Facebook Leads to Salesforce through Zapier. Is it possible to specify a lead queue as the owner ID?

Zapier doesn’t show lead queues in the dropdown box.

I have tried using a custom value for the owner ID… which I got from the url address in salesforce when I click a lead queue e.g. 00B1400….., but zapier gives me an error when the zap runs.

Valid B1/B2 visa owner wins the DV lottery, needs to go US before the interview. Can he?

Recently my wife has been selected for the DV lottery 2020. For this reason, I am listed on her Diversity Visa online entry. I hold B1/B2 visa, valid until 2029. It seems like the process for the interview may take sometime. However, I need to attend to a conference in US next week. I wrote to consulate and they said that, “If she has not had the interview, your B1/B2 visa is still valid. However, you  will need to convince the officer at the port of entry that you are not an intending immigrant.” Should I give a try to enter US with my valid B1/B2 visa before this Green card process is concluded? If they deny my entry would it hurt my status for the future?

Is it recommended to send an authentication request to the Resource Owner (by the Authorization Server) if it already has an active session?

In OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Flow (Grant Type), is it recommended (or is it maybe even a best practice) to send an authentication request (e.g. a login-request form) to the Resource Owner (by the Authorization Server), even if the Resource Owner has already an active session on the Authorization Server, when obtaining an Authorization Code for the first time for a certain Client?

In other words, is it recommended to kill/destroy a currently active session first, if there’s one? Or is it not important at all?

How does a site owner change from “excluded” to “included” on archive.org?

archive.org collects web pages for its archive. It has some method of allowing an organization to “exclude” their content. How does the owner of the site change from “excluded” to “included”?

Note that this appears not to be simply a robots.txt file issue. For example, digital.com’s page shows:

Sorry. This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.

whereas, fb.com’s page displays:

Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt. See fb.com robots.txt page. Learn more about robots.txt.

PNP.js adding a new SharePoint Group and setting the Group owner

I’m writing a webpart that creates several SharePoint Groups. I’m trying to set the Group Owner so it’s not defaulting to the user creating the group. According to documentation, this should be possible by passing the Group ID to Owner:

let newGroup = await myWeb.siteGroups.add({ Title: groupName, Description: "Example of creating a group", OnlyAllowMembersViewMembership: false, Owner: ownerGroupId});

When I test this, the request throws an error, which I’m able to see people complaining about since 2015. If I remove Owner from the parameters, everything works correctly.

Is setting the Owner supported? Am I missing something obvious?