Home page only visible for some viewers

we created a website for a client. When we enter the URL, it loads to the home page no problem for us and several other testers, but a bunch of other users are reporting getting the old holding page. Those users can see all the other pages on the website, but not the home page. url: www.sally-denton.com Any clues? We’ve tried getting them to clear caches and use different search engines but all they’re getting is a contact form instead of the correct home page.

Need a self hosted landing page builder

My community based project needs a little more than a forum, at least a homepage.
However I don't fancy using a CMS as troublesome as WordPress has become.

I'm looking for a free or affordable self hosted landing page builder. So far I've found none, I've only found numerous solutions hosted by the editor with or without a custom domain name.

Is there anything out there ?

Does anyone know how to make the extra data, about the number of jobs on page, show in google search results?

I have noticed that when I google for jobs for example ‘plumber jobs in Melbourne’ some results have a prepended piece of data ‘407 jobs’ before the normal meta description is shown.

example of search result

Anyone know what seek has done to get this data shown in google search results?

JS Error keeps showing up on Cart Page

Every page is working fine but when i try to update the items in the cart using the Update cart button or when i try adding coupon code it shows me an error saying Uncaught TypeError: t.addClass(…).block is not a function Error Message

What i tried is

  1. Updating the plugins
  2. Removing multiple versions of jquery
  3. Adding a new version of jquery
  4. Added the jquery using an enqueue and loaded it into the footer section.

Still nothing is working out. The url : https://pandablocs.com/cart/

Help: I would like to download a basic template for a hyperlink favs page

Hi this is a strange request.

Where can I download a premade single page of text hyper links?

Basically I would like to open this file each time and set it as my home page.

I have a lot of favorites, favs bar is too small. I would like a one pager.

If it has a cool background that would be even better.

Are there SEO repercussions of using ::before selector to add content to the page?

I’m working on a website where I don’t have full access to the code. I’m having to use a ::before content selector to add a sub-header.

Are there any known SEO repercussions from doing this? Specifically from Google thinking it is some black hat shenanigans.

I’m not too worried if the search engines aren’t actually able to crawl the text as it isn’t too important from an SEO perspective. But I don’t want Google thinking I’m being sneaky and trying to inject some keywords or something.

Add custom templating to ACF Options Page

So I’ve been wondering about this forever, is it possible to hook into a ACF Options page and add additional non ACF related fields? I have a text input with a button that I would like displayed inside the ACF Options page.

Here is the code that registers the ACF Options page:

add_action('acf/init', function() {     if(function_exists('acf_add_options_sub_page')) {         acf_add_options_sub_page(array(             'page_title'  => __('MailChimp'),             'menu_title'  => __('MailChimp'),             'parent_slug' => 'options-general.php',         ));     } }); 

I have my field from ACF:
enter image description here

Here is the code that I’m using to create a custom options page:

add_action('admin_menu', function() {     add_options_page(         'MailChimp Setup',         'MailChimp Setup',         'manage_options',         'mailchimp_setup',         'mailchimpSF_setup_page', //This links to the setup page     ); }); 

I’m calling the function to pull in details from mailchimp_page.php

function mailchimpSF_setup_page() {     $  path = WP_CONTENT_DIR;     require_once($  path . '/mu-plugins/sacfoodies/templates/mailchimp_page.php'); } 

Which gives me this API Input Box:

enter image description here

Is it possible to just have the connect box on the same page as all the other MailChimp related items at the top? Here is the ACF Query String: options-general.php?page=acf-options-mailchimp.

Thanks a bunch!

Is it a risk if an html code from a textbox is rendered on the next page but searched string is not shown on the url?

I found a website in which the results are rendered on the next page. From “/search” address, the data is forwarded to “/result” without any trailing characters(searched item) on the address. But the html code from the first page is rendered on the next page, and yes javascript execution can be executed. Is this still a security risk even though the searched string is not on the address url?

Any advice on HIPAA compliance & security consultants for a web page?

I’m working on a web page that sends statistical data to providers, hosted in Azure. It will only be accessible to users we give permission to. While the page is functionally complete, it will contain PHI. I’ve been researching and implementing the requirements to make it HIPAA compliant, listed below. Are there any other items to make the list more complete?

  • Stored data encrypted
  • Backup data encrypted
  • Automatic backups, never lost, recovered at any time
  • Data transmitted to site is encrypted
  • Website accessible only to authorized persons
    • Unique permissions that can be audited
  • The web site can be permanently deleted
  • Information no longer needed must be permanently disposed
  • BAA agreement with Microsoft
  • Data breach protocol documentation
  • SSL encryption
  • Regular password changes
  • Security logs
  • Appointed HIPAA compliance officer
  • Published HIPAA policy on site
  • All web forms are secure
  • Page not tampered with or altered

We’re also looking for a security consultant to verify everything is locked down. Are there any suggestions on companies to contact? After some research, the two that kept popping up are https://compliancy-group.com/ and https://www.hipaasecurenow.com/. Any insight into consultants would be appreciated, thanks!

Impact of query parameters on SEO for a single page application

Might crawlers visit a page if there is no link referencing this page anywhere but a URL to this page is generated client side with JavaScript ?


Let’s say I have a SPA with Server Side Rendering. Some pages show a list of items and offer a filtering facility. When the user selects some options or fills in some input field to filter the list, I’d like to embed this information in the URL (eg. /items?sort=price&order=desc&q=something) via the history API (client side routing). Behind the scene, an API call is made to get the results.

Since I do SSR, the server will also be able to understand these URLs and render these pages (hence the user can bookmark the page or share it). But nowhere in the HTML pages these URLs will appear, there are only generated client side in response to user events.

In this context, I think crawlers won’t know these pages exist, and so, they should have no impact on SEO. Even if crawlers are now able to run JavaScript, they don’t use it to simulate user events.

Am I wrong ?

(I guess if someone shares publicly that kind of URL, it could suffice to make this page crawled ? In any case, what I’m worried about is the cost on the crawling budget if all these pages are visited, but I’m ok with a few pages being crawled, they could be marked as “noindex” for instance).