Is there a not-advertised “Windows 10 for Rich People” edition?

When Windows 10 was not yet released, a spokesperson from Microsoft stood on stage talking about how important privacy is to Microsoft and literally ended with:

Because you are our customersnot our products!

(Loud applauds, and understandably so.)

Well, I probably don’t have to tell you what happened once it was released, but every time I have to reinstall my computer system, I’m absolutely appalled by the insane number of cryptic and ever-changing steps I have to take to force my Windows 10 Pro (the version I bought) into something that could be considered "just barely usable, if you forget all about privacy". Every last bit of joy has been sucked out of computers in the last 20 years.

It strikes me that this cannot possibly be what rich people see on their computers. It simply cannot. There must exist some kind of not-advertised Windows 10 version (possibly having existed since Windows 8 was first released or even before) which has all of this spying and insultingly dumbed-down consumer madness turned off/removed by default. I imagine that their version of Windows brings them immediately to a truly clean desktop and can instantly start installing whatever third-party software they need, without first having to go through this long ritual of steps from a long "laundry list" of objectively user-hostile defaults.

Basically, I’m convinced that there must exist a "Windows basic platform engine" with some sort of professional, polished GUI running on top of it which is quite different from the big, ugly mess that is presented to the general public as Windows 10. Something which, to the user, never or very rarely changes.

I simply cannot imagine that a rich person, who doesn’t like or want to use Apple/Mac computers (or simply need to use one or more of the numerous Windows-exclusive software products), goes through what I go through every time they set up a new computer or reinstall my current one. It’s a scene I just cannot believe happens. Just like a rich person would never put up with my living conditions, I don’t believe that they would put up with my "computing experience".

Maybe you’ll say that they probably just hire an expert to do it for them, and while that sounds reasonable for somebody who can afford it, would such a person really trust somebody else to set up their personal computer, this highly personal and central machine, for them properly and not make any mistakes or even add their own spying software for personal blackmail purposes?

I certainly would never let anyone, even if they have a big diploma from "Privacy University", install and set up Windows 10 on my "rich man’s" PC even if I had as much money as Bill Gates; there are many GUI-accessible settings related to updates and sending "samples" (personal files) to Microsoft by default related to the anti-virus product built into Windows, for example, which most people would more than likely miss even if they were tasked with this job and got paid dearly for it. And it keeps changing.

It simply doesn’t add up. Something is missing from the equation.

I assume that Bill Gates himself has a private build of Windows, but of course most rich people are far from his wealth and he also is the founder of the company, so it’s meaningless to focus on him for this question which is about "rich, intelligent, important people" in general. Take Elon Musk or somebody like that. (And please don’t try to convince me that he’s running Linux…)

Please note that I’m not talking about a "clean" copy of Windows 10, that is, one without all the extra garbage added in by the PC maker, pre-installed on most PCs you can buy in stores. I’m talking about a "clean ISO" directly from Microsoft. The most "vanilla" Windows 10 that you can get. The "intended" OS, which is so full of nonsense by now that I just cannot imagine having a secondary computer and having to maintain two of these things. There’s just too much stuff to disable and (attempt to) block.

Of course, I don’t think it’s actually called "Windows 10 for Rich People", but what do such people do? Just like they pay for so many other annoying/unpleasant/privacy-invasive things to "go away" for them, surely this must also be the case with computers?

PS: I’m aware of the "Enterprise" and "Enterprise LTSC" editions, but they are very specifically for mass-installations in companies, cannot be purchased normally and, having tried them out myself, are only very marginally better than the home/"Pro" editions in terms of spying, unwanted bloat and (lack of) polish, so I cannot accept these as the versions I’m referring to.

Step by step instructions to Find People by Phone Numbers

The idea of a converse registry, or one that takes a telephone number and with that will find somebody’s location and other data, has been around since the phone directory has been near, yet they have consistently been accessible just to huge organizations and advertising firms. The vast majority of these necessary genuinely enormous membership costs. 

Phone directories are presently conveyed electronically to you thus the converse catalog can be conveyed to you simply, (and, similarly as monetarily). You can look through these information bases effectively by entering a telephone number and afterward hitting the pursuit catch and think of the individual that has that telephone number doled out to them.

That is if the number that you have is a recorded number! Bangladesh Mobile Database

On the off chance that you are managing an unlisted telephone number, at that point you either need to do a bit ‘leg-work’ OR you have to get tightly to a pursuit database that has unlisted numbers in them. These are not as simple as simply signing onto! You have to utilize an alternate kind of administration that will look through ALL databases, recorded and unlisted, with simply the one section.

