What permanent spells would I be able to cast to make demiplane into a true base? [closed]

The character is a lvl 20 hexblade warlock who has an 8th level spell as a mystic arcanum. The DM is very open to homebrew. That’s how this game was described.

If it’s not broken and if the spell is mostly flavor text, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the warlock spell list – I could probably use it. For context, the party wizard has cure wounds.

What spells would I cast together to make a really good base?

Is crafting permanent items supposed to take this long?

One of my players in an upcoming game came up to me and noted that crafting items takes a ridiculously long time and/or is not much cheaper than just buying the item. This got me to look into the crafting system a bit deeper.

This is question #2, dealing with crafting times. Here is #1, about profits/costs.

I looked at the Earn Income table on page 236, and the prices of magic items, in the table starting on page 536 of the Core rulebook. Eyeballing the average price of a permanent item and assuming the highest proficiency level possible I made a quick excel table.

Assuming a normal success on the skill roll, getting the full price reduction on an item you craft (to half price) takes you:

  • lv 1: 37 days
  • lv 2-7: ~ 2 months
  • lv 8-13: ~ 3 months
  • lv 14-18: ~ 4 months
  • lv 19-20: 5+ months

Crafting an item 3 levels below you takes:

  • lv 1: 10 days
  • lv 2-4: ~ 2 weeks
  • lv 5-8: ~ 3-4 weeks
  • lv 9-17: ~ 1 month
  • lv 18: ~2 months
  • lv 19: 100 days
  • lv 20: 175 days

(Plus the 4 days to start crafting in every case.)

These numbers make it really impractical for a generic adventurer to create an item suitable for their own use (ie. of their level). Even if they settle for half the reduction they can get, it will take time on the scale of months, even on fairly low levels.

Are there rules or factors I did not take into account? How do these times line up with the downtime that a PC might expect or that the GM is advised to give?

How permanent are these changes to a PC when they attune to this weapon in Descent into Avernus?

In Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus, on pages 226-227, the

is described. The weapon is listed as a

and has the following property (given a bold italics header):

Briefly, these traits include (give bold headers):

The next header is written in bold italics, so I believe this is a new property that is unrelated to the Attunement property.

My question is about the part that says:

As I understand it, this means that you are permanently given all of the various traits, regardless of whether you remain attuned to the weapon or not, or whether or not

Is this interpretation correct? Does that even mean that an entire party could pass the weapon around (assuming that

and all gain these traits, even if

forever afterwards?

What happens when a permanent True Polymorphed creature drops to 0? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • When true polymorphed creature dies, does it revert to its original form? 3 answers

Assume that a creature was True Polymorphed for the entire duration of the spell and is thus permanently transformed.

When said creature drops to 0, does the creature revert to it’s previous form or does it die?

Can you stack True Polymorphs to create an possibly infinite HP pool?

Are the ability scores granted by lycanthropy permanent?

From page 207 of the MM,

A character who becomes a lycanthrope retains his or her statistics except as specified by lycanthrope type. […]

For example:

Werewolf. The character gains a Strength of 15 if his or her score isn’t already higher, […]

If some PC had a Strength less than 15, and gained a Strength of 15 this way, would they retain the 15 Strength if the curse was then removed by e.g. Remove Curse?

The other properties clearly seem to be removed, at least RAI, so I would expect this one to be as well, but I’m just requesting clarification, since changing an attribute is a little different to gaining traits.

There is also the more complicated case of taking an ASI while afflicted by the curse:

Assume a PC has a base Strength of 12. They become a werewolf, so they gain a Strength of 15, then they level up from 3rd to 4th level, and increase their Strength by 2 points.

  • Is their Strength now 17?
  • Does it remain at 15 because $ 12 + 2 = 14$ and $ 14 < 15$ ?
  • If their curse was then removed, would they have a Strength of 12, 14 or 17?

A permanent portable Magic Circle

So, a Wizard just got their hands on the Planar Binding spell line, and wants to start utilizing it. Said Wizard also likes to be self-sufficient AND is invested in their alignment – which means they don’t want to ask other people for help and REALLY don’t want to start casting spells of opposed alignment. But in order to Bind a creature of the same alignment, you have to cast a Magic Circle spell of opposed alignment, which even carries an opposed [alignment] descriptor.

After thinking about it for some time, I’ve realized that the best way to do this by-the-book is to have a magic item that specifically works as a Magic Circle that’s turned inside. The question is if there’s an item like this already or if I’ll have to make a custom one.

I know that there’s the Binder-only Seal of the Spirit in Tome of Magic that serves a similar function, but it works strictly for Vestiges.

If you get permanent shadow points without a Bout of Madness, do you still get a Degeneration?

My question is about what happens when you get Permanent Shadow Points without a Bout of Madness.

In TOR you normally only get Permanent Shadow Points by becoming Miserable, rolling an Eye of Sauron, and thus suffering a Bout of Madness. This causes you to gain 1 Permanent Shadow Point and gain a Degeneration.

However, there are two other circumstances that I know of that can produce more Permanent Shadow Points:

  • In the Rivendell supplement there is a Fellowship Phase Undertaking called “There and Back Again.” This causes you to gain 1 Permanent Shadow Point, but in return you get some hope back.
  • Characters who wish to gain the Shadow-Lore specialty from Saruman may study with him, but in return they gain 1 Permanent Shadow Point.

If you gain a Permanent Shadow Point in these circumstances, do you still gain a Degeneration? I can’t find anything that firmly says if you do or do not.