I need help blocking content – custom posts paid memebrship pro / Sensei lms

Please I need help! I installed in my wordpress the plugin “Paid memebership pro” includes in the functions.php of my child theme the following code to include the option to choose by association in a personalized post page. This is going well

    function my_add_pmpro_meta_box_to_cpts() {   // Duplicate this row for each CPT. This one adds the meta boxes to 'product' CPTs.   add_meta_box('pmpro_page_meta', 'Require Membership', 'pmpro_page_meta', 'course', 'side' );   } add_action( 'admin_menu', 'my_add_pmpro_meta_box_to_cpts', 20 );```  However, on the page of the courses that were indicated for association, all the content is appearing together with the association message, there is no blocking of the content. It turns out that the association message is appearing in the html at 

iv class=”pmpro_content_message”>This content is only for Plan A members.

When the correct thing would appear as in the posts  

This content is only for Plan A members.
Register “`

On pages and posts it looks correct, but on personalized posts it does not, it is not blocking the content, as the message appears in the middle of the content. I tried using it by shortcode but not later because each course will have a different association and the course file is single_course.

I use the lms sensei for courses.

Using conditional logic on fields in gravity form based on Paid Memberships Pro membership level

I’m trying to use conditional logic to hide/show fields in my gravity form based on user’s membership level determined by Paid Memberships Pro. I’ve tried all different variations using {user:membership_level} in a hidden field. Then, using conditional logic on selected fields, I’ve tried to hide/show based on the value of the membership level.

Any help would be appreciated. Is my meta key ({user:membership_level}) incorrect?

[ Theater & Acting ] Open Question : Is It Fair that Actresses Get Paid SOO Much?

I went to Deering High School in Maine with an actress named Anna Kendrick. I am 36 years old and she was a few grades below me. But she was a snotty little rascal. I am now a nurse and have spent my life serving and helping other people, putting aside my own dreams to be useful to the world. Meanwhile, if I had been selfish and pursued my acting dreams, I could be making millions of dollars to prance around and attend red carpets. I know acting is hard work, but it’s nothing compared to 12 hours of dealing with sick people all day and not even going to the bathroom 🙁 I feel like a matyr. Did I ruin my life by becoming a nurse? Is 36 too late to become a female actress?

Where is the line drawn for ethical hackers using stolen credentials in their paid services?

The very interesting question I have is when “ethical” hackers/pen testers harvestthese repositories of stolen credentials to then use them in pen testing for paying clients what ethical boundaries are broken? What laws are broken? If a lazy hacker leaves their captured credentials out on un insecure, public facing server and then an “ethical” hacker grabs them for their own paid services, it seems to me that it’s stealing already stolen goods.

What about a penetration tester taking credentials gathered from a paid/contracted job and adding them to a database to be used in future client jobs?

Are Paid GSASER Lists From Third-Parties To Be Used In A Certain Way?

Like…what Tier should I point the links at, that are on the list?
Like…Are certain types of links better for different tiers?
Like…What is the site quality like of the links on these lists?
Like…What are longevity of the links on these lists?
Are there ever posting opportunities on these lists on sites that are banned from Googel?

Is Paid Content Syndication, with a Canonical tag, the same as selling links?

One of the advertising options that my site provides is paid content syndication. For a fee, we will republish articles from the advertiser's blog. We make sure to mark the article as sponsored and all of the links in the article as nofollow. We also point the canonical link back to the original article to avoid duplicate content issues from Google.

Since we are pointing the canonical URL back to the original article, all of the link juice that my version would get is not going to the…

Is Paid Content Syndication, with a Canonical tag, the same as selling links?