Draw an NFA over {0,1}

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if I want to design a NFA (that’s NOT A DFA) that accepts the set of all strings that do not contain the substring 1010, is this correct? because I can just accept 1010 by capturing it in the starting state itself, right?

the starting state accepts 0,1 so I can essentially take the string 1010 and self loop it in the starting state itself… is that correct?

How to get the oldest values over each id in a PostgreSQL table efficiently?

How can PostgreSQL return a list of the oldest timestamp values over a table of sensor id measurements?

Let me explain the situation with a sample table:

CREATE TABLE sensor_data( sensor_id INTEGER, time TIMESTAMPTZ, value NUMERIC, PRIMARY KEY (sensor_id, time) ) 

Populated table example:

+-----------+------------------+-------+ | sensor_id |       time       | value | +-----------+------------------+-------+ |         1 | 2018-01-01 00:00 |     1 | |         1 | 2018-01-01 01:00 |     2 | |         3 | 2018-01-01 03:00 |     4 | |         3 | 2018-01-01 04:00 |     3 | |         4 | 2018-01-01 03:00 |     5 | |         4 | 2018-01-01 04:00 |     6 | +-----------+------------------+-------+ 

While using something like sensor_id (1,3) inside the query I want it to return something like this:

+-----------+------------------+-------+ | sensor_id |       time       | value | +-----------+------------------+-------+ |         1 | 2018-01-01 01:00 |     2 | |         3 | 2018-01-01 04:00 |     3 | +-----------+------------------+-------+ 

How can I do that in a query using the PRIMARY KEY index for speeding it up?

What is the cost of magic armor over the cost of mundane armor?

In my current campaign the DM is allowing us to use a pricing chart to buy magic items. The cost of a +1 Armor is listed as 1,500gp. For example, plate armor in the PHB is listed as 1,500gp. In order to buy +1 plate armor would the cost be 3,000gp or the +1 armor cost of 1,500gp? Assume I do not already own plate armor. Even if we did not use this chart the DMG has a price range for rarity level. Would we add that price to the armor normal cost?

This question applies to all types of armor and weapons in the same situation. (+1 weapon is 1,000gp on the chart)

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How can I securely recieve an Orgs secret key? They could just send it to me over the internet?

More or less just clarification requested?

If I’m a “NEW” client for VPN the only way I can access the Server’s VPN that I’m trying to join says I have to know a secret shared key…(This is their standard)….

How can they securely send this shared key to this new client?

One way I have developed is I created an app that will take any phrase, encrypt it and provide that key to the user…

This will ensure that they have the same key…

But if someone developed an app using the same encryption method and had the “phrase” they could potentially have the same key?

Any thoughts?