Looking for payments or gateways procesors

Looking for payments or gateways procesors. Thanks!

Hello, good day, I am searching for processors or payment gateways to link them to my website. I offer a series of services and I have a project to implement premium services, more detailed and personalized to the taste of users. In addition to this, I could also cut paths, if there are people here with the ability to sell me these gateways or payment processors, we offer attractive payments for these accounts once we verify them. We want…

Looking for payments or gateways procesors

[ Insurance ] Open Question : If parents take out whole life insurance on their kids, then die first, shouldn’t someone get some cash back for the years of payments made?

The cover page says each child was insured for $ 5K, ‘whole life paid up at age 65’ with number of years payable at 54 (for the child that was 11 when the policy started) with annual premiums of $ 53.30. Isn’t the purpose of ‘whole life’ policies that it’s like an investment? Parents are most likely to die first, so of course their payments would stop before the kids ever reach 65. Is the policy worthless when payments stop? This seems like a bad, ill-advised deal if no one gets money back.   It doesn’t make sense to me that any LONG TERM policy should cancel just because a person was unable to make payments for a temporary period of time, like after getting laid off from work, disabled, death of a spouse, etc. It would be no wonder insurance companies make so much money if they get to keep all the money they taken in for many years from people who will never file a claim before they stop making payments for whatever reason.  

Checkout system with offline payments

I’m trying to find the best way to handle offline payments (e.g. internet bank transfer) into a site which offers services like courses.

At present there is a course registration form, when successfully completed the user receives a confirmation screen and email which states that payment is required, confirms the amount and bank account details.

I’m concerned that when a user completes this process it may feel as though they have achieved a booking or reservation, regardless of the information that follows.

For management a difficulty is that once the checkout is completed it takes a minimum of 24-48 hours before the payment can be confirmed. Also, the user may choose to not pay immediately (or at all). During this time the list contains unpaid booking requests, and it’s proving hard to manage the attendee list and be sure of who is coming.

I’m wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before and if there is a better way to handle the checkout process.

More information:

The UX objective is to have an easy to use system for a user to create a course booking, where if they choose to pay ‘offline’ it is clearly understood that there is no reservation of a place until the payment has been made.

It could simply be that a standard process like the current one is fine, we just need to work the copy so that it communicates this well.

Another possibility I’ve considered is a system where ‘offline’ payments are completed before the booking form is completed, identified using a unique code sent via email. This might better reflect reality but it would also be pretty unusual and could put people off.

New affiliate network with recurring commissions and weekly payments

I created a small portfolio of tools in growing niches such as dropshipping and print on demand. I will be paying you up to 50% of the revenue for the users you refer to them.

Profit from the current gold rush in dropshipping and ecommerce and be the one who sells the shovels. Your commission will be paid weekly via Paypal. And it gets even better, if you refer other advertisers/affiliates you will get paid 10% of the revenue they earn. If you manage to refer a couple big whales with…

New affiliate network with recurring commissions and weekly payments

Receiving payments with woo commerce

I have a site https://mastoorabeauty.com
I encountered a problem with paypal as they have limited my account asking for photo I'd after months of booking disputes or issues.
Long story short I want to know if there is a way to recieve paypal payments without my paypal account?
I have read there is a few options but I'm not savvy with this
I use stripe at the moment which is fine but have had multiple orders in the past 3 days saying something about not honouring the payment
Which is very…

Receiving payments with woo commerce

recieving payments help paypal sucks!

I have started my own business called MastoorA Beauty
I had a paypal account which worked fine for months then suddenly one customers payment was on hold and now even though they received their item and i updated tracking info, my account is still frozen and I'm out of pocket postage and item cost

I was told there is options to receive payments from paypal customers without having a paypal account. Majority of my income is with paypal customers… so Im suffering a huge blow right now.

recieving payments help paypal sucks!