Is there an issue with passport valid less than 6 months

I have an Indian passport valid till 25th Aug 2019. I am travelling from Atlanta(USA) to Bengaluru(India) via Paris with connection time of 3 hrs. Return is on 23rd July 2019 from Bengaluru to Atlanta via Amsterdam with 3 hrs connection time.

During my return I will be renewing my passport.

My question: will there be any issue in boarding flight in ATL ?

When I checked timatic: by adding connecting flights, it says fine for ATL-CDG-BLR but for BLR-AMS-ATL, it says ‘Passport expiry date must be 23 October 2019 or later (3 months after departure from Netherlands)’.

I am renewing passport on return. But will the airlines deny boarding because of the return ineligibility ?

Passport/ Border troubles

In Early September I was an Au Pair in Italy, but because I’m American I can only stay in the Schengan Zone for 90 days. I decided to continue as a nanny in Manchester, UK until my 90 days were up. Essentially, I said “working” to the UK border, so they sent me back to the USA. My passport now has a ‘X’ across the Manchester stamp- will this affect me re-entering the EU (I go through customs in Portugal, despite my final destination being Italy)? Or am I better off getting a new passport? I’m not sure if they share the same database, but I don’t want to run into any issues again.

I’m a flight attendant with dual citizenship of USA and South Korea. Can I enter US using foreign passport?

If I want to use my staff ticket I have to book the ticket under my Korean name (which is completely different from my English name) and Korean passport number. The only thing is I know that for the US you have to enter and leave using your US passport if you’re a citizen. Would it be possible for me to just buy my ticket using my Korean name and passport but when I enter the US just explain my situation and show my US passport to show that I’m a US citizen?

Passport Received at Gerry but I haven’t got any call for collection

Have any experienced delays while getting a call from Passport collection offices? I got an email from UKVI Abu Dhabi on Thursday, Jan 10th, 2019 that my application has been issued, then I got a confirmation message on Jan 11th, 2019 that we have received your processed application at Gerry’s.

I was hoping a call on Friday but didn’t get any and now its almost 2 hours left in Gerry Office timings and I haven’t got any call and when I call them they provide a generic response that we can not track your application so you need to wait for the call.

Let me know if this is common?


I am a Filipino passport holder and will be having a layover of 2h45m in an airport in Narita. Do I need a transit visa? [duplicate]

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I am flying from New York and will be having a layover of 2h45m in Narita International Airport (which I am not planning to leave) before going on another flight to Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Do I need a transit visa?