GMing with an overtuned skill monkey

I have a player in one of my games, who has managed to create a build that can roll a minimum of 41 by level 7 across a large plethora of skills (mostly excluding dex/str based skills). They use these (alongside spells) to set up webs and endanger opponents without getting directly involved, until the party is ready to attack or fight as well.

However, with such high skill rolls, I am worried that other players will start to feel that they should not even bother with skills. I have talked to the player and we have agreed that he will keep some of his uses to background use or last resort and he is okay with that.

How can I show other players with less skill focused characters that their skill usage still matters?

Is this Summonable Character too overtuned?

I’ve been working on a Pokemon setting for Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition for a while now, and have started to make headway on the creatures that people can find. Type advantages are built into the creatures (where power/damage DCs get a +2 bonus against things weak to its type) and Type disadvantages are built into the powers (where half of the effect rank can be used against things strong to its type). For example, a Damage 4 Fighting attack requires a DC 16 Toughness check from a Rock Type, but requires a DC 12 Toughness check from a Psychic Type.

That being said, I’ve drafted a construct today and I’m not sure how defense limits apply. Are this characters’ defenses too high for Power Level 5?

Cognitone – Psychic Rock Pokemon Construct

Str -5 | Sta – | Agl -5 | Dex 5 | Fgt -5 | Int 0 | Awe 10 | Pre 5 : [-6 exp total]

Dodge 0 | Parry 0 | Fortitude – | Will 10 | Toughness [10] : [10 exp total]

Weaknesses : [Fighting], Water, Grass, Ground, Steel, Dark, Ghost, Bug

Innate Powers :

Light Barrier | Quirky Protection 10 / costs 9 exp [1exp per rank -1] | It won’t much, but each hit you land has a satisfying DONK to it | Cognitone has an additional 10 Toughness, though each time it they are hit or would take physical damage Cognitone lets out a Chime that alerts anyone within 30ft of where this Pokemon is

Built Like a Rock | Construct Fortitude Effect Immunity / costs 30 exp (see p179 of Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Heros Handbook) | Get it? Cuz it’s a rock! | Cognitone ignores physical ailments that do not involve physically restraining them (ignore the deadly poison, but no amount of hardiness will stop the fact that someone hog-tied you), but cannot contort its shape, cannot climb stairs, ladders or slopes greater than 1ft vertical over 2ft horizontal, cannot jump and cannot pick itself up.

47 exp remaining