Paint graph ordered vertices

I have the following question: Given graph $ G=(V,E)$ with given order on its vertices, I mean $ v_1<v_2<…<v_n$ I need to find minimal colors ordered paining of the graph vertices s.t neighbor vertices don’t have the same color, I mean: $ (v_1,v_2,…,v_j)$ – painted in fist color and non of them are neighbors. $ (v_{j+1},…,v_l)$ – painted in second color and non of them are neighbors. and so on.

The complexity needs to be $ O(V+E)$ . Anyone have an idea?

Question about unity paint game

I want to make a paint game using unity 2D, such like “mix & paint” mobile game. Basically player needs to brush colours into shape, then the game will complete when it is fully-coloured.

I’ve tried to achieve it using particle system for the brush & sprite mask for the shape that works quite well. Then for checking it is fully-coloured i am using sampling method, it is also works but i does not feel comfortable with it.

So my question is: what is the best way to achieve this? or how will you guys approach this problem? Also, any idea or material is appreciated as answer! thanks

[ Small Business ] Open Question : Do you give them leftover paint, even though it is of no use to them?

We are painting over bathroom partitions and metal doors in a restaurant. Seems repainting is about 1/4-1/3 the cost of replacement of items. They are bad, but not too bad. We are creating as near as possible a factory finish. Everything had to be taken apart, sanded, primed, painted. This is not ordinary primer or acrylic paint. In fact we had to sand away some amateurishly applied acrylic paints on some pieces and that was extra work. The paint and primer MUST be sprayed on to get as close to the factory powder coat finish as possible. If a powder coating company did the job, it was close to the cost of replacement, about $ 1,500 per room. We did both rooms for $ 1,000 and that included painting all the metal plus all the drywall and ceilings. They want the paint from the ceiling and walls. That’s fine, it is a custom color. It is about a quart for the walls and less than a quart for the ceilings. We have about a quart left over from the partitions. This is not exactly a custom color. It is the most popular of about 50 possible colors. We use it all the time. It is worth about $ 20 and we use it often.  The paint can’t be brushed on or rolled on. It will look like crap. It must be sprayed. The client doesn’t fully grasp this is not an ordinary paint. Margins are too thin to give away something he couldn’t possibly use. Besides, it was not part of the work order. He is withholding the final payment on the whole place, about $ 1,000 because he wants this paint. Do I just give it to him and make him happy? My guess I will never work for him again and the place will not make it 6 months.

Line Marking Paint Spray manufacturers

★ Our History
Aeropak International Co., Ltd is a division of iLike Industries Group, which was designed to promote a great China aerosol products to the world. Our company has been a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of different aerosol products. Our products include but not limited to spray paints, car care products, industrial items, household use products, consumer items, etc.
Aeropak, a brand designed by our Australian partner, was born for the world market with a consistent in look and quality. Aeropak is positioned as a mature, consistent, and western style supplier of reliable, quality products with full retial sales support.

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With quality control, led by ISO9001, we have set up correct quality view for the front line workers, been responsible for customers as well as the future of our company, and strived for zero complaint from customers. As for hardware, we have brought in advanced machines and equipment from Swiss, Germany and other countries. On the supply of raw materials, we have assistance from excellent suppliers in the industry. Hence we have built a highly efficient and reliable supplier chain. Under strict quality control, experienced workers complete the entire production process by using reliable advanced formula.
Our brand Aeropak has been introduced and well accepted in about 30 countries and regions. Our export markets cover countries in North and South America, European countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. As international expansion is our main concern, we sincerely invite your esteemed company to promote our brands in your markets and share benefits together.
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The products are suitable for car care, home care and so on.

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ur products have passed the pre-registration of REACH in the European Union and obtained ROHS certificate, TUV certificate, ASTM certificate and MSDS,ISO9001.

★ Production Equipment
5 Auto filling lines

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Our market reach Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, east Asia and so on. With more than 10 sole agents in the world, and you can use our brands high-quality aerosols all over the world.

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We watch carefully every step of production, including the artwork confirmation, can printing, Raw materials checking, can filling, packing and transport. A random test during the production will always be carry out to guarantee the quality. Third party inspection is acceptable as well.
2. Professional dangerous goods shipping:
Aerosol products are dangerous goods UN1950, IMO2.2. We have more than 15 years experience in handling with the dangerous goods, so we can help you to save money and time. NEVER try to ship such items as normal or regular cargos, because the goods will be checked and may be detained by your customs both in PORT OF LOADING and PORT OF DISCHARGE.
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Aeropak offers OEM and ODM service for free with its first-class design team, professional technical advisers, a management team, and high-quality research and development staffs. We bring together the elite group of modern marketing to provide comprehensive solutions so that helpenlarge customers’ business and get good reputation.
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Missing network functionality on Clip Studio Paint (Wine)

I use Clip Studio Paint through Wine 4.15 and Playonlinux on an Ubuntu 19.04 machine.

And while it works great locally, there are some features that require network access that just plain don’t work, such as login in, the assets repository or auto coloring functions.

Launching it just leaves the part that should have web content blank, but it doesn’t show an error saying it is offline (like it does when I do not have internet)

I don’t know if I’m missing a dependency or if there is something else I need to configure. Link to the pastebin with the debug log:

paint mac download

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– Title: paint mac
– Download type: safety (no torrent/no viruses)
– Status file: clean (as of last analysis)
– File…

paint mac download

mac paint

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Mirror Link —> MAC PAINT

– Title: mac paint
– Download type: safety (no torrent/no viruses)
– Status file: clean (as of last analysis)
– File size:…

mac paint