In page Payment script security needs

Currently, I’m working in a Fintech StartUp. We have already implemented our payment solution with redirect in a checkout page hosted in our domain (like

Now, we are going to implement a solution that allow payments directly in the merchants page, but in order to maintain PCI complaint also in the merchants page we need to provide a script, that the merchant can insert in their website, where the sensitive data is collected and forwarded to our APIs (like

I have to write a JavaScript script that enables “in page” merchant payments, but I don’t find in any places a list of the security needs.

Checking several PSP that provide the same functionality I find some of security needs:

  1. The script and the form that collect sensitive data must be hosted in the PSP domain and inserted in the merchant webpage with an iFrame.
  2. The ids of inputs on the form that collect Credit card data must be randomly generated.
  3. The merchants website must load the script directly from our domain in order to remain PCI complaint (There is any way to check this point?).
  4. Javascript file must be minified and uglified.

My questions: are there any document that explains all the recommended security needs of this typology of script? Otherwise, is my security list enough? Are there some errors in my list?

Payment Gateway Solution

One of my friend required payment gateway solution for his job portal, as maximum payment gateway do not provide that services to job portals (if its not big name in industry) so what is the solution for the same?
He was using paypal of one of his friend who is in USA for the same but that friend now shifted back to India so need some solution for this problem.
Thank you

When choosing payment options during checkout, should the Paypal option go directly to Paypal, or show a “continue to Paypal” link?

I currently have 2 payment options during checkout: Credit Card and Paypal. Currently, clicking on the Credit Card option will reveal a credit card form, and clicking on the Paypal option will take the user to Paypal checkout (on the Paypal site).

I have also seen it where sites such as Netflix, will show a “continue to paypal” link after selecting the Paypal payment method, instead of going straight to Paypal (shown below)

Payment Options

Paypal option selected

Is the “continue to paypal” link helpful to the user, or does it just add an extra step/confusion (because the user isn’t taken straight to Paypal after selecting the Paypal option)?

Save Payment Processing Fee With eCheck Gateway

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Payment processor Pre-paid cards MCC CODE 6012


I'm looking for a payment processor for my client (Gambling/Casino) that does the following:

We want to credit voucher for our client to buy prepaid cards with MCC CODE 6012 (this is MANDATORY).
We are PCI DSS compliant and we will host the webpage. We want to package that for our own client.

The client uses our hosting page and credit the prepaid card.

Monthly sales volume: up to 40 million € (average 25M)
Chargeback is below 0,2%

We are already using payment processors that charge…

Payment processor Pre-paid cards MCC CODE 6012

How to change this simple code so that it sends the email notification after payment in WooCommerce?

How to change this code so that it sends the email notification after successfully payment in WooCommerce?

add_action( 'woocommerce_applied_coupon', 'custom_email_on_applied_coupon', 10, 1 ); function custom_email_on_applied_coupon( $  coupon_code ){     if( $  coupon_code == 'mycoupon' ){          $  to = "";         $  subject = "Coupon $  coupon_code has been applied";         $  content = "         The coupon code $  coupon_code has been applied by a customer         ";          wp_mail( $  to, $  subject, $  content );     } } 

woocommerce my-account custom payment method is empty

I developed custom woocommerce payment gateway plugin.

I’m having one issue in the http://website/my-account page.

The registered token payment methods is not listing the http://website/my-account/payment-methods page.

from the payment-methods.php i can see that in the code payment-methods are listed based on

wc_get_account_payment_methods_columns()  function. 

However when i tried to echo the array, i dont see the payment-method value listed it in…even the actual size is one.

Im trying to look for more documentation, however i haven’t found the solution yet.

Is it something that i need to explicitly trigger when adding new payment-method / checkout using new payment method?