Can a Ranger Use Distant Strike to Pass Through Forcecage?

Distant Strike is a Horizon Walker Ranger Feature which states:

At 11th level, you gain the ability to pass between the planes in a blink of an eye. When you use the Attack action, you can teleport up to 10 feet before each attack to an unoccupied space you can see.

Forcecage states:

A prison in the shape of a box can be up to 10 feet on a side, creating a solid barrier that prevents any matter from passing through it and blocking any spells cast into or out from the area. When you cast the spell, any creature that is completely inside the cage’s area is trapped. Creatures only partially within the area, or those too large to fit inside the area, are pushed away from the center of the area until they are completely outside the area. A creature inside the cage can’t leave it by nonmagical means. If the creature tries to use teleportation or interplanar travel to leave the cage, it must first make a Charisma saving throw. On a success, the creature can use that magic to exit the cage. On a failure, the creature can’t exit the cage and wastes the use of the spell or effect. The cage also extends into the Ethereal Plane, blocking ethereal travel.

Can the ranger “attack” and teleport 10ft outside the forcecage?

Using OAuth2 with JWT, should a client pass along unused refresh tokens on a logout call?

I have a system with an OAuth2 authorization server. It hands out JWT access tokens and refresh tokens (the latter only to the mobile app client).

We don’t persist access tokens (as is normal with JWT) but we do persist the (hashed) refresh tokens together with some meta data to be able to revoke them so that users can log out other devices. We also only allow a single use for refresh tokens, the new request also gives back a new refresh token.

The OAuth2 login server itself uses regular basic auth with sessions. The user wants to be able to logout (single devices/clients) here. So of course I have to invalidate the session itself. But ideally I want to remove the refresh token that this client still has as well. The problem is that I don’t know that refresh token. A particular user could in theory have request multiple of them with their code request. The refresh token is also not normally passed in requests (only the access token)

Should I ask the clients (which are currently all under our own development) to send along their unused refresh tokens? Even if they ‘forget’ their refresh tokens locally, it still seems better if I also delete them on the server so they don’t linger around until their expiry time. Note I do know all the refresh tokens currently in use for a certain account but I don’t want to just delete them all because that would mean all devices are logged out. We also save some user agent-like info with the refresh tokens so users can use that to manually logout other devices, but it seems like a bad idea to try to perform string matching on those to automate that process.

If you pass through the order of colors in Prismatic Wall one way, do you reverse the order of colors passing through the other way?

I set up a Prismatic Wall and a non-protected creature passes through it, say from left to right. On page 269 of the 5e Player’s Handbook, the spell reads:

“When a creature attempts to reach into or pass through the wall, it does so one layer at a time through all the wall’s layers. As it passes or reaches through each layer, the creature must make a Dexterity saving throw or be affected by that layer’s properties as described below.”

The layers are listed from Red to Violet, so the enemy passed through my wall in that order and made it through. They are now on the right side, and I have contrived a way to push them back through the wall to the left side. Do I reverse the order they encounter the layers and go Violet to Red, or do I always go Red to Violet whenever anything passes through the wall?

In other words, does a Prismatic Wall have a “sidedness” to it, and, if so, when is that sidedness established?

pass parameter to 2nd function jsom

Hi I have the following code, how can I pass oList into function onQuerySucceeded?

function lockMandaysItems(tID,oList) {      var clientContext = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();     var oList = clientContext.get_web().get_lists().getByTitle(oList);      var camlQuery = new SP.CamlQuery();     camlQuery.set_viewXml('<View><Query><Where><Eq><FieldRef Name=\'TeamRequest\'/>' +          '<Value Type=\'Number\'>'+ tID +'</Value></Eq></Where></Query></View>');     this.collListItem = oList.getItems(camlQuery);      clientContext.load(collListItem);      clientContext.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQuerySucceeded), Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailed));          }  function onQuerySucceeded(sender, args) { } 

Is it possible to trigger Zapier hook on a post update and pass ACF fields?

I got myself into a bit of a pickle with a website and I would love some help.

I am attempting to trigger a Zapier hook when a custom post type is updated, and send any ACF fields with it. Is this possible?

Previously, I tried using Gravity Forms and the Advanced Post Creation add-on. I had Gravity View show the entry to the user where they could edit. The problem is that Advanced Post Creation only works on post submission and not update.

So I switched to just having the user edit the post directly, but I don’t know how to trigger the hook when a post is updated AND send the ACF fields in the post with it.

If you can point me in the right direction on one of the following, that would be awesome:

  1. Update a custom post type when updating an entry via Gravity View OR
  2. At least trigger a Zapier hook when a post is updated

Thank You!

How can information be recovered after it has been overwritten (single pass) by a secure deletion program?

We know that information can be retreived after it has been deleted. There are several tools for file “undeletion” (Recuva, FTK, some tools contained in Caine, etc.)

I have heard as well, that data can be recovered, even after it has been rewritten. For this exact reason, the DoD used to approve methods which included (DoD 5220.22-M) to 7 (DoD 5220.22-ECE) overwrite passes. This is still a low bar, considering there are algorithms which include 35 passes (Gurmann).

Why, though? What papers, articles, or use cases have been published that suggest successful data recovery after single or dual pass of overwritting data?

Which software, methods, or tools allow me to analyze a given HDD for “further layers” (?) of recovery or overwriting?

(I know there is a different approach and dynamic to SSD, so for the time being, let’s not meddle into it)

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