Calling Drupal Form from non-Drupal 3rd Party Website

I have an existing non-Drupal 3rd party site and I am trying to submit a form request to a site written in Drupal. For some reason, the request does not process. I’m not familiar with Drupal and would appreciate any help that can be offered.

An expected response would be:

“No match found for AMA 123456 and last name smith. Please verify.”

Are there any Android apps that allow the two-sided recording of phone calls made through third party phone apps?

I have a new Motorola G7 Power running Android Pie (v9.0).

I’ve found several apps on Google play that allow you to record both sides of a phone call made through the stock Android phone app.

All the apps seem to work in the same way and are of the same quality more or less.

Though, I can’t for the life of me find an app that allows you to record phone calls made through 3rd party phone / messaging apps.

I mean apps like TextNow, Google Hangouts, etc.

Does anyone know of any apps that allow you to record both sides of phone calls made through any phone app whether it be the stock or 3rd party?


P.S. My bootloader is unlocked and I’m rooted if that helps.

party city

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party city

Can I use a custom provisioned UICC (SIM) card with a 3rd party LTE network like ATT?

I’m trying to make a mobile app that can access a custom Java applet on a UICC, and am looking at UICC providers so I can provision the cards with the correct network details and the custom Java applet.

I’d like this card to be able to be used with 3rd party 4G/LTE networks. From my understanding, a UICC is basically a SIM card with the USIM applet installed, so it can work with the standard LTE network.

If this is done, is it even possible to register the card with a 3rd party LTE provider on an unlocked handset?

Or will all providers be restricted to UICCs provisioned by the provider?

How long should each room in a dungeon take if the party didn’t declare how long they spent there?

I’m running the party through a multi-day dungeon, and they’re looking to long rest. Which is perfectly fine, but I remembered that you can’t long rest more than once in a 24-hour period. I know how long it took for the party to get to the dungeon, but not how long they’ve spent in the interim.

Combat isn’t a good indicator because its in-game passage of time is so short. They haven’t spent any short rests in the dungeon yet, so I can’t use that either. What should I do here?

Are there documented best practices when federating identity to a third party using OIDC?

We are creating an OpenId Provider (using Identity Server 4) that has the ability to federate authentication to other IdPs based on email (eg, we first ask for email and then determine how to authenticate you, potentially by redirecting you to another OpenId Provider). I’m looking for documented best practices on this scenario, especially when dealing with sessions. Some examples:

  1. When we are authenticating locally (not federating), we want to store a session cookie at the IdP to enable SSO scenarios. However, in the case of federation, we perhaps should not store cookies and should instead always redirect to the third-party IdP (who may or may not have cookies).
  2. If the user is federated and the client requests a refresh token, we should request a refresh token from the third party IdP and give that to the client. In turn, when issuing new access tokens based on the refresh token, we should validate that the refresh token is still valid at the third party IdP.

Flows like these would give the third party IdP better control over security and session parameters specific to their needs. However, I have been unable to find documentation, standards or RFCs detailing these or other recommended flows when federating from one OpenId Provider to another.

Adsense allow third party ads

I am using adsense quite long time and i have 2 2 leader board ads on header and footer
and today i move my mouse course on that header ad its show google url in browser status and when i move my courser on footer ads its d.adroll so my questions is Adsense allow 3rd party ads as well or if not then how d.adroll ads show on my webstie whereas i never make account there

This is my website

What is the value of a low-level Necromancer in a party?

I’m having difficulty understanding how Necromancers (as in the Wizard subclass) can pull their weight at lower levels. Necromancy spells are few, vary in ranges (often require melee range), provide no defenses, and have very few support effects for Wizards.

The School of Necromancy benefits are fairly negligible, as they require you to land a finishing blow and have lost health, at a level where two attacks can off you without difficulty.

I cannot see how a Necromancer has any realistic use in lower levels compared to almost any other caster.

But perhaps I’m missing something. What value does a low level (2-4) Necromancer bring that another choice wouldn’t surpass you at?

My goal is to see more diversity in my groups, and one thing preventing a lot of players from ever touching the School of Necromancy is its first 4 levels, and nobody wants to be a stick in the mud for 6 sessions. With a solid answer, I will set the early scenarios to make our group’s necromancer feel as valuable as the team’s bard, hopefully without bending too many rules.

In case it is relevant for any decision making, characters will be made via Point Buy, and I would expect the campaign to run until about level 7 (just kind of a vague guess at the moment).

Magento 1.9. – Third party payment gateway

For our Magento website we currently have no payment methods enabled. There simply is only an e-mail order being generated in our system. However we would now like for customers to be able to pay with their credit cards. For that we would like to use a third party solution.

We have Magento version

I’m looking for a possible solution. Any recommendations on what works well?