Does using an Owl’s “Talons” action while Wild Shaped count as taking the Attack action?

First, a reason this might matter would be a multiclassed Druid/Monk using Wild Shape and hoping to use Flurry of Blows, the latter of which states:

Immediately after you take the Attack action on your turn, you can spend 1 ki point to make two unarmed strikes as a bonus action.

So say we are transformed, via Wild Shape, into an Owl and we use our “Talons” action. Can we then use Flurry of Blows?

I’m unsure what the case is given that the Monster Manual states (page 10):

When a monster takes its action, it can choose from the options in the Actions section of its stat block or use one of the actions available to all creatures, such as the Dash or Hide action, as described in the Player’s Handbook.

“Talons” is not one of the actions available to all creatures, but the Attack action is so I’m unsure whether Talons also counts as the Attack action and if so, why/how?

In addition the Essentials Kit describes the “Use a Special Ability” action as follows (page 36):

Many class features give you special ways to use your action. Monsters also have their own special actions, as described in their stat blocks.

Are these “special actions” things like “Talons” or is “Talons” a use of the Attack action?

Can a Monk use Flurry of Blows while under the effects of Wild Shape; are actions such as the Owl’s “Talons” considered the Attack action?

What are RDF graphs and OWLs commonly used for?

Not sure if this is the right site, but I’ll give it a go.

I find the concept of the Semantic Web fascinating, and the idea of using RDF triples to represent semantic data. But obviously the vision of the Semantic Web as put forward by Berners-Lee hasn’t materialised, which leads me to ask: what are RDFs and OWLs used for today? Are there widespread practical applications for these concepts? Are they being used in research projects currently? Or are they just relics with little use outside of academic interest?

How can I make a PC who is made up of three owls in a trench coat?

I’m a new DM. One of my players is insisting her character is really three owls in a trench coat (appears to be an elvish druid). Can someone help me figure out some way for this to have happened? How does one turn three owls into an elf?

I want to support her – this is her first time playing, and I want her to have a good time. I was thinking I was going to make it so that another person had transformed her from three owls into an elf, and finding the truth about this will be a minor side quest. I just want to know who/what could have made the transformation happen, and how it would occur – are there any spells for this?