How to pass a variable into an add_filter() function?

I have this code here:

$  pageLanguage = strtolower($  pageMetadata["language"]);   $  languageArray = array ("afrikaans" => "af", "dutch" => "nl", "french" => "fr", "german" => "de", "spanish" => "es");   $  updatedLanguage = $  languageArray[$  pageLanguage];  add_filter('locale', 'change_my_locale'); function change_my_locale( $  locale ) {   $  locale = $  updatedLanguage;   return $  locale; } 

I would like to know how to pass the variable $ updatedLanguage into the change_my_locale() function please?

Pass URL to iframe in WordPress

I have a wordpress site with an iframe that displays custom content from an external site.

Here is my iframe:

<iframe src="" width="800" height="800"> 

I want the "UNIQUECODE" in the iframe to populate based on the browser URL (my site is 

Is this possible in wordpress?

How to pass parameters to a Blueprint function called from C++?

I have found this piece of code showing how to call a blueprint function from C++:

 UFUnction* Func = Obj->GetClass()->FindFunction(FName("FuncName"));  if(Func == nullptr){return;}    FStructOnScope FuncParam(Func);  UProperty* ReturnProp = nullptr;    for (TFieldIterator<UProperty> It(Func); It; ++It)     {      UProperty* Prop = *It;      if (Prop->HasAnyPropertyFlags(CPF_ReturnParm))      {          ReturnProp = Prop;      }      else      {          //FillParam here                  }  }    Obj->ProcessEvent(Func, FuncParam.GetStructMemory()); 

But… I don’t know how to //Fillparam here.

How can I fill the FuncParam with the parameters that I need to pass?

How to pass parameters in wordpress shortcode?

Everything is working fine and it’s displaying the comments of the current page with this shortcode [wpdiscuz_comments] using the code below.

function my_wpdiscuz_shortcode() { $  html = ""; if (file_exists(ABSPATH . "wp-content/plugins/wpdiscuz/themes/default/comment-form.php")) { ob_start(); include_once ABSPATH . "wp-content/plugins/wpdiscuz/themes/default/comment-form.php"; $  html = ob_get_clean(); } return $  html; } add_shortcode("wpdiscuz_comments", "my_wpdiscuz_shortcode"); 

I’m trying to pass id parameter using the shortcode below. But it’s not working.

[wpdiscuz_comments post_id="22"] 

Where "post_id" parameter fetching the comments of only post id 22. So I can fetch the comments of a specific post.

Can anyone please help me with this or let me know how can I pass the parameters with shortcode using the above code? Thanks!

Pass equations into shaders to define graphics – HLSL or other shaders

Is it possible with HLSL (or other popular shader languages) to pass instead of an image, an equation that would define the pixel color / position output by the shader? This would allow for more dynamic drawing of smooth shapes that could be sampled with infinite detail. They would also by able to change and morph in real time.

Not sure how this is possible without passing a string with the eq to the shader and having it parse it. Seems like that might lose all the performance gained by putting it onto the GPU.

How to use the material components for Pass Without Trace

I am aware that many material components are either a joke (good or bad) or somehow related to how the spell works (IE: fleece for illusion is pulling the wool over someone). But for Pass Without Trace I cannot work out the connection to material components.

What is the link between the spell, and the ashes from a burned leaf of mistletoe and sprig of spruce used as the material components?

The only thing I can think of is that burning something creates smoke, which obfuscates vision, and spruce smells nice so covers scent. But I assume there is something I am missing as to why mistletoe and spruce rather than anything else smelly or burnt.

Note: I am not asking for designer reasons, but for links between the components and the spell.