Assert cell style onto text pasted into that cell

I’m not quite sure how to word this so I couldn’t find any answers to my question after some searching.

I am trying to copy and paste values into my google sheet. These values are copied from another website which has a different font and font size than that which I have in my sheet. However, when these values are pasted they appear in the style that is on the website. Is there a way to pre-set a cell’s style so that any value pasted into it conforms to the cell’s preset style?

I am aware that I could set up multiple sheets, one as an input and another as an output, in order to solve this problem, although I’d rather not do this.

Databricks command says databricks-cli isn’t configured when run from Python (with os.system()) but works fine when pasted into command line

My Python code constructs a string in the form
myCmd = 'databricks fs cp dbfs:/mnt/extracts/dsp/{}/full.xml "{}"'.format(extractId, file_path)

This results in a string like this: databricks fs cp dbfs://mt/extracts/dsp/123/full.xml c:\filepath\full.xml

When I attempt to run this string using os.system(myCmd) I’m given the following warning (either within the Python console, or in the cmd window):
Error: InvalidConfigurationError: You haven't configured the CLI yet! Please configure by entering `C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Continuum\anaconda3\Scripts\databricks configure

But when i copy and paste the constructed myCmd to the command prompt the databricks copy works fine.

Weird text pasted into Excel out of nowhere – hacked?

So while I was working in Excel, the following text appeared:

It’s Cloudflare IP addresses that i hadn’t copied.

My first thought was, what if someone had hacked my Mac and i pasted from their clipboard.

Scanned my Mac with Intego, didn’t find anything. Same with Malwarebytes Breach Remediation tool. Anyone have any ideas?