Please install kpsewhich and put it on path

In Xournal++ I want to use Tools -> Add/Edit Tex But I get

Could not find kpsewhich in PATH; please install kpsewhich and put it on path.

I checked, it is installed

$   whereis kpsewhich kpsewhich: /usr/bin/kpsewhich /usr/share/man/man1/kpsewhich.1.gz 

But on

$   PATH=$  PATH:/usr/bin/kpsewhich:/usr/share/man/man1/kpsewhich.1.gz $   xournalpp 

I still get the error message above.

List All Folders, Subfolders, and Files by name and path

I am using python with the sharepy module to make requests to sharepoint. I would really like to know to get get all of the folders, subfolders, and files of a sharepoint site via a http request. I can list folders and files like so:

r = s.get(spo_site + """_api/web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl('""" + root_folder + """')/Folders""") 

But it need it to go deep into the folder structure to get the relative urls and names of the files and folders. I would think this would be possible considering most sites have an export to excel button. The reason I want to do this with code because I need to go through a bunch of sites. Please Help.

TSP Variant – Ordered Path

Recently I came up with a traveling-salesman-esque problem. As usual, we have n vertices, and a weighted edge between any two vertices. However, each vertex is associated with a color, which may be repeated. Then, you are given a sequence of colors, and you want to find the shortest path that follows this sequence. If all vertices are the same color, this is the same as TSP. However, if all vertices are different colors, there is only one solution.

Is this variant at all studied? Let $ c$ be the most vertices of any given color. Is the decision problem this variant NP-complete for some fixed, c, or alternatively is there a simple way to solve the decision problem polynomially for any finite $ c$ ?

How to map a folder path to a name or IP address? [on hold]

My manager has asked me designed a static website for my project team members which has content as follows :- 1. Project Documents 2. Project training videos/audios 3. Office event photos 4. Important emails

I have designed it as the requirements but to access it one has to go the folder location where the HTML file reside.

Technologies I used : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Inspite of being an Oracle resource I am trying my best but how do I map folder path to a name or IP address so that it can be accessible easily by everyone ?

Upload failed, this file was not uploaded because the specified path was not found on server

What could be the cause of the file being unable to upload. I have searched the internet but nothing worked, and the information was posted around 6+ years ago. Just want to know if anybody has experienced this problem and has gotten it resolved or if there is any suggestions out there it would be greatly appreciated.

Get 15 Clipping Path background In Photoshop for $5

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Offer Photoshop Clipping Path Service for $20

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