Adding in additional pages into a custom theme

I have a simple site with a landing page and 2 additional pages( About, Work). I used front-page.php for the landing page. I’m not sure the best practice for adding in the additional pages. Currently I have just added a page for each and added in the custom html. I don’t feel this is the best way so I wanted to get some advice on how to handle this.

Would page templates be a good use case for this? It would be nice to possibly be able to add in a form on one of the pages via plugin, so I’m not sure how I would mix that in with custom html.

Thank you

How to pick up data using PowerShell from SharePoint Pages

We have a manual process at the moment where we have assigned “Content Owners” to out Sites/Sub-Sites. Content Owners, essentially have no greater permissions than regular users, but our Governance Team have assigned them to make the decision as to whether a User can access a resource within the Site Collection or not.

The Content Owner is assigned via a Web Part within the HomePage. Is there a way to pick up this data within a Script. I will be cycling through all Sites/Sub-Sites across my tenant. I know how to go through all Sites/SubSites, but just the data within the specific page isn’t available.

enter image description here

The other method I had in mind, which will require some development, is to create Dummy SharePoint Groups to hold this data. If anyone can think of another way, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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How to add a menu item in breadcrumb only on specific, dynamically created pages

I have set breadcrumbs to appear only on bbpress and buddypress. Within bbpress the breadcrumb looks something like this:

Home > FTBMates > Q&A

…where ‘FTBMates’ is my forum root.

Meanwhile in Buddypress the breadcrumb is something like this:

Home > Members > Membername

I would like to add ‘FTBMates’ into the breadcrumb before ‘Members’, so it looks something like this:

Home > FTBMates > Members > Membername

I would like this additional FTBMates item added in every page of Buddypress.

I found some code that claims to do this for me:

add_filter('bcn_after_fill', 'my_static_breadcrumb_adder'); function my_static_breadcrumb_adder($  breadcrumb_trail) { if($  breadcrumb_trail->breadcrumbs[count($  breadcrumb_trail->breadcrumbs)-2]->get_id() === 5450){     $  new_breadcrumb = new bcn_breadcrumb('Rental', NULL, array('rental'), '/rental/');     array_splice($  breadcrumb_trail->breadcrumbs, -1, 0, array($  new_breadcrumb)); } } 

The problem is that some of the Buddypress pages, like the member profile page, for example, is dynamically created and therefore I can’t replace the get_id part of this code (if I have understood it correctly).

Can anyone point me to code to add to my functions.php file that will add this item into my breadcrumbs only in the buddypress section of my website?

Number of unique visitors staying 30 seconds or more + visiting 2 or more pages

I’ve been asked to report a number based on the number of unique visitors that stay more than 30 seconds AND visit two or more pages.

My plan was to create a custom report or a segment based on these criteria but in both cases I run in to the same problem; pages per session is a metric in Analytics which means I can’t use it as a filter. (at least in standard Google Analyics).

Am I missing something here? These seem like pretty basic variables.

Table of contents not showing sites and pages in correct order

I have a publishing site with variations on. Here’s my site structure.

Home       English           About               Page1               Page2               Page3           Services               Service1                   Page1                 Page2                 Service1A                       Page1                       Page2                   Service1B                       Page1             Service2                  Page1                  Page2                  Page3   

My table of contents settings is:

Levels to show: 3
Show pages: Yes

But the actual table of contents page is displayed like following:

Home       Services           Service1               Service2 

As you can see it is showing site Service2 under Service1 which is wrong. Plus it is also not showing site “About”. And no pages are being shown either.

What’s going on here? I just want to display sitemap.

Links Webpart for different pages are getting merged

Why does two Links Webpart created in a separate page merge under same Site? Is there any way to stop it in SharePoint 2010?

I have created two Link Webparts in different pages under same subsite. When I am updating a link to a page the same link is getting reflected in a different page. Both of these pages come under a single Subsite.

Please assist me with a way to resolve this?