Is a Sentient Weapon considered an ally for the purposes of Pack Tactics?

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A Sentient Weapon is a kind of Sentient Magic Item, and it can communicate, perceive, and is considered an NPC controlled by the GM.

Sentient magic items function as NPCs under the DM’s control.

Since it possesses sentience and is not simply an extension of the Player Character, does it count as an ally for the purposes of Pack Tactics? Would a Kobold with a Sentient Weapon run around attacking with advantage all the time?

Having trouble using android studio Tegra Android Development Pack

I am working on a project that requires OpenCV (Or some other image tracking software), and so I decided to use Tegra Android Development Pack. However, I have run into some serious issues. There does not seem to be any executables. I might simply be looking in the wrong places, but I have no idea.

I assume that this is because when I was running CodeWorks-1R7-linux, it prompted an install for Java-oracle-8, which is currently impossible for the installer to handle.

Cheerio / jQuery equivalent of Descendants.LastOrDefault (HTML Agility pack)

I have web scraping code that is implemented in C# .NET Core 2 with the HTML Agility pack.

We ported most of our server over to node.js. The only remaining part is this web scraping bit. I’m currently trying to replicate this with Cheerio/jQuery, but i’m not too familiar with jQuery syntax.

What would be the equivalent of

DocumentNode.Descendants("table")             .LastOrDefault(t => t.InnerHtml.Contains("<td align=\"center\">Test</td>")) 

I tried doing:

$  ('table > tbody > tr > td > table > tbody') 

But this gives me a lot of tbodys still. I essentially want to grab the table’s rows. The table I want should contain that td field.


How many cones with angle theta can I pack into the unit sphere?

Given a unit sphere (radius 1), I would like to know how many cones I can pack into this unit sphere. Restrictions: The top of the cone needs to be in the center of origin. The bottom of the cone needs to form a circle on the unit sphere.

I have found a related question, but with a cube: Packing space by cones: Translates best?

I have also tried to find an upper bound myself by performing the following calculation:
Surface of the projection of the base of the cone on the unit sphere: $ $ 2 \pi r^2(1 + \sin(\theta) \pm \cos(\theta))$ $

Surface of the unit sphere: $ 4 \pi r^2$

Now, a (very high) upper bound would be:

$ $ \frac{2 \pi r^2(1 + \sin(\theta) \pm \cos(\theta))}{4 \pi r^2}$ $

This however does not take into account the restrictions of the shapes, so the actual number will likely be much lower.

Question 1: What would be a closer upper bound
Question 2: If an example value is easier, what would be a realistic number of cones given $ \theta = 5^{\circ}$

Fortnite GFX Pack CHEAP! Photoshop and PNG (Pickaxes, Skins, Fonts, Items, Back Blings, Backgrounds) for $1

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Complete YouTube Authority PLR Product Pack for $4

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How can I pack my ubuntu packages and send it to a friend for him to install offline?

He has a fresh copy of ubuntu, no Synaptics package manager, just ubuntu the basic configuration. He can’t access the internet only through his phone. He has wireless, but the wireless adapter failed to install. I tried going to /pool/main/dkms/ and install it manually but fails due to missing dependencies. I just want to bundle my packages and add it to his google drive so he can download them and install them. I know it’s a pain. I’d really appreciate your help.

How to check if the room is available on hotel pack

/** * check for a room’s availability * * @param roomNumber a unique room number * @param checkin the check-in date * @param checkout the check-out date * @return true if the room is available for this period */ public boolean isAvailable(int roomNumber, LocalDate checkin, LocalDate checkout);

This is basically what i need to search for but i do not know how to search for it. Been working on this hotel interface for so long my brain frozen and i need some help 🙁 in java

Failed to install the Extension Pack /home/user/Downloads/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.0.4.vbox-extpack

I am trying to install the virtualbox extension pack (Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.0.4) and I get the following error.

Failed to install the Extension Pack /home/user/Downloads/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.0.4.vbox-extpack.

Failed to load the main module (‘/usr/lib/virtualbox/ExtensionPacks/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack/linux.amd64/’): VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND – /usr/lib/virtualbox/ExtensionPacks/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack/linux.amd64/ undefined symbol: _ZNK16RTCRestArrayBase9baseCloneEv.

enter image description here