Help with an Anydice formula to calculate hit percentage in Dungeons and Dragons

I’m trying to create what I think is a simple formula in Anydice and struggling to figure it out.

I roll a 20 sided dice, add a number x, and want to know the odds that the number will be greater or equal to a number between 5 and 25. For those who play D&D, basically:

If a fighter has a +8 to hit, what is the percentage chance that he’ll hit AC 5-25?

I think this is it, but he never fully shows the entire formula, and when I copy it into anydice, it keeps returning an error:

Thanks in advance!

How to predict the number of comparisons done by QuickSort if you know the percentage to which the array is pre-sorted?

I’ve noticed that correlating the number of comparisons done by a naive implementation of QuickSort with the percentage of elements that were already sorted gives you a curly-brace-shaped-curve if you use logarithmic scale: Curly-brace-shaped curve So, how can this curly-brace-shaped curve be mathematically described (the red curve represents the behavior of the c++ “sort” function, and it appears much more complicated)? If it can be done precisely, then one can precisely predict how many comparisons QuickSort would do simply by passing through the array, counting the number of elements for which array[i]<array[i+1], and inserting that number into a formula. I’ve tried to find a mathematical formula that approximates that using a genetic algorithm, here is what I ended up with:


Here, ‘f’ signifies the number of comparisons done by QuickSort, ‘n’ signifies the number of elements in the array and ‘s’ signifies the proportion of the elements that are already sorted: it’s -1 if the array is reverse-sorted, 1 if it’s already sorted, and approximately 0 if it’s randomly shuffled.

Can you come up with a better formula?

How is calculated fill-factor percentage related to size of database?

I have rebuild all indexes in database setting fill-factor of 95 (5% free space) using maintenance plan, but database after reindex is almost doubled in size – reported free space is 42%.

How is calculated fill-factor related to size database?

Maybe something is wrong with reindex, which cause so much growth of size?

Some database info after reindex:

Size (MB):            164 983.625 Data Space Used (KB):      82 907 896 Index Space Used (KB):     14 073 320 Space Available (KB):      71 879 024 

Generated T-SQL for maintenance plan for one table:


Android,Hichart how to show percentage on top of the pie chart?Please have look on my code.And correct me if anything wrong in my code

HIPlotOptions plotOptions = new HIPlotOptions();

plotOptions.setPie(new HIPie());

plotOptions.getPie().setAllowPointSelect(true);//For slicing the pie quard


plotOptions.getPie().setDataLabels(new HIDataLabels());


plotOptions.getPie().getDataLabels().setFormat(“{point.percentage:.1f} %“);

//here i’m added to show the 5 on the top of the pie chart plotOptions.getPie().getDataLabels().setStyle(new HICSSObject());



options.setPlotOptions(plotOptions);enter preformatted text here

Which is more motivating to continue a process until completion: a percentage, or the number of steps?

I’m working on a set of guides to help users learn how to use our app. We want to show which guides are available and some data with each guide indicating how far you’ve gotten. The idea is that if we show this information and constantly remind you of it, you’ll be more motivated to complete each one and learn more things about the app.

What we disagree on is how to format that information. Which is better: “You have completed 4/7 steps” vs “You have completed 57%”? Looking for data/metrics, not opinions.

How to figure out the scroll percentage of an element on a page


Do you know of some tool where I can check at what percentage of the vertical scroll a certain web element is located?

For example, I have a page where I have a button somewhere near the bottom. How can I find at what % of the page scroll exactly is this button located?

Ideally, I would prefer if there is an online tool or software that can tell as I scroll a page how much percent of it I have gone.

I am not much into coding so I wouldn't like to install any code on the site….

How to figure out the scroll percentage of an element on a page

percentage of X.509 certs using rsaEncryption as signature algorithm

Quoting 2017_TLS_Telemetry_Report.pdf:

Not surprisingly, 2048-bit keys now protect 90% of the world’s TLS hosts. The use of 4096-bit keys have quadrupled, as a share of hosts, but we expect it to start shrinking again as Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) gains favor.

That report was issued in 2017 however and I can find no newer report.

My question is… is there a more recent report that has more up-to-date stats?