There are some of these administrations out there. Some of them will scan for:

Telephone numbers

Marriage records

Criminal Records

Detainees in all states

Neighborhood look

Court Records

Demise Records

Eulogy Searches

Graveyard Searches

Chapter 11 Search

Sex Offenders

Military Records

also, some more!

Regardless of whether you are performing parentage research, managing ‘Skip-Tracing’ ventures, or on the off chance that you are associated with setting up class get-together sort employments, there is a generally excellent motivation to engage with the absolute best hunt assets accessible!

It would be ideal if you see underneath for a phenomenal asset that will permit the entirety of the above recorded inquiries without going everywhere throughout the net to finish your undertakings.

Mickey Brundege, during his 55 years has been associated with numerous things and various individuals. Let him converse with you: “I am excited about helping individuals in varying backgrounds help themselves by empowering them to achieve their objectives, be it Personal, Professional, Wellness, Spiritually or Politically.

How can a character be able to Detect Thoughts on multiple people at once?

Since this video came out (timestamped to the important part), I have been puzzling over any spell I could find to understand what’s going on. While I know a DM can invent all they want for NPCs and enemies, I also know that Monty Martin (the DM of that game) finds pleasure in beating his players with enemies that conform to the same parameters that PCs have (thus making a RAW PC as his villain and outplaying the actual PCs). So I am sure that this demonstration of skill from the sallow-eyed man is an actual RAW spell or ability, though I have not been able to find such a trick since that episode first aired.

Does anyone know of a way that a character can be granted "mass detect thoughts"?

Can the people who live in this maze get lost in their own maze in Tomb of Annihilation?

I hope the title isn’t so ambiguous such that it doesn’t actually resemble what I’m asking, but I’m trying to keep the title spoiler free.

So, in the Tomb of Annihilation adventure for D&D 5e, there is a location in Chult called Dungrunglung (pp. 49-52). This location includes a maze.

So, the moment the party step into the maze (which surrounds the grung settlement of Dungrunglung), the grungs "greet" them immediately and escort them to the centre, which of course means they are going through the maze with the party. On page 49, it has this to say about the maze itself, and what one may expect whilst trying to navigate it:

The maze’s passages are open to the sky and magically change configuration every minute or so, turning passageways into dead ends, and vice versa. Whichever character is leading the way through the maze must make six successful DC 15 Wisdom (Survival) checks to find the entrance to the settlement (area 2). Each successful or failed check represents 1 minute of searching the maze.

This, to me, implies that the grungs themselves can get lost in their own maze (and after apparently having just travelled through it already to greet the party). Is this true?

Is there anything that I’ve missed that might imply that, while being guided through the maze by the grungs, the (escorted) party and grungs do not get lost? Or do the party or the grungs still need to make Survival checks, potentially getting lost?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Questions for you “all lives matter” people?

When Vegas was shot, why did people say “Vegas strong” instead of “All cities strong”? After the Boston Marathon Bombing, why did people say “Boston strong” instead of “All cities strong”? Why is it called “Breast cancer awareness month” instead of just “Cancer awareness month”? Don’t all cancers matter? When a house is on fire, why do the firetrucks only spray water at that house instead of all the other houses? Don’t all houses matter? Don’t you guys see that it’s stupid for you to say that all lives matter? We say black lives matter because black lives are the ones being attacked. Cops already know white lives and other lives matter, but we need to focus on black lives because they’re the ones being affected right now!

[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open Question : My son supports the black people movement, how do I stop him?

(F61). Ever since this stupid Black Live matter (All lives matter) grew in popularity, my son won’t shut up about it. He’s always watching the protests and he has even mentioned going to protest! I’m not okay with that. He knows about white privilege, but he still wants to help “the blacks” in a useless publicity stunt. He turned 16 and got his license recently, so I threatened to slash his tires if he left the house. In my opinion, this whole movement is only important because everyone’s at home, nobody would care if this liberal coronavirus crap didn’t happen. This has just put me in a bad mood. Not trying to offend. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do conservatives accuse people calling for unity of being divisive?

Chanting “Black Lives Matter” is in fact a message of unity. It means that ALL LIVES don’t matter until BLACK LIVES DO! It’s an expendable term that should not even trigger conservative snowflakes. #BlackLivesMatter The riots are irrelevant. The media has been covering the riots more than the peaceful protests (which make up probably more than 90 percent of the BLM protests). Try harder, conservatives! It’s not working. So you conservatives finally decide you trust the media now that this matter is pertaining to BLM???? Yeah, I see you guys!