Got Message from bing as Malware Found on Adjacent Pages

Got message from bing & our couple of website is blocked in bing search with message as malware found on adjacent pages whereas we are unable to find any issue with either code or any outbound link within our website. Even no message is displayed under bing security menu Can anybody help me how to get rid of this issue?

Do noindex tags on subdomain pages affect image indexing?

Maybe stupid question, but I have to ask:

I’m hosting my images on a subdomain. My main site is and images are stored on

Subdomain is just a simple html page – when you type its address in the browser, a blank page with “access forbidden” will pop up. If I put a noindex tag in that page (index.php), will my images stop indexing as well? The html page is called index.php and you can find it in the /media folder (images are stored here as well).

Of course I want to keep indexing my images.

What happens if two pages have the same WebPartId ?

I have to programatically create new Sharepoint pages (~50). To do so, I’ve created a template page and I simply copy the information I want inside this template using a macro made in Visual Studio. Then I copy all the files to the library with SharePoint Designer. The template was create with the Sharepoint Icon (new document) and copied to my hard drive.

However, I noticed that it has a HTML field “WebParID” which changes each time a create a page inside sharepoint.

When I generate all my pages from my macro, they obviously all have the same WebPartID since it is based from my static template..

So My question is “What happens if all my pages have the same webpartID ?”

As a side question, I’ll be eager to know how I could get a WebPartID using Visual Studio.

Thank you all.

Internal pages ranking over the homepage: How to optimise to rank better at Google?


We have experienced a shift in SERP from internal pages ranking over website homepage for more than a year. Previously website homepages used to rank for the primary keyword like for "SEO". Now we can see that internal pages like been ranking for the primary keyword "SEO". Google is picking up these "what is ABC" pages than the homepage. All our competitor sites are ranking with these internal pages which are about "what is (primary keyword)". We do have the same internal pages "what is….", but this pages is not ranking; only our homepage is ranking. Moreover we dropped more than 15 positions after this shift in SERP. How to diagnose this?


problem redirecting old pages to 410 error page

I’m having problems removing old content from google search results. One of the suggestions was to redirect the old pages to 410 error page so google would know to drop these pages.The original website was built in wordpress. I’m using Netlify and hugo now. The old pages where my new pages are I tried /product/* 410.html 410 and /?product/* 410.html 410 in my _redirects file but no luck. I also have 301 in _redirects. Any help?