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Get paid 70 % of each sale! 2-Tier Affiliate Program

Bing Transforms can only be used with paid versions of Maltego

I was learning about how to do social engineering then i was found some tool called maltego i wanted to play around with it but when i make website transform it says

Bing Transforms can only be used with paid versions of Maltego 

I wanted to know how can I use them with free version because the course I am following didn’t tell me about this. The course I am following is of Udemy(Zaid Sabih).

Multi-site, shared users, paid access

I’m working on a project that involves multi-sites in Drupal 8. The client specifically wants to have shared user accounts across all 4-5 sites. As of now the sites share a codebase but not a shared database. After researching I came across the CAS module. Can CAS allow for multiple logins? When one account is made can other accounts be generated in the other 3-4 Drupal sites? Is there a better way to do this in Drupal 8? Also, the client eventually wants to have paid account registries. For example, a user would pay on one site and get access to all 4-5 sites. IS there any guidance for accomplishing this? If not with CAS what other modules / resources would I need to make this doable in Drupal 8?

So far I’ve seen sites that offer advice on this but largely with Drupal 7 with out a clear path for doing this in Drupal 8. CAS seemed the most stable option but not sure if it will work. There was also the option of sharing users through shared tables, though this was discouraged in the forums I read. What is the best / proper way to do this in Drupal 8? Or should I go back to Drupal 7?

Give away paid app on App Store for free

I will soon release my macOS and iOS apps on the respective App Store, but before I do this I need to make sure about a few things.

Will App Store allow me to upload a paid app but still give me the right to give away free licences to people I choose? I have a few special customers who paid for it before it was on App Store, and I would like to allow them to still download from the App Store without having to pay twice. If it’s possible, could you show a brief instruction on how it could be done?

Paid time off leaves carried forward to next year

I am very new to sharepoint and I am designing a sharepoint based leave balance system for my company. If an employee has accumulating leaves till Dec 31st, it will be carried forward/accumulated to leaves for next year. However if these accumulated leaves aren’t used by the end of first quarter of next year, they should be simply discarded.

How can I accomplish this task by Sharepoint?

Adding ads to a top bar of a paid platform

What’s your opinion about adding banners to the top navigation sticky bar of a paid platform for professional users?

2 important considerations: 1) Some of them are paying up to $ 5500 each year to use all the tools that the product offer. 2) The stakeholders of the platform claim that this banner brings a high budget to their business.

Appreciate if you could share some researches that contribute to your opinion.