SharePoint June Patch for enterprise edition

Quick question to clarify patching SharePoint 2013 enterprise.

Do I only need to patch my enterprise farm servers with the enterprise version of the patch?

Or do I need to install the foundation version, then standard version, then enterprise version before running psconfig?

Side question, Would this also cover project server since it fixes cross site scripting for the farm?

Error after applying patch to module

I have applied patch from MD5 to SHA-512 to Magento 2 direct post module, when i tried to test purchasing with a credit card i got this error on exception.log file

main.CRITICAL: Warning: pack(): Type H: illegal hex digit : in /public_html/vendor/magento/module-authorizenet/Model/Directpost/Response.php on line 111  

this is the code line 111

return strtoupper(hash_hmac('sha512', $  message, pack('H*', $  signatureKey))); 

How can i fix this error?

Security Patch SUPEE-11155 – Possible issues?

Magento has released a new security patch for M1, and updates for M1 and M2.

What common issues do you have to watch out for when applying this patch/upgrade?

Magento 1

Magento 2

This should be the last release in the 2.1 series which reaches its EOL at the end of this month.


Why PATCH method is not idempotent?

I was wondering about this.

Suppose I have a user resource with id and name fields. If I want to update a field I could just do a PATCH request to the resource like this

PATCH /users/42 {"name": "john doe"}  

And then the application will update user 42 name.

But why if I repeat this request the outcome would be different?

According to RFC 5789

PATCH is neither safe nor idempotent

Magento 2. Declarative Schema. How to uninstall a patch without uninstalling the module?

The official docs say this.

Revertable data patch – A patch that can be reverted as a module or patch is uninstalled or deleted.

I know that Revertable patches must implement Magento\Framework\Setup\Patch\PatchRevertableInterface and when a module is un-installed the logic in the revert() method is called.

How can one revert a Patch without uninstalling the module

How to apply a patch file in composer to a submodule of a module?

I’ve added the patch to composer.json like this:

  "drupal/admin_toolbar_tools": {     "Bring back media to dropdown menu": ""   } 

However, admin_toolbar_tools is a sub-module of admin_toolbar (admin_toolbar/admin_toolbar_tools).

I ran composer install, but it doesn’t trigger the patch apply process.

The patch I am trying to apply is the following one (

diff --git a/admin_toolbar_tools/admin_toolbar_tools.module b/admin_toolbar_tools/admin_toolbar_tools.module index 9ac389c..1f8a36b 100644 --- a/admin_toolbar_tools/admin_toolbar_tools.module +++ b/admin_toolbar_tools/admin_toolbar_tools.module @@ -621,20 +621,23 @@ function admin_toolbar_tools_menu_links_discovered_alter(&$  links) {     // If module Media enabled.    if ($  moduleHandler->moduleExists('media')) { -    $  links['admin_toolbar_tools.add_media'] = [ -      'title' => t('Add media'), -      'provider' => 'admin_toolbar_tools', -      'route_name' => '', -      'menu_name' => 'admin', -      'parent' => 'system.admin_content', -    ]; +    // Displays media link in toolbar. +    if (in_array('', $  routes)) { +      $  links['admin_toolbar_tools.media_add_page'] = [ +        'title' => t('Add media'), +        'provider' => 'admin_toolbar_tools', +        'route_name' => '', +        'menu_name' => 'admin', +        'parent' => 'system.admin_content', +      ]; +    }      // Add node links for each media type.      foreach ($  entityTypeManager->getStorage('media_type')->loadMultiple() as $  type) {        $  links['media.add.' . $  type->id()] = [          'title' => t($  type->label()),          'provider' => 'admin_toolbar_tools',          'route_name' => '', -        'parent' => 'admin_toolbar_tools.add_media', +        'parent' => 'admin_toolbar_tools.media_add_page',          'route_parameters' => ['media_type' => $  type->id()],        ];      }