIs have changed a lot over the years, and maybe people don’t do it this way any more.

As we have a licence for their controls, I had a look at Telerik’s demo applications, and they seem to be variations on the same theme, using treeviews and the like on the left…

Telerik sample UI

Anyone any comments? Do I carry on doing pretty much the same, or is there a more modern way to do it?


Save email from Outlook Online to SharePoint library through an AddIn

I have a requirement to a selected email(s) to Outlook through an Add-In. I need it to work with the Outlook client app as well as Outlook Online. I put together a simple VSTO plugin in the Outlook client app which works but I want to do this through an Add-In now.

I have been through this tutorial to save email attachments to OneDrive which has similar functionality. Attachments to OneDrive Git

I like the functionality of this and would like to save emails to SharePoint the same way.

Does anyone have a good tutorial for doing this? Or a reference for the libraries? I’ll post my progress for others as I get through it. I just haven’t been able to find exactly what I’m looking for with this.

520 Error On Flow From Outlook 365 to Sharepoint

I have this flow that takes an attachment received via email and creates a new file on Sharepoint. The flow works for smaller reports, but with a larger report I’m receiving (41MB), I am receiving a 520 error. I receive this report daily, and would love to automate the publishing of the report to sharepoint.Has anyone resolved this issue? Thank you.

{ “Message”: “API Hub token exchange internal server failure.”, “SourceUri”: “”, “IsCachedResponse”: “false” }

enter image description here

Outlook SharePoint Calender’s sync is not working with SharePoint 2013

I have created a Calendar list added the event in the Calendar. And connect to outlook. Calendar is showing events on the outlook only for first time. But the events are not showing with from the outlook created events on SharePoint and the events is not showing which are created from SharePoint 2013 list.

Below error are showing on a popup Outlook send/receive progress error

Task ‘SharePoint’ reported error (0x80040102) : ‘Outlook cannot connect to the SharePoint List (DevSmart – EventCalendar). The server may not be reachable from your location. Contact the SharePoint site administrator for more information. HTTP 400.’

I tried to resolve from outlook SharePoint Lists, double click on the check box “Display this list on the other computers with the account”.

Is there any way to resolve this this?

Outlook events bullk deletion using MS Flows

My requirement is delete all events from outlook using MS Flows.

I have tried with below mentioned steps.

select –> Outlook 365 –> add, update or modified Outlook events –> select calendar –> Calendar –> ID __> in Id place i have provided Subject name(It might be wrong)

if condition yes –> delete event v2 no–> Notification

But no luck

Synchronizing Outlook Calendar Categories with a Sharepoint calendar using email address assigned to SP calendar

I have a SharePoint calendar configured with an incoming email and want to populate events with categories in the SharePoint calendar by sending events from Outlook to SharePoint. I have the same categories in Outlook and in the SharePoint calendar.

When I enter in Outlook an event with a category directly in the SharePoint calendar connected to Outlook, then the category is correctly updated in the calendar on SharePoint.
However, when I create an event with the same category in Outlook using my Outlook Exchange Account and send the event to the SharePoint calendar’s incoming email address, then the event in SharePoint does not contain the category.

Has anyone been able to get this to work or has suggestions for workarounds using the incoming email feature?

We are using Outlook 2013 and Sharepoint 2013.