Preparing for so many quests on Dragon of Icespire peak

I am about to start Dragon of Icespire peak, and I’m a bit uncertain on how I should prepare for it: I read Slyflourish’s tips for DoIP, and I’m aware of some of its pitfalls, including low leveled characters, etc.

What I’m wondering is, how in a practical sense do you prepare for the optional quests on the job board? Let’s assume they have 3 quests to choose from on the job board, but which will be their choice? Who knows! This means that I have prepare for all 3, but there are so many details to remember that I will probably have to write them down and read a lot while they are adventuring, and this doesn’t sound good…

How did you go about preparing this first session where they have so many options to choose from? I imagine that any tips in here will be useful not only for the 1st set of quests but also the whole story *panics as fresh DM *

Level Range of Dragon of Icespire Peak

I am planning to run a introductory campaign with the scenario ‘Dragon of Icespire Peak’, and I would like to estimate how long it will going to take. However, there is no where in the book written about the level range of this scenario, unless I have miss some phrases.

Can someone tell me what is the level range and how long the campaign would take assuming playing it once a week for about 4 to 5 hours each.

Is the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure designed for a party of 2 characters?

Specifically in the context of running the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure (from the Essentials Kit) for one player, is this adventure designed for a party of 2 characters?

I ask because I plan to run this for one player, and the intention seems to be to add a sidekick to the party to help out the main character (i.e. my player’s PC).

From Running for One Player:

The fact that it says “a sidekick” implies that the adventure expects you to have a party of 2 characters. This is further supported by the Running for Multiple Players section:

Since this makes no mention of sidekicks, it implies that having only two players (and therefore a party of only 2 characters) is fine.

Generally published adventures are designed for a party of 4 characters, so I just wanted to make extra-sure that this one was designed for 2 characters (i.e. that a single player only needs one sidekick added to the party, not two or three). Does it say this explicitly anywhere that I’ve missed, or otherwise imply that it is balanced for 2 characters?

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Mathematical Techniques to Reduce the Width of a Gaussian Peak

In the chemical analysis by instruments, the signals of several molecules are overlapped which makes it difficult to determine the true area of each peak, such as those shown in red. I simulated this as a sum of six Gaussians (with some tailing elements)

  1. One of the simplest technique is to raise the discrete signal values to any positive power (n>0). The standard deviation of the Gaussians becomes smaller and smaller (C, in blue). The big drawback is that we lose all the original peak area information. The transformed data is highly resolved now at the cost of losing true area information.

  2. Alternatively, we can add a first derivative of the signal and subtract the second derivative from the original signal i.e., Sharpened signal= Original signal +K (first derivative) – J(second derivative)

K and J are small positive real numbers. This neat “trick” maintains the true area because area under the derivatives is negligible (zero in ideal cases).

Do mathematicians use any other transformations which can make each overlapping peak very narrow, yet maintain the original peak areas. I am not interested in curve fitting techniques at this moment. Any pointers to some similar “peak sharpening” transformations would be appreciated which can resolve overlapping signals.


enter image description here

Confusion about off peak timings of London trains

I have off peak return ticket from London to Didcot Parkway. Screenshot is attached. I am not sure what timings are allowed on this ticket. I checked this question, according to which travel restriction can by accessed by code FP. However, I am getting confused about what are the train timings which are allowed in this ticket. Can someone help? Also what does ‘optional reservation’ mean? I can travel at other timings also right?

enter image description here

How to test server’s peak draw on electrical amperage?

I’m moving my server to a co-location center and they’r not concerned with the actual wattage, which is what I’ve tracked, but they are very concerned with the peak amperage. They charge by the amps made available to the machine. Is there some industry standard way I can test that? The person I spoke with in the data center is a sales guys, so he’s not sure of the technical aspects that he’s asking me about.

If there’s a software solution, my system is an HP DL580 G7 running centos 7.

What I’ve tried:

I have a UPS on it now that gives wattage outputs which bounce all over the place. The highest I’ve seen is 800 watts, so my guess is 800watts/120volts should be six and two thirds amps. Do I provision 7 amps? Sounds a little flimsy.

Powerstat says “Device does not have any RAPL domains, cannot power measure power usage.” so I don’t think it’s compatible with my system.

Please let me know what the industry standards for this are.