High risk business Payment Processor

Hello, I started first with using PayPal, then it got disabled permanently.. then I moved onto stripe which also is now disabled about 2 weeks ago.
This is because they consider my business type "high risk". Is there any good payment processors for this, which support high risk business & what I sell?
And preferably with an integration to prestashop as its what I use for managing my website.

I am reselling mod menus/cheat/hack for GTA 5.

Checkout Page Is Keep Loading After Integration Of Payment Gateway In Magento2

Checkout page is Keep loading after integration of any payment gateway. I have tested with multiple payment gateway using module when i try to checkout the product keep loading.

[Loading Page Snap of checkoutpage] https://i.stack.imgur.com/MvINp.png

[Console Snap of checkoutpage] https://i.stack.imgur.com/2O4aL.png

Dominant payment systems in Latin America

Hi everyone!!! I am doing a research and need information about the different dominant payment systems throughout LATAM countries.
1. North And Central America
1.1. Belize
1.2. Costa Rica
1.3. El Salvador
1.4. Guatemala
1.5. Honduras
1.6. Mexico
1.7. Nicaragua
1.8. Panama
2. South America
2.1. Argentina
2.2. Bolivia
2.3. Brazil
2.4. Chile
2.5. Colombia
2.6. Ecuador
2.7. Guyana
2.8. Paraguay
2.9. Peru
2.10. Suriname
2.11. Uruguay
2.12. Venezuela
3. Caribbean countries
3.1. Cuba

Dominant payment systems in Latin America