USA Visa stamping after overstaying for minors

I have L1-A visa, my wife and two daughters have L2-A dependent visa. We had approved petition expiring in February 2019, We went to India in July 2018 and got stamping done for myself and daughters.

Stamping was approved and valid till February 2019, however my daughters passport were expiring in September 2018 hence at the port of entry they received I-94 valid till September 2018 only.

I completely missed to file I-94 extension for my daughters and filed same in January 2019.

In January 2019, filed Petition and I-94 extension for all of us. First received RFE asking for more documents supporting my managerial activities and role. Next received Notice Of Intent To Deny and asking for more documents supporting my managerial activities and role. On 19th April 2019, petition approved after responding to NOID and received I-797B approval but without extended I-94 attached to it.

Did not receive any approvals / I-797 for my wife and daughters.

I-94 of myself and my wife expired in February 2019 and received petition approval in April 2019 without extended I-94. Does this mean I am out of status from February 2019 ? I left the country and going for visa stamping. WHat are the chances of getting visa ?

My daughters (Age : 8 & 14) have been out of status for more than 6 months, do they fall under 3 & 10 year bar being monor ? Minor gets exception as pe the law ?

212(a)(9)(B) ALIENS UNLAWFULLY PRESENT (iii) Exceptions (I) Minors.-No period of time in which an alien is under 18 years of age shall be taken into account in determining the period of unlawful presence in the United States.

what are the chances for their visa approval ? Will there be any issues for them if in future as adult they want to visit United States ?

Overstaying Schengen residence permit outside of the issuing country

I have a student residence permit issued in one of the EU/Schengen countries. As fair as I understand, it allows me to stay without visa in any other Schengen country for up to 90 days in 180 day interval.

I want to ask if and how is this rule enforced and are there practically any possible consequences for overstaying the mentioned 90 days outside of the issuing country.

My situation is that I am currently doing a research internship in Switzerland, which officially lasts 85 days, and I am doing it without any Swiss visa/permit, since my original permit allows me to have such educational/working stays for up to 90 days. After the internship ends, I want to have a holiday and stay in various Schengen countries for up to 15 days in total.

I wonder if any authority can find out that I will be overstaying the 90 days limit. Since there are no border checks in the Schengen area, is that even possible? The only clue that I can think of are hotel bookings: I have a hotel booking in Switzerland for 85 days of my internship, and I will likely stay in a hotel/AirBnb during my trip. As far as I know, they are somehow obliged to check my passport and notify the authorities about my booking. So, strictly speaking, I will have a hotel booking for 100 days, which is more than what the rule allows. In reality, it can be that during my internship I made several short trips to the issuing country, with the total length of 10 days, without interrupting the hotel booking. So, the real length of my “outside” stay is less than 90 days, but that is hard to prove (I can maybe show some transportation tickets).

So I wonder what really happens when I book a hotel and show my passport/permit on registration. Do authorities somehow keep track of my stays? Is it somehow synchronized between different countries?

Did anybody ever have any experience with enforcement of that rule? It seems it is totally unrealistic for it to be enforced, but I guess if some authorities get really suspicious they can find it out, e.g. by requesting bank statements, bookings and checking locations.

Overstaying tourist visa Chile awaiting temp visa

My sister went to Chile in Sept’18, she was there for two weeks, left for Costa Rica, returned for two weeks, left for Ecuador then came back to Chile and has been there since.

I understand the tourist visa is 180 days from entering but we’re not sure if that’s from the first day she entered in Sept or the last time she went back in November. Either way, her tourist visa has now expired.

She applied for a ‘temporary visa’? Something like that but hasn’t heard back from them and is now looking to come home. Would she have to pay a fine for overstaying even though she applied for another visa in November and hasn’t heard back or would she be free to leave without a penalty?

How will overstaying my Finnish visa affect future travel/visas?

enter image description hereI used to study in Finland 10 years ago on a Finnish student visa. As my visa was expiring and I prepared to travel to my home country, I didn’t ask for permission to stay longer. So I left Finland 15 days after my visa expired. When I transited in Frankfurt, I was stopped, questioned, my picture taken, and something written on my passport, and I was fined about 100-200€. That was in 2009 and I now have a new passport.

