Python, Rock, Paper, Scissor

Recently i wanted to test my Python knowledge so I’m taking some challenges. I came across a Rock Paper Scissor challenge and I wanted to make it with less code and reuse the same code over and over. The code below is what I have written so far and it works great. I just want to get your opinions: what can i do better?

rules = {     'rock': {         'scissor': 'smashes'     },     'paper': {         'rock': 'packs'     },     'scissor': {         'paper': 'cuts'     } }  player_one = input("P1 | Rock, Paper or Scissor: ").lower() player_two = input("P2 | Rock, Paper or Scissor: ").lower()   def play(p1, p2):     if p1 in rules:         if p2 in rules[p1]:             print("{} {} {}".format(p1, rules[p1][p2], p2))      if p2 in rules:         if p1 in rules[p2]:             print("{} {} {}".format(p2, rules[p2][p1], p1))      if p1 not in rules or p2 not in rules:         print("Invalid input")   if __name__ == '__main__':     play(player_one, player_two) 

Question is about a paper “A Block-sorting Lossless Data Compression Algorithm” by M. Burrows and D.J. Wheeler

In the paper A Block-sorting Lossless Data Compression Algorithm by M. Burrows and D.J. Wheeler Link. On page number 5. please describe this line

If the original string $ S$ is of the form $ Z^p$ for some substring $ Z$ and some $ p > 1$ , then the sequence $ T^i[I]$ for $ i = 0,…., N – 1$ will also be of the form $ Z’^p$ for some subsequence $ Z’$ .

Being chair in easychair, are bids for my own paper visible to me?

I’m the chair of a conference managed by easychair. I have, myself, submitted a paper, and, of course, marked it as having a conflict.

I’m currently monitoring the bids of program committee members, and don’t see my paper selected by anyone.

My question is: am I not seeing it because nobody has selected it? or because I have a conflict with it and therefore it remains invisible to me?

Both of these two possible explanations make sense: (a) My paper is not interesting enough. (b) I’m not supposed to know who has reviewed my paper, so logically I should not know either who is volunteering to review it.

But then again, in the eventuality of (b) and since I’m the one assigning papers for review, how can I assign my paper when I don’t see it??

[It would be so much easier to be able to ask this question to easychair, but they will not answer any technical questions as long as you have a free account…]

ArXiV Technical Paper API Github Repo

My name is Ethan and I am trying to build an API for scaping technical papers to use for developers. Right now it only works for ArXiV but I would greatly appreciate some mentoring or a code review of my repo. I am a new developer and want to get my code to professional quality.


Source provided as well:

from falcon import API from urllib import request from bs4 import BeautifulSoup  class ArXivPully:     # Removes rogue newline characters from the title and abstract     def cleanText(self,text):         return ' '.join(text.split('\n'))      def pullFromArXiv(self,search_query, num_results=10):         # Fix Input if it has spaces in it         split_query = search_query.split(' ')         if(len(split_query) > 1):             search_query = '%20'.join(split_query)         url = ''+search_query+'&start=0&max_results='+str(num_results)         data = request.urlopen(url).read()         output = []         soup = BeautifulSoup(data, 'html.parser')         titles = soup.find_all('title')          # ArXiv populates the first title value as the search query         titles.pop(0)          bodies = soup.find_all('summary')         links = soup.find_all('link', title='pdf')         for i in range(len(titles)):             title = self.cleanText(titles[i].text.strip())             body = self.cleanText(bodies[i].text.strip())             pdf_link = links[i]['href']             output.append([pdf_link, title, body])         return output      def on_get(self, req, resp):         """Handles GET requests"""         output = []         for item in req.params.items():             output.append(self.pullFromArXiv(item[0],item[1])) = output  api = API() api.add_route('/api/query', ArXivPully()) 

Some design explanations. I run this API through Google Cloud Platform using Falcon API because both options are free for me and were the simplest to implement. Some known issues are already posted in the repo but I want to better understand Software Development skills, best practices, etc. I greatly appreciate any tips big or small and I look forward to drastically changing this source code to make it more robust.

Special Paper

Product Name Coated Gold Silver Cardboard
Size Customized
Color Gold Silver
Place Of Origin Guangdong, Shandong
Delivery Port Shenzhen, Qingdao

1.Has the stable reliable printing compatibility, its surface strength is high, can adapt each kind of multicolor high-speed printer, simultaneously also can rise in value the pulling force along with the printing ink stickiness which produces, enhances the production efficiency, stable print quality; Adds its superficial smoothness to be high, the printing chart article clear integrity, the ink level is smooth.
2.Has the nobler metal sense of reality, the good smoothness, the high quality glossiness, extremely good folding endurance ultra strong impediment performance.
3.Environmentally friendly, practicability and economic.

Application: golden-card paper, silver-card paper, printed golden-card paper, shift card paper, aluminum foil paper, shift aluminum foil paper, and tongue paper, all of which are widely used in packing and liquor food packing in all ranks.

We have professional workers with enough experience in producing Coated Gold Silver Cardboard. We also have testing personnel to check samples and goods of Coated Gold Silver Cardboard before delivery.

1. Standard exporting wooden package for Coated Gold Silver Cardboard.
2. Usually deliver goods in 15-20 days after payment or delivery time depends on order amount of Coated Gold Silver Cardboard.
Special Paper

Malcev’s paper “On a class of homogeneous spaces” in English

I am struggling to find the English translation of Malcev’s paper “On a class of homogenous spaces” providing foundational material for nil-manifolds. To be precise this paper: Malcev, A. I. On a class of homogeneous spaces. Amer. Math. Soc. Translation 1951, (1951). no. 39, 33 pp. (mathscinet link) . It would be really important, for a project I am doing, to find this paper and I did not succeed neither on the website of the AMS nor by standard googling, which gives tons of papers referring to it.

Can anyone provide a reference to a place where to download the paper? I am at an institution with free access virtually everywhere, I just need a place with the actual paper in English (yeah in Russian I could find it).

Question about extracting BCC from a paper wallet

I have some pre-split BTC in a paper wallet. Now, I found an article that describes how I can extract BCC from it using Electrum and Electron Cash. Basically the steps are:

  1. Install Electrum wallet, import your paper wallet into it
  2. From Electrum wallet, send your BTC elsewhere (possibly a new paper wallet)
  3. Install Electron Cash, import the same private key and you should see your BCC balance there and be able to use it

Question: do we really need step #1 – can I just import BTC from my paper wallet into an exchange for example, without first using Electrum wallet?

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