A average Mark overall for all of one student subjects

Lets say i have a student table , a enlistment table that shows SubjectId and Results for each student how would i get the overall average mark for a student that has more than 3 subjects

Create table  a_Student( StudentId int(5) Not null, StudentForename varchar (30) Not null, StudentSurname varchar (45) Not null,  PRIMARY KEY(StudentId) ); Create table a_Enlistment( StudentId int(5) Not null, SubjectId char(6) Not null, results char (2), primary key (SubjectId,StudentId), foreign key (SubjectId) references a_Subject(SubjectId), foreign key (StudentId) references a_Student(StudentId) );   insert into a_Student (StudentId,StudentForename,StudentSurname) values ("33447","Alan","Burns"), ("33672","Mark","Harrison",);     Insert into a_Enlistment (StudentId,SubjectId,Results) values           ("33447","TMP243","78"),          ("33447","AWD169","45"),          ("33447","IIA887","48"),         ("33672","TMP243","57"),        ("33672","AWD169","67"),       ("33672","IIA887","48"), 

So i want lets say Alans overall mark for his 3 subjects how would i do that? Any help is welcomed thanks a lot

Having a different design and interactions between mobile and tablet devices can have a big impact from overall UX?

I have 2 design approach for a specific module 1 is for mobile and 1 is for tablet. The goal of this is for analyzation of the historical dates of the financial data.

A. Mobile phone design – Straight forward horizontal bar chart to differentiate each data from the previous periods.

Mobile screen

B. Tablet Design – This is to increase users interactions by providing more relevant information for analysis to filter the data and period based on their preferences. enter image description here

Does it make sense from the users perspective do have different designs from the different screen? Does it not affect the learnability and familiarity on the app?

Thank you

For object fall damage, does the 20d6 maximum apply only to the additional damage from distance, or is it an overall maximum?

According to the DMG, page 303:

For each 200 pounds of an object’s weight, the object deals 1d6 points of damage, provided it falls at least 10 feet. Distance also comes into play, adding an additional 1d6 points of damage for every 10-foot increment it falls beyond the first (to a maximum of 20d6 points of damage).

I read this to mean that the damage added by the distance of the fall caps at 20d6, but the damage based on the weight of the object doesn’t have a cap.

A friend of mine says that remembers a lot of discussion on the topic years ago, and remembers a ruling that the damage that a falling object deals has a hard cap of 20d6, regardless of additional weight.

Unfortunately, he can’t find where the stuff he remembers was said, and so all we have to go on is the text in the book. Does anyone know what the proper right answer is? Preferably with a source?

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Will icons affect the overall UX experience?

I’m working on a gas app (similar to GasBuddy) and based on Geico’s app. Geico mainly does insurance, but they added the gas prices sections.

So this is what Geico’s app looks like. I like it because it’s simple, with big text, and to the point:

enter image description here

Our app would not compete with Geico, but I would like to add something more. So I was thinking of adding icons showing the amenities. So it would look something like this:

enter image description here

The Geico doesn’t have the amenities section, but apps like Waze and GasBuddy do display these amenities if you click on the gas station; they don’t show them in the main page where the list is.

I was even thinking of something like this (the price with a background): enter image description here

So my question is: will adding these icons negatively affect the usability of the app? Maybe I could make them smaller?

I wanted to clarify that our app is local, so these icons are an added feature; it’s not something that will “make or break” the app.