Can I apply for a travel visa to visit friends in Finland. Will my history of overstaying affect the outcome? If I don’t apply to Finland, what about Germany? With my history, can I enter any European country?

Visa rejection to Australia due to overstaying family members

I want to know how I can reapply for an Australian visitor’s visa that was earlier rejected because I have family members who had stayed beyond their stay period on their own visitors visa in 2011. These family members are now Australian citizens and Permanent Residents. They had applied for a bridging visa while within their stay period and were granted it in a legal way. But every time I apply, the Australian embassy in my country still reject saying my family did not honor their stay period.What can I do to be able to get a visa?

Am I overstaying my Schengen visa? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How does the Schengen 90/180 rule work? 5 answers

I have heard there’s a 90 days in every 180 days rule about staying in the Schengen zone, but there are also rumours about resetting the time, so I thought of asking here what’s the case exactly.

I stayed in Germany Nov 25th 2018 – Dec 16th 2018 (22 days), and again Jan 10th 2019 – Apr 9th 2019 (90 days). Am I overstaying my tourist visa?

Overstaying in South Africa

I am a US citizen, South African born. I went in July to spend time with my mom who was sickly. I came back to the States beginning of Aug only to turn back around 2 weeks later as my mom was hospitalized and upon landing back in South Africa, she passed away. As per our religious custom, we were unable to do anything for a month. After that period, I started working on my moms estate and only went back to the US middle of Oct. Just last week, beginning of a new year, I had to go back to finalize everything and was told I am not allowed to enter because I overstayed on my last visit. I explained to Home Affairs at the airport the reason, and they made their mind up sending me back to the States. It’s ridiculous that they would not even let me prove myself and I understand they probably hear this BS all the time. I even told them I will show my moms death certificate but they weren’t listening to me. Upon arriving back, I immediately set out to appeal this. So my question is, how long does an appeal take to process and is there anything else I can do so I can go back to SA?

Schengen visa granted for 2 months, duration of visit 45 days. Am I overstaying?

I’m already in the Schengen zone as I type this. My entry stamp has the date 26th December 2018 on it and my return flight out of the schengen zone is on the 9th February.
My Visa validity is 21st December, 2018 to 19th February 2019 but the ‘duration of stay’ field says 45. My question is, given my travel dates, am I overstaying? According to this link I’m right on the dot with my dates (exact 45 days) but it does NOT include the 26th itself. How long am I allowed to stay granted I enter Schengen zone on the 26th December?

Thank you!

EDIT: I have a multiple entry visa.

Applying for a J1 Visa with a mother who is overstaying with her B1/B2 visa

Hello I have been reading a lot of posts here but nothing came close to my circumstance and so I decided to just post my own question.

Ever since I was little, I have been watching American movies, cartoons, series and etc. It has became my dream to go to the United States now I can almost fulfill my dream in 5 months!

We have this USA Work and Travel program at the university I’m studying in and there’s going to be a (J-1) visa sponsor company that I’ll work with and all, but I’m so scared that my visa application will get rejected.

SO here’s the details about my mother. She has a B1/B2 visa which will expire on 2022. She has been overstaying for more than 180 days since 2015 but she had a return flight to the Philippines before she went to the US. She has not committed any crimes just worked under the table as a domestic helper.

With that said, I’m worried that I might get rejected by the visa officer. Some people say that I shouldn’t say that I have a relative staying in the US. Our school travel agency told me to be honest and it’ll be at the officer’s discretion to issue me a visa or not. I don’t intend on overstaying there because I have to graduate and get a degree. I also need the background history that I have been to the USA and returned so I can apply for a 1-year internship back there. Just need a decent experience. Having to work in America will have a huge impact to MY resume when I apply for a job here in the Philippines. So she’s coming home after I graduate.

Thank you in advanced for your time in reading this I would really appreciate any thoughts.