Is it possible to have dedicated page for parent/child taxonomy?

I’ve been working non-stop on this for the past few days. I have a post type, floorplan, which has a hierarchical taxonomy called County. Each County taxonomy has child taxonomies with the names of communities within each county, which I’ve been able to apply to the post permalinks by following This Guide. So my post urls are now floorplans/{parent-county}/{child-county}/{the-floorplan}

Now, I have a custom county-taxonomy.php template that displays all posts of this type that have the county taxonomy assigned. The url is floorplans/{parent-county} where parent county is the parent taxonomy. This template will also display if you navigate to the url floorplans/{child-county} where child-county is the child taxonomy.

HOWEVER, if I try to navigate to floorplans/{parent-county}/{child-county}, I get a 404.

So my basic question, is it possible to modify the permalink of the taxonomy page such that it includes both parent and child?