missing body part and need to restore it asap [closed]

So yesterday i was playing dnd with my group and my right hand was cut off.I really love my rogue character and i dont want him with one hand because of all the disadvantages.I thought that i could tie my hand with my crossbow then again it will be hard for so many things.My final thought is to find a Master Cleric and if he has ressurection or clone spell,if not then i say to leave my character live his life as an npc and stop the adventures once and for all(meaning to create a new character) i would like to hear your thoughts 😀

How to divide a list in linear time where every element in the first part is smaller than every element in the second list

How to divide a list into to equal part (even-number list size) in linear time where every element in the first part is smaller than every element in the second part

I tried to use QuickSort but in can result in $ O(n^2)$ time complexity.

How can I recover a missing body part without using wish?

I recently had my nose bitten off by a berserker and smell is surprisingly hard to live without.

I have had some past trouble with wishes (from a ring of three wishes) so I’m reluctant to make another wish. Also I don’t think this is worth wasting my last wish over anyway. My DM is evil so I’ll probably end up with a Mephit’s nose or something if I wish for it back.

Can anyone tell me another way of regaining body parts?

Ways to cure a body part that was turned to stone?

During the very first session of my current campaign, my character’s fist was turned to stone.

Quite a few sessions later, I’m getting a bit irritated with only having one functioning hand. What ways are there to restore my hand?

We’re level 8, playing 5th edition, set in the Forgotten Realms. My fist was turned to stone by a dragon. We’re playing Storm King’s Thunder. What happened to my character was one of the characters provided by the module. At least I assume that. Haven’t actually checked that to avoid spoilers for it.

Coding the Javascript part of a TinyMCE plugin: the IDE can’t resolve the tinymce variable

I’ve copied a very basic plugin for WordPress which adds a button to TinyMCE.

The code is correct and works. But while I’m coding (in PHPStorm), the IDE can’t resolve the javascript objects. How can I configure PHPStorm (or a generic IDE) to see the code of TinyMCE included in WordPress?

enter image description here

Sharepoint Online – Upload Web Part Site AppCatalog – Deploy Error

I have a simple web-part Hello Word from the tutorial of “Build your first web part” from Microsoft. However, every time I upload web part, the column “Deployed” is checked to “No”, but column “Tenant Deployed” is checked “Yes”.

This is the error I’m having

Deployment failed.   Correlation ID: 8f42129f-b0c5-a000-40fb-3b7377e8541d 

This is my package-Solution.json

{   "$  schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/spfx-build/package-solution.schema.json",   "solution": {     "name": "test-1-client-side-solution",     "id": "00d7fc42-2ae8-451c-a23f-42142d53cae4",     "version": "",     "includeClientSideAssets": true,     "skipFeatureDeployment": true   },   "paths": {     "zippedPackage": "solution/test-1.sppkg"   } }  

I also tried the following commands.

gulp clean gulp bundle gulp bundle--ship gulp package-solution --ship 

Tiles not centered within web part in Sharepoint 2013

I am completely new to SharePoint and trying to design/create a page as requested by the company I work for. The issue I’m having is all the tiles I’ve created within a web part are aligned left. I did create a script editor and added a code that would automatically wrap the tiles so those scroll bars won’t appear; however the tiles are not lined up. Any way this can be achieved please? Thanks.enter image description here