Can spells that stabilise you when you’d die overrule death from massive damage?

Characters can die from massive damage when their health is reduced below their negative endurance score. However, some spells stabilise you when you’d die. Can these spells stabilise you even from massive damage?

For example, Shadow Endurance says:

If you are reduced below 0 hit points or rendered unconscious, shadow endurance immediately discharges, shunting your injured body into a hidden alcove on the Shadow Plane.

You immediately stabilize, but cannot awaken or take any further actions until the second duration expires.

Nine Lives does similar:

Rejuvenate: The target uses this ability when it is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points. The target is instantly healed 3d6 points of damage. If enough hit points are regained to bring the target to positive hit points, it does not fall unconscious. If it is not enough to leave the target with positive hit points, the target automatically stabilizes. Both of these effects work even if the damage was originally enough to kill the target.

I feel it’s made fairly clear in the case of nine-lives that you wouldn’t die, but it’s less clear for me whether it’d work the same way in the case of Shadow Endurance. How spells that stabilise you from death interact with death from massive damage? Can they successfully stabilise you, or do you die anyway?