royserpa how can you take peoples money and close the thread?

I posted that i wont use the hacking bullshit mentioned in your pdf and that the 1st method will not rank without the things you say you do not need.

Ive been doing youtube for years and i know better 
If you can get a hangout to rank without any of the things you say you dont need prove it and ill go away
Far as the other two methods i am not interested and wont a refund
Your post for that sale was a outright lie

Can Prestidigitation color people’s skin?

The Prestidigitation spell in D&D 3.5 specifically says that it is possible to use it to color items (see SRD). Given the wording, “items” can be interpreted either as “inanimate object” or more generally as “physical entity”. It’s therefore not clear if the spell can be used to color a person’s face (for example, as a joke, or as a rough disguise). The fact that the spell description reports that the saving throw is “see text”, but nothing is actually said in the text leaves me even more baffled.

What are the chances that authorities spy people’s devices?

I wanted to figure out whether authorities can potentially, not in terms of whether they are allowed to, spy people’s smartphones activities such as e-amail, whatsapp chats, and so on. I don’t mean the FBi or NSA techniques used to catch dangerous people or whoever is highly harmful to the society, but I mean whether simple police stuff could possibly spy, for example, small drug dealers phones in order to dismantle their plans and so forth.

Which tool/key manager to manage people’s public keys in organization?

I’m not really an expert on different key types but here it goes. My company never really managed keys. We have an SKS server that was set up to manage GPG keys for a couple of users sending encrypted documents.

Now a new requirement has come up: all users logging into servers will have to use SSH keys (i.e. ssh-keygen, creating rsa keys) or to use services like git.

Can I manage/does it make sense to manage GPG and SSH keys in the same tool? Is the existing SKS server the right tool to store these keys?

How do I store other people’s ssh keys securely?

This is not really a programming question, but please hear me out. I am building a deployment tool, So using my application others can deploy their own application to their own servers. (just like,

Following are the use cases for this particular question

  1. I need to store each of my user’s public ssh keys because I need to insert this key in each of the provisioned servers. so that users can log into their servers via ssh without any manual authorizations.
  2. Also, I need to authorize my applications ssh key (ie: my servers public key) into customers servers so that I can execute commands on my user’s server on their behalf.
  3. I need to generate a new key on the newly provisioned customer server and authorize it in github/gitlab of the customer so that when I push/pull from the server I don’t need to enter any username or password.

Coming to the question, Where/how do I store these keys (securely)? can I store them in a specific directory in my server? This makes me think that my server can be a big target for hackers since if they are able to hack, it opens doors to a multitude of servers.

What are the steps I can take to make this setup more secure?

Considering use case 2, does it make any difference if I generate separate keys for separate customers?

transit visa for indian passport holder in Xiamen or Shenzhen (People’s Republic of China) on the way to Seattle from Tokyo (Japan)

I have an Indian passport, Japanese residence card and intend to visit Seattle (USA) but an itinerary (the cheapeast one) involves a transit in Shenzhen, Xiamen or Fuzhou (SZX, XMN or FOC). I have a valid US Visa (B1/B2), Do I need to apply for and get a transit visa in advance, or can i get one on arrival?

Itinerary Sequence:

Outbound Plan 1

MF810: NRT to FOC, Narita(Tokyo) to Fuzhou 15:30 to 18:10
A) Long layover in Fuzhou MF8367: FOC to SZX, Fuzhou to Shenzhen 07:50(+1) to 09:20
B) Long layover in Shenzhen MF8078: FOC to SZX, Fuzhou to Shenzhen 20:00 to 21:25
MF845: SZX to SEA, Shenzhen to Seattle 12:45 (+1 in case of B but not A) to 10:15

Outbound Plan 2 : Long layover in Xiamen

MF816: NRT to SZX, Narita(Tokyo) to Shenzhen 14:55 to 18:10
MF845: SZX to XMN, Shenzhen to Xiamen 9:20 (+1) to 10:45 MF845: SZX to SEA, Shenzhen to Seattle 12:45 to 10:15

Return : Long layover in Xiamen

MF846: SEA to SZX, Seattle to Shenzhen 12:45 to 18:00 (+1)
MF846: SZX to XMN, Shenzhen to Xiamen 20:25 to 21:35
MF815: XMN to NRT, Xiamen to Narita (Tokyo) 8:50 (+1) to 13:45

How can you see a list of two other people’s mutual friends on Facebook?

I can see the Friend Lists of two other users who aren’t friends: call them A and B. How can you see all mutual friends between A and B, instead of cross-referencing yourself inefficiently?

This solution fails. I don’t understand this other recommendation quoted beneath: what ought be on It doesn’t let me input A or B’s names.


It will generate a search query that looks like this:
where ID1 and ID2 are the Facebook IDs of the queried users.

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Wi-Fi Pineapple Device – is it that easy to steal people’s info?

I’ve been doing research on the internet relating to cybersecurity and I came across an article talking about a “Wi-Fi Pineapple”.

The article made it seem like anyone can buy this and basically steal peoples information in a Plug-and-play type fashion.

WiFi Pineapple Redux: Hacking Toy Offers No Legitimate Use, Tricks Hotspot Users

I was wondering how accurate this is, is it really that easy?

Most importantly, If one wanted to learn how to use a Wi-Fi pineapple, what concepts would I need to learn and what should I start learning first (networking, programming, Linux, etc,)?

How can I save/archive people’s Medium articles complete with comments/replies?

How can I archive or otherwise save (in any format – PDF, HTML, I don’t really care about the specific format) someone’s posting/article on Medium, including all the comments that were posted in reply to the article? To put it another way, if I read something on Medium and I want to archive it externally for research purposes and future reference, how can I do it?

I looked in Medium’s help but could not find something to help resolve this. If I print to PDF in my browser, I only get the article itself and not the comments.

Medium may not provide a feature to do this directly, but I have to believe there is some way to get the data and save it.