How is malicious code executed on android devices without owners’ knowledge?

  1. I was wondering how hackers were able to gain remote access to one’s android device with the help of just a .PNG file. This vulnerability was announced by Google but they didn’t provide much information about how it works. I want to know how the malicious code inside the .PNG gets executed without the user installing any application whatsoever.

  2. Also, there’s this recent WhatsApp VoIP vulnerability which allowed attackers to remotely install a spyware developed by the Israeli Hacking Firm NSO Group on the target’s device with just a WhatsApp phone call. Attackers were then able to execute code remotely on the victim’s device. From the research I made, they said that specially crafted VoIP packets were sent to the target. This led me wondering how packets could cause a buffer overflow and install the spyware without the target’s knowledge.

I’m really willing to learn how it works at the core and I need someone to sort of clarify how things like this happen.

Dynamic list of site owners

I trying to create a line of text in my SharePoint site that says something like, “For questions or problems regarding this site, please contact the site owner(s):” and then list the site owners.

I’m using the site users web part to accomplish this, but I would really like the list to be on one line, separated by commas instead of having each owner listed on their own row.

Like this:
“For questions or problems regarding this site, please contact the site owner(s): owner 1, owner 2, owner 3”

Not this:
“For questions or problems regarding this site, please contact the site owner(s):
owner 1
owner 2
owner 3″

Any ideas how to accomplish this?

Programmatically create and Add Owners and Members to O365 Group, no emails are sent

I’m using the code found in OfficeDevPnP.Core to create a new UnifiedGroup. UnifiedGroupsUtitlity.CreateUnifiedGroup. My code is below.

UnifiedGroupsUtility.CreateUnifiedGroup("CSOM Site Creation",                                                             "My Site Created in Code,                                                             CSOM,                                                             accessToken,                                                             groupLogo: null,                                                             owners: owners.ToArray(),                                                             members: members.ToArray(),                                                             isPrivate: true,                                                             createTeam: false); 

When I’m using this code, none of the Owners or members get’s an email saying they have joined the group, like they do if I add them manually to a group.

Do I have to write that part of the code to send the emails, or is there another method I can use that’s already out there to send the same template that Microsoft sends?

There are two emails sent (if MS Teams included), when adding a person manually. One to say the person is added to the group from: The site on behalf of me. One to say the person is added to the MS Teams. From:

It these emails I wish to replicate when adding a user to Group/Team.

How to get site Owners information from sharepoint site using CSOM?

I have root site and it has many subsites. I have to get Site owners of each subsite using CMOS. I have writtern below code but its not giving owner’s detials instead its giving all site group information.

 var ctx = new SP.ClientContext("<subsite url>");         var web = ctx.get_web();         var groupCollection = web.get_siteGroups();         ctx.load(groupCollection, 'Include(Users,Title)'); 

Now, Once I get values in “groupCollection”, I am looping into groups and then users. But I am getting all sharepoint group not specific to .

Please suggest where I am wrong.

SharePoint Online Admin page does not display all the site collection and their owners

can someone guide me to achieve following, I am admin on office 365 for SharePoint and Onedrive. When i access https://(companyname) i don’t see all the site collections, because using Get-SPOsite -Detailed i can get the list of sites not viewed from SharePoint Online admin page. I realized that those sites were actually created using Microsoft Teams. Now the question is how do i at least get the current site owners and members if required to change their permission on those sites?

Do stock image owners hide something in the image information (either in pixels or in exif info) to stop theft?

enter image description here

Please see the image. Is watermarked image of Shutterstock.

Now, if you reverse search (not this one) similar images from Shutterstock, in Google, you find high resolution images without watermark that are used by different websites for their designs.

Doubt 1: When you drop a similar image in Google image search, it fills the search text box automatically with a relevant text like this:

enter image description here

Where does this text come from? Is it hidden in pixels or image information? It exists even when you remove all image information and search again.

Doubt 2 (Actual query):

When I find the high resolution image as told above, open in Photoshop and export as new image (it removes all exif information), does Shutterstock still know that the image was actually downloaded from Shutterstock? I mean have they put something hidden in pixels/image itself?

A more simpler version of this question: If I have the image bought from Shutterstock, but I intentionally use the image downloaded from other sources, can Shutterstock identify that I’m not using the actually bought image?

PS: The intention of this question is not to support piracy or theft. I’m just curious. For professional use, we use paid images.

MS-Teams/Office-365-Group Owners got Full control permissions on the underlying sharepoint site

Using the office 365 admin center and the office 365 admin username i created a new MS Teams as follow, and i name it “TestTeam123”:-

enter image description here

now this have created a new Office 365 group + sharepoint modern team site. I also realized the following:-

  1. adding a member to the MS-Teams or Office 365 group will automatically grant the member user Edit permission on the sharepoint site. now this behavioure is understandable as inside the SharePoint site, we can find that inside the sharepoint member group >> there is an office 365 group’s member added by default (which have the same name as the sharepoint members group) as follow:-

enter image description here

and most importantly, if i remove the above office 365 group’s member from the sharepoint members group (i did this for testing purposes only, as on reality we should not do so), the Office 365 group’s members will not longer have access to sharepoint site.

  1. But what i did not understand is that if we add an owner to the MS Teams/Office-365-group then the owner will have full control permission on the sharepoint site. so i thought that similar to the members case, i will find that the office 365 group’s owner is added inside the sharepoint owner group, but this is not the case. but on the other hand i checked the SharePoint’s site collection admins section, and i found this group is added by default:- enter image description here

now based on the above case, i have the following 3 questions:-

  1. for the above “TestTeam123 Owner” group added inside the site collection admins section, is this the sharepoint owner group? or it is the office 365 group’s owners?

  2. Why did Microsoft add the office 365 group’s member inside the sharepoint member group, while it did not add the office 365 group’s owner inside the sharepoint owner group?

  3. for testing purposes i remove the “TestTeam123 Owner” group from the site collection admins section, but still the office 365 group’s owners users have full control on the sharepoint site.. so what is going behind the scenes ? i did the remove around 20 hours ago, so i do not think it is a sync or timing issue…