Paxum in South Africa


After a few months of fighting with paxums crazy verification and finally verifying my proof of address I wanted to withdraw some fund to my bank account (FNB in South Africa) and it says the country isn't supported for wire transfer and when I try use the direct card payment it says API not supported.

Has anyone from SA used paxum and successfully gotten money out with an SA bank account?


First, they asked tons of documents to verify our Business account.
Then they have provided a Euro account details and said we can receive Wire Transfer from all over the world in it.

One of client sent a Wire of $ 550 from the United States.
It's been more than 20 days now, Paxum saying we are looking, searching etc….

The client has provided all the pieces of evidence of Wire Sent. We lost Client as well as $ 550.

Paxum support is terrible. They don't reply for a week or so…


Method for Sending Money from Paxum, Payoneer to Paypal

I can tell you one simple method for transact money from paxum, payoneer or event others to your paypal account:

1- Withdraw your payment Load your money to Paxum or Payoneer or to the others

2- Load money to any ad / affiliate network which accepts money loading from paxum and payoneer
Example: exo click ads

3- Withdraw money from your ad network account to your paypal.

Thats the way..

There may be some few cuts and fee's while loading and withdrawing

Note: Always ask to…

Method for Sending Money from Paxum, Payoneer to Paypal