Air Pass to visit Pacific Islands

I am interested in visiting some Pacific Islands, even though at the moment I have no specific plan about which to visit. I would like to have a look at how to get there and in particular island hopping flying passes that are available.

I found out about a few airlines that offer such passes but it is usually restricted to their own network (specific to a country), like Air Cal├ędonie or Air Tahiti Nui.

However what sounds more appealing is the Discover South Pacific Pass that I found on the web – not on an airline nor a travel agent website. It mentions some codes and booking with a travel agent – that should not be located in Oceania, and I am currently in Oceania – but now, what should I do with that? I have been searching around the web to find whether an Online Travel Agent would sell it. Few websites mention this pass so I have no idea how reliable this is in the first place.

Is it likely that only “office-based travel agents” could sell that pass? Does anyone know if I could get that from some Online Travel Agent?

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1) south to North

We are planning a California road trip, and we want to include most of the Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1). Currently, our plan is to travel in it from south (coming for Los Angeles) all the way to San Francisco.

We are a bit worried that since we will be driving on the side of the road farther from the sea, we will miss out on many scenic stopping points since we might not be able to pull-over/stop the car or cross the road.

Is this a valid concern or should this not be a problem?

Middle Name missing on Cathay Pacific Ticket [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Bought a ticket with Finnair, didn't enter my middle name 5 answers

I recently booked a ticket through a travel agent which didn’t ask for my middle name, and I’ve been told by a friend that I may run into problems because it doesn’t exactly match the name on my passport.

In the blog mention in this answer it says that lacking a middle name on an airline ticket rarely causes any issues, however the first comment mentions that Cathay Pacific (CX) does require this.

I’ve emailed Cathay and they ‘advise that the ticket should fully match the name in the passport’, but I was wondering if anyone had run into any problems with Cathay and missing middle names?

I’ve also emailed the travel agent to see if they could change the ticket, but I don’t know if they would charge for re-issuing the ticket.

Pacific Image PowerSlide X vs Braun MULTIMAG SlideScan 7000 Film Scanner

What is the different between these two scanners? It looks like the specs are the same, but the price is not.

Will the Braun include software, and the Pacific not?

I found that the Braun had a “Infrared channel: integrated”. Is that what is different?

And how about the image output. Is that any different?