Commerce 2.x custom checkout pane for order comments not saving

I’ve created a custom checkout pane for commerce 2.x, Drupal version 8.7.x. I’ve added a textfield called field_order_notes on the order entity. The pane works, and I can run $ this->order->set('field_order_notes', $ values) in my pane’s submit handler, and I can debug the order object and see the value’s set. But when i finish the order, field_order_notes is empty on the order. Not sure what I’m missing here.

 /**  * Adds a section for order notes.  *  * @CommerceCheckoutPane(  *   id = "order_notes",  *   label = @Translation("Order notes"),  *   default_step = "order_information",  * )  */ class OrderNotes extends CheckoutPaneBase implements CheckoutPaneInterface {   /**    * The inline form manager.    *    * @var \Drupal\commerce\InlineFormManager    */   protected $  inlineFormManager;   /**    * {@inheritdoc}    */   public function __construct(array $  configuration, $  plugin_id, $  plugin_definition, CheckoutFlowInterface $  checkout_flow, EntityTypeManagerInterface $  entity_type_manager) {     parent::__construct($  configuration, $  plugin_id, $  plugin_definition, $  checkout_flow, $  entity_type_manager);   }   /**    * {@inheritdoc}    */   public function buildPaneForm(array $  pane_form, FormStateInterface $  form_state, array &$  complete_form) {     $  pane_form['order_notes'] = [       '#type' => 'textarea',       '#title' => $  this->t('Order notes'),       '#default_value' => $  this->order->get('field_order_notes')->getString(),       '#required' => FALSE,     ];     return $  pane_form;   }   /**    * {@inheritdoc}    */   public function submitPaneForm(array &$  pane_form, FormStateInterface $  form_state, array &$  complete_form) {     $  values = $  form_state->getValue($  pane_form['#parents']);     $  this->order->set('field_order_notes', $  values);   } } 

Customize Filter Icon and filter pane in a Modern Experience document library

I am learning that the modern experience of SharePoint Online does not leave much room for customization. I had a request from the line of business to make the filter ICON considerably more visible for some of their novice users. I know with the modern experience within a document library the default location is to the right of library designated by the filter icon. I was ask to make it more obvious and basically boldly in the users face when a user opens the library. I have been looking for a setting that would allow me to make such a customization to no avail. Does anyone know of a way to do this if at all using the Modern Experience?

Preview Pane style – List view breaking after modifying display columns

I’m having an issue with my list views, when using the preview pane style. I have views that worked perfectly, however if I modify the view to change the selected display columns, the preview pane no longer shows the title field from which to hover and display the list item. Are there required fields that the preview pane needs to work? I’m not removing the title field from display.

I want to keep the title field, and the columns I have removed from display are all empty (i.e. not used in the list form). I can change the preview panel to show list items by hovering over the blank space where the title field used to be, it’s like it’s hidden from view. See below: enter image description here

Commerce 2: Custom Checkout Pane Plugin

I’m fairly new to OOP and am trying to create a custom checkout pane. I need to collect some input from the buyer at this point. I have figured out how to add the questions to the Order Information pages. Now i need to add it to the order/order reciept email. I assume i will need to use the functions submitPaneForm and also buildPaneSummary (for showing on review order page), but i’m at a complete loss as to how to connect the input to the order? Any helpful guides/tutorials for how to do this? The questions are simple yes/no and a few text inputs. I can’t imagine this would be complicated, but can’t see how to do it.

I’m using Drupal 8, so i need direction for how to do it in Commerce 2.

enlarging pane in tmux (C-b z) kills a pytest run

Is there a reason for my local pytest run to die right after I Ctrl-b z? Is there a signal that is sent and not catched by the tmux server and thus, somehow killing my pytest? (I think running the pytest in a non-tmux terminal, Ctrl-b z won’t do a thing though I couldn’t confirm that yet)

The same happens when trying to resize a pane (i.e. Ctrl-b Press-Down-Arrow)

In Process Explorer, is there a way to export data from the lower pane (handles/dlls)?

I have a couple programs that I want to compare open handle access with each other, but rather than visually eyeballing it, I was hoping it’d be possible to export or copy data out of the lower pane, and then do a diff comparison on it. But there seems to be no way: copying doesn’t work (nor any “Copy” context function when right-clicking), there’s no multi-row select, and when pressing CTRL-A to try and select everything, it does open an export window to .txt, but apparently it’s comprised of data from the top pane only.

How to stop Windows Explorer using the user folder in the Navigation Pane?

As a follow-up to this question, is there any way at all to prevent Windows Explorer from using the User Folder in the Navigation Panel instead of the proper path?

On Windows 10, when you click on a Quick Access folder in Windows Explorer with “Expand to open folder” on, if the folder is within the user folder, instead of opening the folder in the file structure, it opens it within the User folder within the navigation pane.

I need to retain “Expand to open folder” as otherwise when you go up the tree you lose context and navigation options in the Navigation Pane.

Is the Navigation Pane completely broken on Windows 10? Why can’t I use Quick Access to go to the real path? Why can’t I remove the User Folder from the Navigation Pane once and for all?