“How am I supposed to change the fore color of the elements of a particular column in a crosstab of a japer report in jaspersoft studio?”

I am trying to make crosstable in which I want to change the fore color of elements in a prticular column.How am I supposed to do it?

I am working on jaspersoft studio v6.8. I am using a database that i have created myself

          <bucketExpression><![CDATA[$  F{Status}]]></bucketExpression>                 </bucket>                 <crosstabColumnHeader>                     <cellContents mode="Opaque" style="Crosstab_CH">                         <textField>                             <reportElement x="0" y="0" width="110" height="30" forecolor="#000000" uuid="84d31711-373c-473e-b8a7-381998d96d7d"/>                             <textElement textAlignment="Center" verticalAlignment="Middle">                                 <font size="14"/>                             </textElement>                             <textFieldExpression><!       [CDATA[$  V{Status}.replace("Closed-Delayed","Delayed").replace("Closed-Timely","Timely").replace("Overdue","Overdue")]]></textFieldExpression>                         </textField>                     </cellContents>                 </crosstabColumnHeader>                 <crosstabTotalColumnHeader>                     <cellContents mode="Opaque" style="Crosstab_CT">                         <staticText>                             <reportElement x="0" y="0" width="90"    height="30" forecolor="#FFFFFF" uuid="d795c6ed-d5d1-41a7-b5a8-3caccacfebec"/>                             <textElement textAlignment="Center"       verticalAlignment="Middle">                                 <font size="14"/>                             </textElement>                             <text><![CDATA[Total Status]]></text>                         </staticText>                     </cellContents>                 </crosstabTotalColumnHeader>             </columnGroup> 

I want that the column which has status overdue should print its elements with red fore color,but its always black.

Use dedicated nameserver for particular domain

How can I configure Ubuntu 18.04 LTS that’s using systemd-resolved to use a particular nameserver for a certain domain?

When I login to my customer VPN I want all .customer.com go over the VPN to their nameserver but all other DNS should still go to my LAN nameserver.

I used to use dnsmasq.conf with server=... directive in the previous Ubuntu versions but that’s now been replaced with systemd-resolved and I don’t know how to do it.

Any ideas?

SQLAlchemy expression for timestamptz at a particular timezone

Given a PostgreSQL timestamptz, I’d like to extract the date in a particular timezone. The SQL expression is straightforward:

SELECT date_trunc('day', column_name AS TIME ZONE 'my/zone')::date FROM table_name 

How do I represent this as a SQLAlchemy expression? I can get the date_trunc function using session.query(func.date_trunc('day', table.column)), but how I add the AS TIME ZONE bit?

Associated Category List from Products in a Particular Category

I am working on a site where product brands have been set up as categories. Each product has at least 2 categories, one for brand and others for product categories.

On the page for Brand-X, rather than list the products, I wish to show all the other categories that are associated with Brand-X’s products.

What would be the most efficient way to obtain a category list from this structure?

For example:

Product A - Categories [Brand-X, Category-1, Category-2] Product B - Categories [Brand-X, Category-4] Product C - Categories [Brand-X, Category-2] Product D - Categories [Brand-Y, Category-3]  on the Brand-X page, display links to Category-1, Category-2, Category-4 

how to fetch particular role data names from json file swift [on hold]

[ {     "id": 7,     "role": "risk_owner",     "Name": "Sushma rana" }, {     "id": 8,     "role": "risk_owner",     "Name": "lal amt" }, {     "id": 41,     "role": "risk_moderator",     "Name": "username lastname" }, {     "id": 42,     "role": "control_owner",     "Name": "user 2"}] 

The above API Response I want to get name’s who all are having ‘role’ of “risk_owner and control owner”

private func updateActionOwnerFunction(){     for index in 0..<rideList.count{         let json = rideList[index] as! JSON         if (json["role"].stringValue.contains ("risk_tracker_action_owner control_owner risk_tracker_moderator risk_moderator risk_tracker_owner")){                  actionOwnerName.append(json["Name"].stringValue)         }else{             print("not role")         }             setupActionOwnerDropDown()        } 

** I tried this way not useful help me **

Add JavaScript to every page of particular site-collection in SharePoint Online

I have seen This Post, It works for me but I want to add Javascript code to all SharePoint sites of particular site Collection. Is it possible add Javascript code to all the sites and sub-site of the particular site-collection?


I’m using SharePoint Online. To add Javascript code into Current Site, I have used UserCustomActions to add Javascript code in all the Pages of the current SharePoint site.