Call procedure inside procedure using dynamic sql modifying the parameters getting passed

I have to call a procedure inside a procedure and replace all single quotes inside the parameter to double quotes. Ex: When i call my original proc begin data(10,’"push’s the data"’);end; It throws error due to single quote and i cannot change the string manually at runtime by adding double quote like push”s. I tried replacing inside procedure but probably because the string is passed first it wont take changes.

I wish to call this procedure inside another and using maybe dynamic sql replace single quotes with double.

Something like this:

create procedure dynamic_proc begin execute immediate ‘begin data(id,’||’replace(string,CHR39,CHR39||CHR39)’ AS string)’||’ end;’ end;

So basically the parameter string which is being passed in procedure data needs to have all single quote replace with double at run time.

How to secure a price passed to a payment gateway on client?

Using Javascript, say a customer buy a product that cost 10$ .

Many payment gateways, like PayPal and Stripe, offer a client side Form where you input the sale data (price, amount, buyer address, etc), and it’s being sent to the gateway (e.g PayPal) from the client side.

But, at this point when i fill the form using Javascript on the client side, someone can change the price from 10 to 1 and pay only 1 to PayPal.

I know things has to be validated on my server, but validation means that the server is sending back to client a response saying this price is good or not good, but this respond can also be manipulated.

So how is it that companies allow client side payment anyway using a form ? How/where the actual sale data is being passed to the payment gateway ? client? server?

Proxies Passed in Scrapebox Proxy Checker But Failing in GSA SER

Hi Sven,

I need your clarification about an issue I’m having at the moment.

I currently use SB to check proxies I scanned for through port scanning.

My problem is this, for instance, after checking the proxies in SB I might get like 400 working proxies. I test them again within a 5-minute window and they are still working.

I then take them to SER to check and all fail except may be for 3 or 5 proxies.

When I immediately go back to SB to check the proxies, only about 7 will fail but when I re-check in SER again, the same issue persist.

What could I be doing wrong?

Or are there specific proxy types that SB works with than those GSE SER uses?

If yes, how do I go about searching for GSE SER proxies in particular.

Thanks a lot for your usual understanding.

The Certificate’s CN name does not match the passed value

Each time I teach a network course and we attempt to create and use self signed certificates with the Windows 10 SSTP client we encounter the dreaded “The Certificate’s CN name does not match the passed value” error message

The ca and server certificates are created, signed and trusted We then select the server certificate in the SSTP server settings and export the ca certificate for the Windows PC:

Initially we would specify the sstp (server) router’s IP address as the server CN, and set “ca” as the ca’s CN but recently I have noticed that Windows only accepts the ca if its CN also corresponds to this same IP

We import the certificate on the Windows PC:

Configure the Windows SSTP client :

And then connect :

I assume that the problem lies with Windows but I can’t seem to find where the issue is

Any suggestions ? regards yann

for each loop in vector passed to a function error

in for loop it shows error that: begin was not declared in the scope.

my code:

#include<bits/stdc++.h>  using namespace std; vector<int> v[1001];  void dfs(int i,vector<int> &v) {     for(int c: v[i])     cout<<c; }  int main() {      int n,e,a,b;     cin>>n>>e;      vector<bool> vis(n+1,0);     vector<int> v[n+1];     while(e--) {         cin>>a>>b;         v[a].push_back(b);         v[b].push_back(a);     }     dfs(1,v); } 

Can a file upload function be vulnerable without it the file name getting passed?

From googling, a lot of file upload vulnerabilities rely on injecting something into the filename and also rely on the picture being stored on the server, is it safe to just do a post request of the picture’s content (file-contents: ‰PNG...... via post request) then display it on the browser like, as <img src="data:image/png;base64,.....> ?

WordPress site with 1000 rewritten articles (copyscape passed)

Why are you selling this site?
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How is it monetized?
Not monetized now, perfect for adsense

Does this site come with any social media…

WordPress site with 1000 rewritten articles (copyscape passed)

Is there any hook or filter that user data, specifically email address, is passed through on new order creation?

I want to create a function/module that corrects common email typos on new orders.

For example to auto correct gmail.con, hotmail.con to .com, and many many more common typos.

Is there any hook or filter that user data, specifically email address, is passed through on new order creation, so that we can modify it before it’s inserted into the database?

`sudo` is not using the right binary, even when $PATH is correctly passed

I am trying to run a Pipenv python instance as root. When not run as root:

(myenv) $   python 

the Pipenv python is correctly used. However, when run as root with sudo:

(myenv) $   sudo python 

the system default python at /usr/bin/python is used instead. After some searching, I found the -E option for sudo. However, with

(myenv) $   sudo -E python 

it still uses /usr/bin/python, even though sudo -E echo $ PATH gives the same as echo $ PATH, so the -E option works fine; however, sudo -E which python continues to give /usr/bin/python! It is not a permissions or access problem because the full path to the Pipenv python works fine. Why is the wrong binary being used even though $ PATH is set correctly?

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