database mirror – A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time

I have database mirror set up in one of my servers and all seems to be fine, however, from time to time I get this error message in the logs:

--Execute it on Primary/Secondary server EXEC xp_readerrorlog 0,1,"Error",Null, NULL, NULL, N'desc' 

Database mirroring connection error 2 ‘Connection attempt failed with error: ‘10060 (A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.)’.’ for ‘TCP://MIRROR_SERVER_DB01:5022’.

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--============================================================================== -- query that shows the current state of each database in the mirroring --==============================================================================   SELECT   db_name(sd.[database_id])              AS [Database Name]           ,sd.mirroring_state                  AS [Mirror State]           ,sd.mirroring_state_desc             AS [Mirror State]            ,sd.mirroring_partner_name           AS [Partner Name]           ,sd.mirroring_role_desc              AS [Mirror Role]             ,sd.mirroring_safety_level_desc      AS [Safety Level]           ,sd.mirroring_witness_name           AS [Witness]           ,sd.mirroring_connection_timeout AS [Timeout(sec)]     FROM sys.database_mirroring AS sd     WHERE mirroring_guid IS NOT null     ORDER BY [Database Name]; 

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as it happens only sometimes, and I could not identify what else running at the same time – could have triggered this error,

what are possible things to look at while troubleshooting?

this server is hosted in the USA and I am not admin on the machine, only sysdba in the sql server world.

dismiss card for certain period of time

I’ve been tasked to apply dismiss functionality to some UI cards. We don’t want to allow the user to dismiss them forever, just for a period of 30 days before they re-appear again.

Our design system is loosely based on Material Design, but I am struggling to find an existing pattern that would suit this behaviour and can’t recall seeing anything in other products.

I’ve come up with the following ideas, but not sure if they feel right. Solution needs to work on desktop and mobile devices. Are there any existing patterns out there for cards?

dismiss cards

Remove unwanted background in very short period of time with the fastest and qualified team for $5

Removing background has always brought a new look to our pictures. Design your new campaign with new images. we’re here to provide the right image without that unwanted background. see you soon

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Smart shopping learning period

Hi all –

Long story short: I was contact by an adwords rep with some advice to set up a smart shopping campaign as it would out-perform our existing shopping campaign. They helped me set it up over the phone, and i kept my existing budget of the original campaign for the new one, as they said they couldn't run at the same time. What they didn't inform me about was the learning period, saying it would take 15 days for it to learn and in that time performance wouldn't be great. So I…

Smart shopping learning period

Why EEE, (comma) rather than EEE. (period) in date formats with unabbreviated months?

This is a completely personal quest, but I’m really wondering why the standard abbreviated Day format is EEE, even when the month isn’t abbreviated?

I personally think that EEE. looks aesthetically nicer, and doesn’t create any barriers to reading the date.

So I’m just wondering how this happened and hoping to hear from some folks that feel very strongly about it 🙂

so Mon. January 1st, 2019 vs Mon, January 1st, 2019

How to set monitor on standby after certain period

Machine: Dell Vostro PC, System: Ubuntu 18.04, Desktop: Gnome 3.28 running Wayland.

Is there a command in Terminal I can make so that my monitor goes into standby after a fixed period of idle time?

I know with the GUI I can set the idle time for up to 15 mins through the Settings–>Power selection. But supposing I want to set this period longer, eg 20 mins. I’ve looked at xrand and xset options, but neither seem to give any examples of actually doing this, and I would have expected it to be a common query, but no-one appears to have raised it.

Also is there a way of this setting being indefinite rather than just for a session?

Is there a way to send alert summaries after a short period of time?

The problem: an end user performs a bulk change on a large list, and those with “Send notification immediately” receive a large volume of email. Each message is regarding a different list item, although they all have in common the same change.

Those receiving these alerts want to be notified of changes as soon as possible, albeit with a single summary e-mail just like the ones generated by the “Send a daily summary” and “Send a weekly summary” alert options.

Things I’ve tried: Creating a custom workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013, creating a Microsoft Flow that sends an email when items on a SharePoint list change. The former resulted in the same as “Send notification immediately,” with an email for each list item modified in the bulk change. The latter I couldn’t get to work; I have trouble with understanding what’s happening in Microsoft Flow, or what it wants from me to succeed.

I’m not opposed to modifying the behavior of the “Send a daily summary” just for this one SP site if it meant I could force it to send a summary 5 minutes after a bulk change is made. If that’s a possibility, however, I don’t readily know how to do that. I do have farm admin support so if something needs to happen on the back end, provided it doesn’t cause problems for others that assistance is available.

If it’s plain impossible, that’s a shame but fine too.

Internet slows down after short period of use

I have a Gigabyte brix gb-bxbt-2807 and have recently started to use Ubuntu 18.04 rather than Windows 10. Everything seemed to work well for a while but I noticed that online music seemed to be dropping out. I discovered that my download speed had dropped to .2 meg After a reboot this went back up 11 meg. This keeps happening but is only affecting this PC not other equipment. I am using WiFi and have’t tried a wired connection. Can anyone suggest a solution?

How can an NPC disguise themselves from the party for an extended period?

I have an upcoming storyline where I would like an NPC to hide their identity to gain the trust of the party. The nature of the ruse will involve them traveling with the party for an extended period (days or weeks) so I need something with a long duration.

Effects similar to alter self would be ideal but anything I can find lacks the required duration for my purpose. The Hat of Disguise, Greater modified to be continuous (double the cost) is the best solution I have found but is very expensive at 24,000gp and not something I want the party to potentially have access to.

Currently the PCs are 6th level and will be 7th or 8th when this storyline occurs. The party have a wizard that casts detect magic on everything he sees, a paladin that uses detect evil on every important NPC, and a druid with extremely high perception, I need to be able to fool all of them. They also have a bard and a barbarian but they are easier to trick.

Magic aura and undetectable alignment will get me some of the way there but suggestions that don’t involve so many resources are appreciated.

How can an NPC hide their identify from the PCs for an extended period of time?