What happens to a troll that is perfectly vertically bisected by a normal weapon?

The title pretty much covers it. For reference, see http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/troll.htm and http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#regeneration

There is, of course, no definitive answer in the rulebooks on this. However if you know of some relevant ruling by the game developers that has been published, that would be useful. I’m also interested to hear your personal interpretations.

Fullsimplify not working perfectly

Here I am using the below code for a simplification.

DB = \[Sigma]*\[Sigma]*\[Phi]*\[Phi]     BB = Sqrt[DB] // FullSimplify // PowerExpand     g = 1/DB         \[Alpha]I = a\[Phi]     \[Alpha] = \[Alpha]I - 0.5*BB*D[BB, \[Phi]]     \[Alpha]s = \[Alpha] - ((1/2)*BB*D[BB, \[Phi]])     UG = 0.375 \[Sigma]^2     Phi = UG - ((1/2)*(g*\[Alpha]s*\[Alpha]s)) // FullSimplify //        PowerExpand 

But I am getting a result without cancelling the common term $ $ \phi $ $ Below is what I am getting. But I need to cancel the common terms. Here $ $ a, \sigma $ $ are constants. $ $ \phi$ $ is a variable

Result I got:


How to perfectly wipe a duplicated project (statistics & URLs & emails) in GSA SER ?

I wanted to duplicate an already used project and couldn’t find out how to clear everything in the new copy. To delete the URL cache, the URL history and the accounts is not enough. The statistics (Submitted/Verified) for example keep the data from the original project. I’m sure there is some more data kept in the background too. Who can help please?

Game works perfectly in unity editor but is broken when built (android) [on hold]

So I have 21 scenes, 1 menu and 20 levels. All of this works perfectly in the editor, but when I built it to my android, it breaks completely. When built, the menu works fine, however when I load the first level, I get a black screen and only the ui shows. Also, one button in the gui is supposed to remove a certain part of the gui which doesnt happen. I also have a timer which just keeps adding numbers onto itself, rather than redraw it (Like if you just keep drawing 1,2,3,4 without erasing the previous ones).

On build, I get no errors and only a “Build completed with a result of ‘Succeeded'”. I have previously built games onto my phone without problems, but never with multiple scenes like this one has. I should also mention that all my levels have 3 canvases (which are fully functional in the editor).

Edit: It’s also broken if I start it directly into level1

Appreciate any suggestions to solve this.

Does anyone know any program to record screen with video perfectly?

Hello someone knows a program to record screen in Ubuntu perfectly with internal audio system. I have tried almost all that there are but none does well.


Hola alguien sabe un programa para grabar pantalla en Ubuntu perfectamente con audio interno del sistema. He probado casi todos los que hay pero ninguno lo hace bien.

External audio is not working perfectly after suspend | Realtek ALC3235

Headset jack works fine after each booting or after hot plunging. But after resuming from suspend, audio does not work as it should be, when the jack remains connected during suspend. Headsets sound rough, volume becomes low and stereo does not work also.

Sound card is Realtek ALC3235 in Dell Latitude E7470 running Ubuntu 18.04.2.

When is derived category of ringed space perfectly generated?

Let $ (X,\mathcal{O})$ be a ringed space. Also assume that $ X$ is nice, e.g. locally compact, Hausdorff, some type of finite dimension, …

We can then consider $ \mathcal{D}(\mathcal{O}\text{-}Mod)$ . When is this a perfectly generated category? Recall that a non-empty set of objects $ S\subset Ob(\mathcal{C})$ for a category $ \mathcal{C}$ with coproducts is said to perfectly generate $ \mathcal{C}$ if

  • $ S$ is a generating set, i.e. if $ Hom(s,C)=0$ for all $ s\in S$ , then $ C=0$
  • For a non-empty family of morphisms $ (C_i\to D_i)$ such that $ Hom(s,C_i)\to Hom(s,D_i)$ is surjective for each $ i$ and each $ s$ , then $ Hom(s,\bigoplus C_i)\to Hom(s,\bigoplus D_i)$ is surjective for each $ s\in S$ .

I suspect this has been studied before, so even just links to some sources would be highly appreciated!

Currently my conjecture is that the skyscraper sheaves of the stalks and all their shifts are a perfect generating set under nice geometric assumptions, but I am unable to verify that this is the case.

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Samsung S7 constantly dropping calls even after reinstall, but everything else is working perfectly. How to narrow down the problem?

My Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F, Exynos/International model, LineageOS 15.1) has developed a weird fault. Has anyone heard of this or able to suggest ideas for troubleshooting/fixing?

Everything works 100% except that it randomly disconnects on phone calls. Often within seconds to a few minutes, sometimes while connecting the call or waiting to have it picked up. It doesn’t seem to matter who initiates the call. There’s no other symptom and everything else (including data connectivity) seems to work properly. Its consistent (every call). I have to call back each time, and several times to complete the conversation. It started around New Year 4 months ago, but I don’t remember any accidents. The glass is intact all around, and it’s always been in a TPU protector + glass screen protector case.

I’ve never had a SIM card error that I know of, nor any alerts about a SIM issue, and it doesn’t seem to be related to vibration, as I’m often handholding it indoors at the time, which to me, suggests it’s not an issue with the SIM tray contacts.

The only hint I have is that it seems to disconnect less if I am stationery or more when I change location – if I pace up and down or walk from room to room, it seems to be more prone to disconnect, but this could be just me imagining it as I try to find a way to work around the issue. Or could hint at antennae issues???

I’ve tried a new SIM (no effect), network operator says its not their side, reinstalled same OS (lineage 15.1) as used before that time (no use). It seems nothing left except a hardware issue, but who can tell.

I know there are logs for these things, and I’m used to log dumps on other platforms, but they’re long, and not sure what to look for. Ideally I’m looking for a way to tell what the system thinks has caused the disconnection.

In brief, how can I narrow down the cause, and is there anything else I can do to determine if it’s fixable, without returning to Samsung?