Would it be helpful to add more options for expanding project pane?

Good morning, Sven. :)

I was wondering if it might be helpful to add Expand options in the menu.
Right now there’s expand all projects and collapse all groups.
What about :
-Expand THIS group(presently highlighted)
-Collapse THIS group(presently highlighted)
-Expand groups down to active projects only?

How to show other locations/local drives on left pane of file explorer?

On my Ubuntu 16.04 all my local disks were on left pane of file explorer and mount with one click. On 18.04 I have to select other locations from left pane first then select the disk(partition). My question is can I somehow make it like in 16.04. Also my 3 local disks (D,E,F) all have same name when viewed in other locations. This creates further confusion.

I tried bookmarking but it doesn’t auto mount clicking it. I have to mount it first time for bookmarks to work.

SPFX property pane changing on page refresh

I have added few controls to property pane, I have few labels which get updated on button click as shown in below image.

enter image description here

But once the page is refreshed, the label values are lost as I am using an array to update these fields which gets empty on page refresh.


PropertyPaneLabel('linkLabel1', {  text: array[0] }) 

Other fields values exists after page refresh also but label values are lost. So what is the right way of doing this?

Lookup Columns in Word desktop are greyed out in properties pane

I am working with SP on Prem 2019. Users perform File->Save As from word or excel desktop apps and try to save it to the desired document library in sharepoint. The save fails as it expects required metadata to be populated prior to save. For some reason, lookup columns are greyed out.

I have seen in some cases where if ‘Show Details’ is clicked, it opens up separate window where lookup field value can be populated but in my case, its greyed out and can’t be clicked, see screenshot below.

enter image description here

Deal Name and Document type are both lookup columns and the threshold count is not exceeded at all. Is this a behavior by design, if someone came across this and found a solution , please shed light. Thanks in advance.

P.S: I tried this on sharepoint online too and was able to reproduce same issue. Not sure if its a behavior by design.

How to change the order of properties in SharePoint Modern Document Library in Details Pane?

Is it possible to update the order of the properties in detail pane of SharePoint Modern Document Library?

Find below reference:

enter image description here

I can re-order the columns in Views, but I want same order of columns into Detail Pane also.

How can I achieve that?

Any reference link will be most welcome.

SPFx re-render web part after Property Pane closes while in DisplayMode.Read

I have a SPFx anchor tag web part that is hidden while the page is in read mode. I’m using DisplayMode.Edit to determine that while the user edits the page and adds the web part.

I’m trying to figure out how to capture the close event for the Web Part Pane. My web part has a Configure button using the PnP Placeholder React element. So a user could add the web part and click Save before configuring. Then they could click the configure button while the page is in Read mode and the web part pane will still open.

I’m using this.context.propertyPane.isRenderedByWebPart() to detect if the pane has been opened so the text can be displayed as the user types. But I want to hide it again when the user clicks the “X” in the top right. I can’t seem to find an event for the closing of the pane in order to re-render.

I want to avoid using disableReactivePropertyChanges() because it’s such a simple web part.

Web Part Added to Page - Read Mode or Edit Mode

Web Part in Edit Mode with text added

Page in Read Mode - Web Part hidden

List “filters pane” works fine for text STARTING WITH. But how to filter on text that CONTAIN words?

In Sharepoint 365 I created a list and by default you can filter with the filter pane. For instant I have a company colum and a company name in ABC International. I want to filter for all compies with INTERNATIONAL in the name. That seems not possible because the filter pane on the page only allows you to search for text that “begins with” … How to search for items that CONTAINS your text you want to filter on?

Pane vs Modal vs ?: Across all screen sizes

Pane vs Modal vs ?: Across all screen sizes

I am currently working on a web application that needs to be responsive, accessible, and provide a solid UX across all device screen sizes. We currently see our application as a “reference tool” with a large number of list views where a user may occasionally want to add/edit a single item. Most of our URL routes lead to a page that contains only a list view. Anything outside of the “flow” of “reference list, filter list, etc.” we want to visually separate into a container/component that contains the new “flow”.

Our UX team is currently in a heated discussion around the best way to accomplish these goals in the following contexts:

  • Performing Edit/Create/Update operations for a single item [form]
  • Sending e-mails/messages
  • Modifying a user’s account settings
  • “Additional Info” screens for extended information

The two components we are considering are “Slideout Panes” and “Popup Modals” (pictured below). Considering we want a responsive, UX friendly, consistent option, I have the following questions:


  1. Are we missing an obvious component or two that could also satisfy these requirements?
  2. What are the strengths/weaknesses of these components in different screen size contexts?
  3. Which component offers the best consistent UX across all devices?


  1. List of expandable cards — A responsive component the removes the need to consider the “Performing Edit/Create/Update operations for a single item [form]” context, but still leaves room for solutions for the remaining contexts.

Slideout Pane

Slideout pane

Popup Modal

Popup modal

Commerce 2.x custom checkout pane for order comments not saving

I’ve created a custom checkout pane for commerce 2.x, Drupal version 8.7.x. I’ve added a textfield called field_order_notes on the order entity. The pane works, and I can run $ this->order->set('field_order_notes', $ values) in my pane’s submit handler, and I can debug the order object and see the value’s set. But when i finish the order, field_order_notes is empty on the order. Not sure what I’m missing here.

 /**  * Adds a section for order notes.  *  * @CommerceCheckoutPane(  *   id = "order_notes",  *   label = @Translation("Order notes"),  *   default_step = "order_information",  * )  */ class OrderNotes extends CheckoutPaneBase implements CheckoutPaneInterface {   /**    * The inline form manager.    *    * @var \Drupal\commerce\InlineFormManager    */   protected $  inlineFormManager;   /**    * {@inheritdoc}    */   public function __construct(array $  configuration, $  plugin_id, $  plugin_definition, CheckoutFlowInterface $  checkout_flow, EntityTypeManagerInterface $  entity_type_manager) {     parent::__construct($  configuration, $  plugin_id, $  plugin_definition, $  checkout_flow, $  entity_type_manager);   }   /**    * {@inheritdoc}    */   public function buildPaneForm(array $  pane_form, FormStateInterface $  form_state, array &$  complete_form) {     $  pane_form['order_notes'] = [       '#type' => 'textarea',       '#title' => $  this->t('Order notes'),       '#default_value' => $  this->order->get('field_order_notes')->getString(),       '#required' => FALSE,     ];     return $  pane_form;   }   /**    * {@inheritdoc}    */   public function submitPaneForm(array &$  pane_form, FormStateInterface $  form_state, array &$  complete_form) {     $  values = $  form_state->getValue($  pane_form['#parents']);     $  this->order->set('field_order_notes', $  values);   } }