Coding the Javascript part of a TinyMCE plugin: the IDE can’t resolve the tinymce variable

I’ve copied a very basic plugin for WordPress which adds a button to TinyMCE.

The code is correct and works. But while I’m coding (in PHPStorm), the IDE can’t resolve the javascript objects. How can I configure PHPStorm (or a generic IDE) to see the code of TinyMCE included in WordPress?

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Sharepoint Online – Upload Web Part Site AppCatalog – Deploy Error

I have a simple web-part Hello Word from the tutorial of “Build your first web part” from Microsoft. However, every time I upload web part, the column “Deployed” is checked to “No”, but column “Tenant Deployed” is checked “Yes”.

This is the error I’m having

Deployment failed.   Correlation ID: 8f42129f-b0c5-a000-40fb-3b7377e8541d 

This is my package-Solution.json

{   "$  schema": "",   "solution": {     "name": "test-1-client-side-solution",     "id": "00d7fc42-2ae8-451c-a23f-42142d53cae4",     "version": "",     "includeClientSideAssets": true,     "skipFeatureDeployment": true   },   "paths": {     "zippedPackage": "solution/test-1.sppkg"   } }  

I also tried the following commands.

gulp clean gulp bundle gulp bundle--ship gulp package-solution --ship 

Tiles not centered within web part in Sharepoint 2013

I am completely new to SharePoint and trying to design/create a page as requested by the company I work for. The issue I’m having is all the tiles I’ve created within a web part are aligned left. I did create a script editor and added a code that would automatically wrap the tiles so those scroll bars won’t appear; however the tiles are not lined up. Any way this can be achieved please? Thanks.enter image description here

SPFx Document Web Part Deprecated?

I am trying to extend the functionality of the Documents web part

I have been trying to gulp serve this: Documents Web Part.

But it is over 2 year old and localhost refuses to work (ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL), I have set NODE_ENV to production and NODE_NO_HTTP2=1.

I just want someone to run the sample as my work is extending it.

EDIT: I have it working locally by disabling https and removing the s in https from initpage in serve.json – however this disables the web part from running on work bench, any ideas?

sharepoint 2013 Web part issue when call spweb

I am facing below issue on custom web part. I developed this web part in vs2010 and deployed into SharePoint 2013 and framework version is 3.5.

The Web application at could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping to the intended application.

But this is working when use url like http://servename:8899/xxx.

I tried with by changing the build platform any CPU , x64 etc. but still i am facing same issue. Please provide any help to resolve this issue.

SharePoint 2013 Popular items web part – wrong results

Essentially, I have a Popular items webpart on a page, analytics is running – usage reports are being generated but results are not displaying correctly in the webpart. The popular items is set to a page library.

If I were to look at the usage reports or view the popular items page – I can retrieve these results. However the webpart seems to be listing the results in alphabetical order. There is no sort specified on the webpart. Interestingly enough, using the ‘_api/search/query’ with ‘viewsrecent’ seems to be returning null values.

My troubleshooting thus far… Checked search services, crawl status, tail trim, recent popularity timeframe and running services on server…

Any ideas where else to look?