Save the post parent in a custom post type in Gutenberg

A plugin I’m developing registers two custom post types: Class and Student. Both are connected via the post_parent property in the Student post type (one student belongs to one class). I added a SelectControl control to the PluginDocumentSettingPanel in the Student post type edit screen to be able to set a Class for the Student. Everything is working except the saving part. The changes are not saved. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

const { __ } = wp.i18n; const { compose } = wp.compose; const { registerPlugin } = wp.plugins; const { SelectControl } = wp.components; const { PluginDocumentSettingPanel } = wp.editPost; const { withSelect, withDispatch } =;  const applyWithSelect = withSelect( ( select ) => {     const {         getEditedPostAttribute,         getCurrentPostType     } = select( 'core/editor' );     const {         getEntityRecords     } = select( 'core' );      const parent = getEditedPostAttribute( 'parent' );      const posts = getEntityRecords( 'postType', 'class', { per_page: -1, orderby: 'title', order: 'asc', _fields: 'id,title' } )      return {         currentPostType: getCurrentPostType(),         parent: parent,         posts: posts     }; } );  const applyWithDispatch = withDispatch( ( dispatch ) => {     const { editPost } = dispatch( 'core/editor' );      return {         onUpdateParent( value ) {             editPost( { parent: Number( value ) } );         },     }; } );  function StudentOptionsPanelComponent( {     // These props are passed by applyWithSelect().     currentPostType, // current post type     parent, // current value of parent     posts, // all posts     // And these are passed by applyWithDispatch().     onUpdateParent,  // function which updates the meta restrict } ) {     if ( 'student' !== currentPostType ) {         return null;     }      if ( ! posts ) {         return __( 'Loading...', 'my-plugin' );     }      if ( posts.length === 0 ) {         return __( 'No classes found', 'my-plugin' );     }      var options = [];     options.push( {         label: __( 'Select a class...', 'my-plugin' ),         value: ''     } );      for ( var i = 0; i < posts.length; i++ ) {         options.push( {             label: posts[i].title.raw,             value: posts[i].id         } );     }      return (         <PluginDocumentSettingPanel             name='student-options'             title={ __( 'Options', 'my-plugin' ) }             className='student-options-panel'         >             <SelectControl                 label={ __( 'Select a class:', 'my-plugin' ) }                 value={ parent }                 options={ options }                 onChange={ onUpdateParent }             />         </PluginDocumentSettingPanel>     ); }  const StudentOptionsPanel = compose(     applyWithSelect,     applyWithDispatch )( StudentOptionsPanelComponent );  registerPlugin( 'student-options-panel', {     render: StudentOptionsPanel, } ); 

Get/create the parent taxonomy by using shortcode in woocommerce?

How would I get/create the parent taxonomy by using shortcode in woocommerce?

My product categories should be like:

– Food

— Fruits

— Healthy Fruits
— Organic Fruits

— Meat

— Pork
— Lamb
— Beef

For example, I would like to display “Fruits” when user at the “Healthy Fruits” product archive page.

how create sorting sql/php with parent



index.php file

$  id = '8'; $  idr = $  row['id']; echo 'id-'.$  id.' : ';  for ($  i = 0; $  i <= $  id; $  i++) {   $  sql="SELECT * FROM menu WHERE parent='$  i' ";   $  result = mysqli_query($  db,$  sql);   $  slug = $  row['slug']; echo $  slug; echo '/';  } if ( !empty ($  id) ) { echo '-No Data-'; } 

I want to show the output as shown below:

id-8 : g/h id-6 : a/b/c/d/e/f id-4 : a/b/c/d id-1 : a id-7 : g id-10 : -No Data- 

finding the parent index in an interval heap (stored on an array) given a child index

an interval heap is a binary tree stored on an array where the size of each node is 2.

i would like to be able to find the index of a parent and find one of the child indices given the index of a node.

an example of an interval trees indices would be:

         [0,1]      [2,3]     [4,5]  [6,7][8,9][10,11][12,13] 


         [1,2]      [3,4]     [5,6]  [7,8][9,10][11,12][13,14] 

Why not implement Union-Find structure using root as the direct parent?

I just learned about using UF with union by rank and path compression. A path can be compressed via attaching a node to its root after Find is called on the node. If the goal here is to flatten the tree, why not just implement the tree such that each node is directly attached to its root (instead of its true parent)? That way, maximum compression would be achieved from the start. What is the con of this as long as union by rank is used along with it?

Traversing/comparing tree structures with only parent references

Consider a tree structure with nodes containing references to only their parent. So, the root node’s parent will be null. This tree represents a class hierarchy. The goal is to search such a tree for a particular subtree, and if it doesn’t exist, add it to the tree. Is there an algorithm that can be used to achieve this?

In this particular case, I have a C# WinForms application which uses this kind of structure. At the moment, an iterative breadth-first traversal is being used to traverse through such a tree and display it as a treeView. How this is being done is as follows: To represent the nodes of the tree itself, there is a class Data_Node. To perform the traversal, the nodes are placed into a queue. The queue contains instances of a data structure, QueueNode:

private class QueueNode {     public Model.Data_node dataNode; // actual tree node     public QueueNode parent; // reference to the parent     public TreeNode treeNode; // node for treeView in the UI } 

The next step is to implement another such tree (assume it is already, then check whether it is a subtree of the first one, and add it if it is not.

I have researched examples of what I am trying to achieve, but they were only for binary search trees, with nodes having references to the child nodes. In my case, the nodes only have references to the parent node.

Retrieve images from parent site to child site using current shortcodes

I have a WordPress network setup, with a parent site and a few other child sites within it. I have a custom plugin that saves content (images & posts) to a list for each user on my parent site. I also have a custom admin menu that reveals the image list via a user dropdown on my main site. I have shortcode on my parent site that reveals a user’s favorite image list by user_id.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to change the code of this custom plugin so that the lists appear on the child site/subsite via the shortcode used on the parent site. I imagine that the site_id needs to be passed through this shortcode to make it possible. I also have the custom admin menu on my subsite with the user dropdown, however, the images do not appear when I click to see those favorites.

Now I’ll preface this and say I’m not an experienced programmer but my research leads me to believe that I need to modify the code that controls the menu so it can pull the content (i.e. Media library images/attachments/attachment URLs for that post ID) from the main site to the subsites and add a shortcode and function that makes the parameter for site_id possible.

Does anyone know what query/code/function that I would use retrieve this content from the main site to the subsite so that the image lists would appear in a shortcode form and within my admin menu?

I’ve already tried plugins that allow you to sync the Media Library but they don’t work for what I’m trying to accomplishs

If you need examples of what is already established, such as current codes, shortcodes and images, I’d be happy to oblige.

WooCommerece REST API Api not showing all subcategories by parent

I’m requesting to the following endpoint


and getting a response for the first 2 children my problem those children has also children (deeply nested here of categories as showing on the image below ), I need to show all subcategories under a specific parent os how I can do this? enter image description here

How to get all posts from parent and children categories?

I am trying to get all posts from category products. My template looks like this: /products/PARENT_CATEGORY/CHILD_CATEGORY. What I need is all the posts from every CHILD_CATEGORY.

I try to access it via /posts?categories=28, but it returns no posts, as the category with ID of 28 doesn’t have any posts itself. But its child, for example, category with ID of 40, has some posts. Should I access them like /posts?categories=40,41,42...? Or there is another way to do it?