Environmental/Economical benefits of not transmitting parts of a video?

Are there any potential environmental och economical benefits (in terms of infrastructure) derived from not transmitting video packets unless absolutely necessary or requested by the client for Media-Streaming services?

Skipping parts of the video: Lets say video quality isn´t an issue, and video packets are sent just in time. Segments that could remain unsent include: commercials, intro, outro, etc.

I´m thinking most of the energy consumption used is passive, that is, used to just keep the lights on. But some part must be active, when the individual video packets are transmitted.

How to remove some parts in contour-plot?

I am using this ContourPlot

With[{n = 18},   Module[{colors},    colors = Join[{White}, (Lighter[Blue, #] & /@ Subdivide[1, 0, n])[[      3 ;; -3]], {Black}];   ContourPlot[\[Alpha]1^2 \[Alpha]3^-1, {\[Alpha]3, 0,      0.8}, {\[Alpha]1, 0, 0.8}, AspectRatio -> 1,     BaseStyle -> {FontSize -> 9},     FrameLabel -> {Style[\[Alpha]3, FontSize -> 14, Blue],       Style[\[Alpha]1, FontSize -> 14, Blue]},     Contours ->      Function[{min, max},       Range[Floor[min, -50], Ceiling[max, 50], 0.5]],     ContourStyle -> {Dashed},     ContourShading -> {Black, Darker[Red, 0.6], Darker[Red, 0.4],       Darker[Red, 0.2], Lighter[Red, 0.4], Lighter[Red, 0.75],       Lighter[Red, 0.9], Lighter[Blue, 0.9], Lighter[Blue, 0.75],       Lighter[Blue, 0.6], Lighter[Blue, 0.4], Lighter[Blue, 0.2], Blue,       Darker[Blue, 0.2], Darker[Blue, 0.4], Darker[Blue, 0.6],       Darker[Blue, 0.8]}, PlotLegends -> Automatic,     ImageSize -> {Automatic, 500}, PlotRange -> All]]] 

The thing is, the left side of figure is kind of complicated. How can I reduce the contours in this area? In other words, how can I more decorate this plot and make it more professional?

Once Conjure Animal ends, do all animal body parts disappear?

I was reading about poisons when I stumbled upon the “Serpent Venom”. In short, you can harvest the poison of a Giant Poisonous Snake and then use it on weapons / poison edibles. I was wondering, if I use Conjure Animals to spawn eight Giant Poisonous Snakes can I harvest their poison and store it or will it disappear once the spell ends?

The spell description states that:

Each beast is also considered fey, and it disappears when it drops to 0 hit points or when the spell ends.

I would guess that means all parts of the animal will disappear but I would like some clarification before making any plans.

Need to fill in missing parts c++ Language

template void hashT::insert(int hashIndex, const CType2& rec) {

// Fill up this part!


template void hashT::search(int& hashIndex, const CType2& rec, bool& found) const {

// Fill up this part!


template void hashT::retrieve(int hashIndex, CType1& rec) const { // Fill up this part!


template void hashT::remove(int hashIndex, const CType2& rec) {

//  Fill up this part! 


// to print all the BSTs for the entire hash table // For each BST you need to print the stateData information stored template void hashT::print() const {

//  Fill up this part! 


template hashT::hashT(int size) {

//  Fill up this part!! 


template hashT::~hashT() {

//  Fill up this part!! 


Calculate occluded parts for planet like object

enter image description here

So I have camera position, planet position, radius and coordinates for every side (node) corners and I want to hide side that is beyond horizon (with some safety margins). I think I could easily calculate in 2D using trigonometry, but in 3D have no idea right now. I found some code online:

TileNode.prototype.isWithinHorizon = function () {   var r = this.master.getRadius();   var camToTile = this.master.getCamToTile(this);   var camToCenter = this.master.getCamToCenter();    var camDistToCenter = camToCenter.length();   var dotCtCc = camToTile.dot(camToCenter.divideScalar(camDistToCenter));    return dotCtCc - this.scale*0.5 < (camDistToCenter - r*r/camDistToCenter); }; 

but can’t make sense of it, as it is not commented. Any help appreciated!

P.S. i hope i use the term “occluded” right here

Displaying multiple parts of an expression in a single output

I have the following code:

names = {"Gly", "Ala", "Ser", "Pro",  "Val", "Thr", "Cys", "Leu/Ile",     "Asn", "Asp/isoAsp", "Gln", "Lys", "Glu", "Met", "His", "Phe",     "Arg", "Tyr", "Trp", "4-hydroxyPro", "5-hydroxyLys",     "6-N-methylLys", "\[Gamma]-carboxyGlu", "selenoCys", "phosphoSer",     "phosphoThr", "phosphoTyr", "\[Sigma]-N-methylArg",     "6-N-acetylLys", "Glu \[Gamma]-methyl ester", "Ornithine",     "Citrulline", "3-methylHis", "N,N,N-trimethylLys", "N-acetylAla",     "3-sulfinoAla", "N-acetylCys", "pyroGlu", "N-acetylGly",     "Met sulfoxide", "Met sulfone", "N-acetylSer", "N-acetylThr",     "Kynurenine", "Tyr O-sulfate"}; list = {57.0215, 71.0371, 87.0320, 97.0528, 99.0684, 101.0477,     103.0092, 113.0841, 114.0429, 115.0269, 128.0586, 128.0950,     129.0426, 131.0405, 137.0589, 147.0684, 156.1011, 163.0633,     186.0793, 113.048, 144.089, 142.110, 173.032, 150.954, 166.998,     181.014, 243.029, 170.116, 170.105, 143.058, 114.079, 157.085,     151.074, 170.141, 113.047, 134.999, 145.019, 111.032, 99.032,     147.035, 163.030, 129.042, 143.058, 190.047, 243.020}; subsets =   DeleteDuplicates@   Select[Subsets[list, {3}], 344.160 <= Total[#] <= 344.163 &] 

which produces the expression:

{{71.0371, 103.009, 170.116}}

To display the parts of this expression as their names, I’m using:

seqNam = names[[Position[list, subsets[[1]][[1]]] [[1]][[1]]]] seqNam = names[[Position[list, subsets[[1]][[2]]] [[1]][[1]]]]  seqNam = names[[Position[list, subsets[[1]][[3]]] [[1]][[1]]]] 

but I would like do display all parts as one line of output, and I don’t know how. Any help would be appreciated!

Contradictory parts of D&D Beyond: which is official?

If D&D Beyond is considered an official source, how do you figure which part is official when parts of the site contradict other parts?

Example: the monster page for the gelatinous cube says:

Senses Blindsight 60 ft., Passive Perception 8

While the gelatinous cube’s entry under Monster Stat Blocks in the Basic Rules says:

Senses blindsight 60 ft. (blind beyond this radius), passive Perception 8

Another example: the monster page for shadow says:

Skills Stealth +4

But its entry in the Basic Rules says:

Skills Stealth +4 (+6 in dim light or darkness)

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