How do I access paragraphs with the JSON API?

With the JSON API module, I am trying to access paragraphs. In the JSON object is does not allow me to access the nested paragraphs.

How would I go about accessing the paragraphs with the JSON API?

*****Update with Solution*****

  1. In the api call you need to have the correct URL format: /jsonapi/{entity_type_id}/{bundle_id}[/{entity_id}]?_format=api_json. The key here is to add this at the end of your the URL for the api call: ?include={name of paragraph}. For example: /jsonapi/node/page?_format=api_json&include=field_testing_json_api

  2. Once you have the correct API call, you need to go to the Drupal admin dashboard and go to people/permissions and under the Paragraphs Type Permissions section you need to grant access to view content to the specific paragraph you want the user to access.

Front page per language (paragraphs)

I have a multilingual site in Drupal 8 that needs to have a different node for front page on each language. The node alias is homepage and it needs to look clean.


Entering each URL will lead you to a different node. Can’t use content translation as most of the page is using paragraph types. Right now, entering either one will lead you to the original front page (in english). Thanks.

Edit: I’m using mostly content blades and hero slides in the website, the duplicate question didn’t help to answer.

Migrate node with paragraphs from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

I’m trying to figure out how migrating content from a Drupal 7 site to a Drupal 8 site works. I managed to understand how to create a custom module to migrate nodes with regular fields to my new D8 site.

But I also have one content type where I use paragraphs. And I can’t seem to find a well documented example on how to do this. I found some examples but they all seem to use different methods. This one seems like the most up to date. But how to make the code from #9 work?

field_paragraphs: plugin: sub_process source: field_source_paragraphs process:   target_id:     -       plugin: migration_lookup       migration:         - paragraph_box         - paragraph_grid         - paragraph_text_embedded       source: value     -       plugin: extract       index:         - 0   target_revision_id:     -       plugin: migration_lookup       migration:         - paragraph_box         - paragraph_grid         - paragraph_text_embedded       source: value     -       plugin: extract       index:         - 0 

So the field_paragraphs and field_source_paragraphs I understand. But what are these paragraph_ items under migration? Is this where I set the paragraph bundles? And if not where do I set the paragraph bundles and there fields? So where do I begin? What are the right steps to take?

Thanks in advance

I need to alter Paragraphs field, but only text_format field type getting alter, Other field not getting alter

I need to alter Paragraphs field, but only text_format field type getting alter, Other field not getting alter in drupal 8

function mymodoule_field_widget_entity_reference_paragraphs_form_alter(&$  element, &$  form_state, $  context) {   if ($  element['#paragraph_type'] == 'text_and_counter_block') {     //echo '<pre>'; var_dump($  context);     //print_r($  element['paragraph__field_background_style']); exit();     $  element['subform']['field_two_column_title']['widget'][0]['#title'] = 'Altered title';     $  element['subform']['field_two_column_style']['widget'][0]['#title'] = 'Altered title';    } } 

loop through paragraphs ID’s in node template

In a custom twig template for content type “legal”, I’m trying to loop through a 3-field paragraph called “legal_section.” It’s referenced by my content type, using an entity reference field called “field_legal_section” – set to allow unlimited entries. For each, I want to print the paragraph id. I’m not quite sure how, in this scenario. Maybe there’s a little more involved than I thought?

I’m currently trying something like this, in the twig template:

{% if content.field_legal_section %}  {% for item in content.field_legal_section %}   id: {{ }}<br/>   show the 3 fields: {{ content.field_legal_section }}  {% endfor %} {% endif %} 

If relevant, the individual fields within the paragraph called legal_section are:

 field_legal_section_title  field_legal_section_subtitle  field_legal_section_body 

Conditional Fields inside Paragraphs not working

Am able to get the configured conditional fields in hook_field_widget_WIDGET_TYPE_form_alter() and trying to apply them for Paragraph fields but not working, below is the code(most of it copied from Conditional Fields module file):

