Permalink Structure

On my website I had a wordpress permalink structure that was as follows: 

Having read in many places that a simpler permalink structure could boost SEO rankings, I changed the structure and created permanent redirects to the following: 

It seems google did not like the change. In the three months since the change was implemented traffic has dropped by about 50%.

Would changing the structure be helpful or would it simply screw things up further?

Creating a child page with the parent set as the front page results in strange permalink

I’m not sure if this is a bug by the theme author but when I try to create a sub page (child page) with the front page as the parent, the resulting permalink includes the name of the template. This only happens when the parent of the page is set as the front page.

So for example, I have “Work” set as the front page. When I try to create a child page with “Work” as the parent, the permalink turns into this:

But even when I don’t specify a template, the template name still gets inserted into the permalink.

I would like it if the permalink became this:

I tried reaching out to the theme author but he is unresponsive. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Redirection Plugin: Change permalink structure to remove date, want to retain and pass query strings (?utm_)

I have changed the permalink structure from /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html to /%postname%/

I have added the following regex rule to the Redirection plugin:

Source URL: ^/([0-9]{4})/([0-9]{2})/([^/]+).html(.*)$   Target URL:$  3/ 

This works and redirects links from social media appended with ?utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest etc., but strips that parameter from the target.

How may I edit my regex to have it pass the query string and append it to the new URL format?

Thank you.

How to add a custom permalink structure tag?

I’m trying to add a new %taxonomy-name% tag to Custom Structure in /wp-admin/options-permalink.php.

I have registered a custom taxonomy called company, and I noticed that I can use a tag named as same as the taxonomy name in Custom Structure, for example /%company%/%post_id%/ (even if the tag %company% didn’t show in the Available tags). By doing so, if a post has the company set to a term called Apple, URL like /Apple/2084 will take me to the post page(single.php) just as what I expected.

But, a side effect comes up… If I use the %company% then the Pages(page.php) won’t be recognized(becomes to 404 page).

Anyone knows why? and how to solve this problem? Thanks.

Как составить permalink на странице кастомного архива country->terms()->tour->terms?

Есть taxonomy – country и его термины (Georgia, Russia и много других стран) А так же есть taxonomy – tour-type и его термины (Спортивные туры, Автобусные туры, Круизные туры) Суть вопроса в том что на странице архива вывожу туры по категориям и добавляю ссылку на тур выводит все списки туров связанные со всеми странами как вывести тур для данной странны к примеру а не ? Спасибо всем большое

How to set up permalink after migrating to another server?

After i migrate from one server to another, i can only set the permalink to plain setting.

Whenever i try to change to other custom setting, it doesn’t work. I always see the “ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND” message.

I am using Dokan plug-ins for multi vendor for that Product permalinks need to be set to custom base.

Please help to figure out permalink to other settings. Thank you.