How to change Route respond To A specific Path?

To increase site loading time and decrease the pressure on my website I have decided to host files(js,css,images) in other hosting, like google storage or amazon aws, problem is that I already published a lot of posts that includes images other files in the html, like:

<img src="site.example/wp-content/uploads/images/image.png"> 

i can’t go all over the posts to change the src attribute, so I want to change my route code so every time a wp-content or wp-includes files is requested, it will redirect it to the host where my media files are, something like:

    if(str_contains(path, 'wp-content') || str_contains(path, 'wp-includes')){       redirect("host.example".path);     } 

Can you wield a Greataxe and Claws with the UA Barbarian Path of the Beast?

The UA Barbarian Path of the Beast has the following option when you rage:

Claws. Your hands transform into claws, which deal 1d6 slashing damage on a hit. When you take the Attack action on your turn and make an attack with your claws, you can make one additional attack using your claws as part of the same action.

Can a level 5 Barbarian attack with a Greataxe or other two-handed weapon then attack twice with their claws?

This would look like this:

—- Take Attack Action —-
attack with Greataxe (1d12+2+STR)
attack with Claw (1d6+2+STR)
attack with Claw (1d6+2+STR)

On one hand it seems that it is allowed by the rules considering nothing is mentioned about only attacking with the claws or that the claws cannot hold a weapon.

On the other hand it seems odd to make two attacks with claws while holding something.

On the third hand (which may or may not be required) the feature makes no mention of the claw attacks needing to be from different hands.

Can feats like Psionic Weapon, Shot or Fist work with out interference with Path of War Rules?

Can feats like Psionic Weapon, Shot or Fist; or Greater Psionic Weapon, Shot or Fist work without interference or sacrifice with Path of War Rules?

Effects from stances remain so long as stance is not changed. Gaining and using focus* during a rotation of Boosts, Counters and Strikes is what I worry about. With Psionic Meditation you can gain focus with a move action, but can I expend/use said focus at anytime during when a boost, strike or counter happens?

* see the “Gain psionic focus” part for the rules

In Path of War can Hidden Blades use a Strike or Boost Maneuver with a Counter Maneuver?

In Path of War, can you use a Strike Maneuver with a Counter Maneuver?

For instance, can you initiate the strike Rippling Current (Mithral Current 3; melee att +3d6 dmg; if quick drawn, make target flat-footed) as part of the attack of the counter Mithral Flash (Mithral Current 5; opposed attack; if quick drawn, can attack with +5d6 dmg) ?

What tier are Path of War classes?

I know what class tiers are, and I know what tier most Pathfinder classes are. However, I have recently discovered Path of War, an alternative rule system published by Dreamscarred Press. It introduces many new classes to the game, and I don’t think I know the system well enough to judge every one of them without witnessing them in play, which I haven’t done yet.

On the other hand, I want to know which of those classes are actually good and which are not.

So, which tiers do Path of War classes belong to?

Are Path of War classes a good fit for beginner players?

I have just recently researched Path of War, an alternative rule system published by Dreamscarred Press. It looks very interesting and, for a few reasons, looks like one of the best-fitting classes for beginner players:

  1. PoW classes aren’t too complex. You don’t need to explain too many rules, and explaining how maneuvers work shouldn’t take too long either.
  2. PoW classes are potent. They seem able to achieve what is written in their descriptions — at least my fellow players in my current game achieve what they are supposed to.
  3. "Going nova" is not an issue. Pathfinder has a plethora of classes with abilities expendable on a per-day basis, and resource management is very hard for beginners. This often leads to level 1 Wizards burning all their spells in the first combat and then being useless for the entire day. In PoW, classes refresh their maneuvers after not being in combat for just one minute.
  4. You can ready different maneuvers every day. You can change your choice — well, to some extent. You are, in any case, less stuck in the same place than a Fighter who has chosen bad feats.

However, I haven’t watched beginner players use PoW classes, and hence I want to know if they are actually a good fit for complete beginners, those who have never played Pathfinder before or only have a few sessions behind their back.

Solving shortest path problem with Dijkstra’s algorithm for n negative-weight edges and no negative-weight cycle

Although many texts state Dijkstra’s algorithm does not work for negative-weight edges, the modification of Dijkstra’s algorithm can. Here is the algorithm to solve a single negative-weight edge without negative-weight edges.

Let $ d_s(v)$ be the shortest distance from source vertex s to vertex v.
Suppose the negative edge $ e$ is $ (u, v)$
First, remove the negative edge $ e$ , and run Dijkstra from the source vertex s.
Then, check if $ d_s(u) + w(u, v) \leq d_s(v)$ . If not, we are done. If yes, then run Dijkstra from $ v$ , with the negative edge still removed.
Then, $ \forall t \in V $ , $ d(t) = min(d_s(t), d_s(u) + w(u, v) + d_v(t))$

Given the above algorithm, I want to modify the above algorithm again to solve n negative-weight edges and no negative weight cycle. Any hint?

Running PHP echo $_SERVER [‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]; Shows Apache Default Path

Trying to get set up and running on a new hosting company after the old one announced they are discontinuing their service at the end of the year, I am having difficulty getting the sites to run. I narrowed it down to Apache’s DocumentRoot for each domain showing the Apache default path rather than showing the path to the individual site’s file location. In other words, when I run echo $ _SERVER ['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; in a test script, it shows the path as /etc/apache2/htdocs when it should show /home/username/public_html/ They seem unable to fix it so can DocumentRoot be changed through cPanel for each domain?

Why is DFS not suited for shortest path problem?

I am sorry for the repetition of the question. I understand that this question has already been answered before by the community, but most answers tend to focus on unweighted graphs. I want to know Can DFS we used to find the shortest path for weighted graphs? I know that Dijkstra’s algorithm is used to find the shortest path for weighted graphs. But, what I want to know is what is fundamentally different in using DFS for unweighted graphs compared to Dijkstra (which is BFS + priority queue/set) and why can’t we create DFS + priority queue/set implementation for shortest path problem?

Ref link: Shortest Path using DFS on weighted graphs, Why can't DFS be used to find shortest paths in unweighted graphs?

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Longest Path Problem on Graphs of Bounded Clique-Width

The wikipedia article mentions:

For graphs of bounded clique-width, the longest path can also be solved by a polynomial time dynamic programming algorithm.

However there are no references and I wasn’t able to find anything relevant in literature. Nor was I able to come up with a naive algorithm that would achieve this.

Would appreciate some pointers. If it’s important for the algorithm — I do have constructions of the graphs in terms of the node/union/join/rename operations.