$ dependencies = conditional_fields_load_dependencies(‘paragraph’, ‘paragraph_machine_name’);

if (!empty($ dependencies)) {

    foreach ($  element['subform'] as $  field_name => $  field_details) {       if (isset($  dependencies['dependents'][$  field_name])) {          foreach ($  dependencies['dependents'][$  field_name] as $  id => $  dependency) {           if (!isset($  element['subform']['#conditional_fields'][$  field_name]['dependees'][$  id])) {             conditional_fields_attach_dependency($  element['subform'], ['#field_name' => $  dependency['dependee']], $  field_details, $  dependency['options'], $  id);           }         }       }        if (isset($  dependencies['dependees'][$  field_name])) {         foreach ($  dependencies['dependees'][$  field_name] as $  id => $  dependency) {           if (!isset($  element['subform']['#conditional_fields'][$  field_name]['dependents'][$  id])) {             conditional_fields_attach_dependency($  element['subform'], $  field_details, ['#field_name' => $  dependency['dependent']], $  dependency['options'], $  id);           }         }       }     }   } 

Can someone please help me in it?

Subrequests: Assigning Paragraphs entity to node

Migrating a content type from D7 into a greenfield D8 app, so I’m using Subrequests and jsonapi modules. My first subrequest to create a simple Paragraph returns the new ID and it properly replaces my token in my node–person, until it gets wiped out at some point within the many calls to httpKernel->handle($ request) class. I’ve burned a few hours setting breakpoints to see how its losing the replaced Paragraph ID but I’ve not mastered the Symfony Http system.

I’ve tried adding an owner iid, attempted to derive a “meta” array for a target_revision_id from the drupal_internal_revision_id property but that returns a 500 error. Here’s a minimized code of the blueprint.

function bodyPerson($  person){$  data = ["data" =>       ['type' => 'node--person',        'attributes' =>         ['title' => 'ignored',         'status' =>"1",         'field_body' =>           ['value' => 'Highlights.',              'format' => 'full_html',              'summary' => ''],        'field_last_name' =>           'Walls'     'relationships'=>       [        'owner' => ['data' =>          ['type' => 'user--user',          'id' => '2061b881-d5ea-4daa-a006-616e47xxx']],        'field_title' =>['data' =>          ['type' => "paragraph--title",            'id' => "{{paragraph-title-1.body@$}}"]            ]       ]]];       return $  data;      } 
     $  bodyp = json_encode(["data" => ['type' => 'paragraph--title',        'attributes' => ['field_department' => ['value' => "my dept 1a"]],        ['field_title' => ['value' => "my title 1a"]]]]       ); 
     $  blueprint = json_encode([['action' => 'create', 'requestId' =>    'paragraph-title-1', 'body' => $  bodyp, 'uri' => '/jsonapi/paragraph/title', 'headers' => $  headers], ['action' => 'create', "waitFor" => ["paragraph-title-1"], "requestId" => "person-test", 'headers' => $  headers, 'uri' => "/jsonapi/node/person", 'body' => $  bodyPer]]); 

Passing the $ blueprint and the two body blocks into curl returns the new Paragraphs object, passing it to the final POST subrequest. The result is an empty “data” array where the Paragraphs’ link should be.

            "field_title": {                 "data": [],                 "links": {                     "self": {                         "href": "\/jsonapi\/node\/person\/9ebcdd24-d8ee-428d-8770-1ad62eexx\/relationships\/field_title?resourceVersion=id%3A1045"                     },                     "related": {                         "href": "\/jsonapi\/node\/person\/9ebcdd24-d8ee-428d-8770-1ad62exx\/field_title?resourceVersion=id%3A1045"                     }                 }             } 

Subrequests is working for other subrequests in this body.

Update to drupal 8.7 caused paragraphs to display improperly

I am using bootstrap paragraphs (BP) as part of my project. When I updated to D8.7, the BPs that define layout (e.g. 2 column, accordion, etc.) stopped displaying. I then tried a roll back to 8.6 but the problem remains. Has anyone encountered this? Any solution that you can think of? Places to look for troubleshooting.