Preparing each research paper section appropriately for $15

A research paper is made up of various components. Some of them are mandatory for all academic research papers where as some others are optional and are to be included only if demanded. Each section of a research paper has a specific objective and all the mandatory sections have pre-determined positions in the research paper. A clear idea of the structure and purpose of each of the custom writing services is necessary to prepare a good research paper. The mandatory components of a research paperAcademic research paper projects are meant to give students enough experience in pursuing knowledge independently. And, while you are still a student, it is still the best time to learn the skill of research paper writing as scholarly research does not leave much space for mistakes. One of the most fundamental factors to be learned about a research paper is its structure and sections. A research paper becomes complete only when the various research paper sections are appropriately placed in the structural frame of the paper. The mandatory components of academic research papers include: • The title page • The introduction • The body paragraphs ( a minimum of three) • The conclusion • The bibliography

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Query about an equation in GAN-NMT paper

So i was studing the paper Adversarial Neural Machine Translation by Lijun Wu1, Yingce Xia2, Li Zhao3, Fei Tian3, Tao Qin3, Jianhuang Lai1,4 and Tie-Yan Liu. The link to the paper is :

In the paper , for feeding the sentence pairs into a GAN , they converted the word embeddings of the words in particular sentences and and concantenated into a 2D image like format to further perform convolution and pooling on it as is done in a typical GAN implementation.

In the words of the paper ,

The adversary is used to differentiate translation result $ y’$ and the ground-truth translation $ y$ , given the source language sentence $ x$ . To achieve that, one needs to measure the translative matching degree of source-target sentence pair $ (x, y)$ . We turn to Convolution Neural Network (CNN) for this task (Yin et al., 2015; Hu et al., 2014), since with its layer- by-layer convolution and pooling strategies, CNN is able to accurately capture the hierarchical corre- spondence of $ (x, y)$ at different abstraction levels. The general structure is shown in Figure 2. Specifically, given a sentence pair (x,y), we first construct a 2D image-like representation by simply concatenating the embedding vectors of words in x and y. That is, for i-th word $ x_{i}$ in $ x$ and j-th word $ y_{j}$ in sentence $ y$ , we have the following feature map: $ $ z^{0}_{i, j} = [ x_{i}^{T} , y_{j}^{T} ]^{T}$ $

I am not able to understand the significance of $ x_{i}^{T}$ , basically the $ T$ in the equation. Any help would be highly respected.

Risk of throwing a wad of paper in bin leaving with password on it

I considered if i’m in enterprise evironment, with desks and computers. if i throw per accident a wad of paper in the bin with a password on it while it was meaned to be a pre-shared password to give to an employee for a multiple-time usage of a session on our employee-dashboard with their own functions.

Will dumpster diving in such a situation be excluded(only insiders)?

Why green on green bar paper?

One of the biggest business application my company builds uses green and white as the alternating background color in tables. This is due to the green bar paper used in former decades with line printers. I was wondering why they chose green.

Wikipedia only states that it was used to help the reader stay in one line, however this is, in my opinion, a consequence of the alternating background and not specially due to the green color.

Does anybody know why they particularly chose green and not any other color? Is that due to any ergonomic/usability reason?

Do the Israeli consulates give visa on a separate piece of paper instead of on the passport?

I am a Bangladeshi citizen studying in Columbia University. I wanted to go to Israel for a trip this winter. But Bangladesh still does not recognize Israel as a state and the front page of the passport states that This passport is valid for all the countries in the world except Israel.

I applied for a visa in the Israeli consulate here in NYC. I have just received the confirmation of visa from the Israeli consulate in NYC. I have heard that Israel do not give the visa on the passport. Instead they paste it on a separate piece of paper, and make like a travel permit and they also do not stamp the passport/or any ID during immigration. Is that true? And would I get in trouble entering Bangladesh if I do get a visa on my passport?

I do not have any other passport/nationalities.

Kaczorowski’s Paper on Distribution of Primes

I am looking for a digital copy of the following paper by Jerzy Kaczorowski: ON THE DISTRIBUTION OF PRIMES (mod4)

The above link is the only place where I could find it (which is behind a paywall). Thus, if anyone has a digital copy I would very much appreciate the help.

Apologies if this is not the correct forum for this question. Please let me know and I can move it.

Is there a paper or model about detecting whether musical instrument playing right note or not?

I want to create a model that can detecting whether musical instrument play right note or not.

Example: provide mp3 file and musician are playing in piano. How to check the musician play right note according to mp3 file.

I had search GG but not found anything related.

About an argument in the paper “Commutators on $\ell_\infty$” by Dosev and Johnson

In the paper “Commutators on $ \ell_\infty$ ” by Dosev and Johnson, in Lemma 4.2 Cas II, the authors have said that “There exists a normalized bock basis $ \{u_i\}$ of $ \{x_i\}$ and a normalized block basis $ \{v_i\}$ of $ \{y_i\}$ such that $ \|u_i-v_i\|<\frac{1}{i}.$ Does anyone have any idea to prove this?

More elaborately, we have two subspaces $ X$ and $ Y$ of $ \ell_\infty$ both isomorphic to $ c_0.$ $ \{x_i\}$ and $ \{y_i\}$ are bases of $ X$ and $ Y$ respectively which are equivalent to standard base of $ c_0$ . We have also $ X\cap Y=\{0\}$ and $ d(X,Y):=\inf\{\|x-y\|:x\in X,y\in Y, \|x\|=1\}=0.$ Now how to show “There exists a normalized bock basis $ \{u_i\}$ of $ \{x_i\}$ and a normalized block basis $ \{v_i\}$ of $ \{y_i\}$ such that $ \|u_i-v_i\|<\frac{1}{i}.$ ” ?