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Canadian permanent residency application – do I need to stay in the country during application processing? [migrated]

I am an American citizen living in Québec for the past 3.5 years. The first 6 months were under a student visa, and the last 3 years have been under two separate work visas (under NAFTA). I have submitted my application to the Québec government to obtain a CSQ, I should receive my CSQ within the next few weeks.

Next step will be to submit my application to the federal government under the Quebec Skilled Worker Class track (I’ve read that the average application processing time, for this application track, is roughly 15 months).

I plan to travel for roughly a year, starting this December. My question is, must I remain in Canada for any/all of the time while my application with the federal government is pending?

Can a permanent Teleportation Circle be made on a moving vehicle?

There is a similar question about this for 3.5e, but can a permanent teleportation circle be created on a large moving vehicle? For example, a sailing ship, or a wide portable floor?

The spell says:

You can create a permanent teleportation circle by casting this spell in the same location every day for one year. You need not use the circle to teleport when you cast the spell in this way.

To further illustrate the question, here are sub-questions:

  • What happens if I cast the spell on the vehicle for a year (and it is unmoving), and then the vehicle moves? Can it still be used as a destination point?

  • Can I create a permanent TC on the vehicle if it is never in the same place twice in the first place?

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How do I stat an NPC with a permanent injury?


My level 5 party are current tasked with defending a small town from a raiding orc party. It is the first battle in a large war between this kingdom and the invading orc hordes. The half-orc paladin PC is on a mission to prevent the war so this is a very important event in the context of the story.

As such I put a lot of effort into setting up this fight. I have multiple types of orcs, a fully fleshed out town map and NPC stats for multiple locals. The party has recruited the townsfolk to help in their defense. The locals will mostly be using the commoner or expert NPC classes, with a couple of warriors for the locals the party had spare weapons for.


The leader of this town is a human retired war veteran with links to other important NPCs. His backstory is that he fought in multiple wars before getting an portcullis dropped on his leg. Faced with selling everything he owned to afford clerical healing or retiring he choose the later. He is know the only military minded NPC in town.

When I started creating stats for this NPC I wanted him to be important. So, I followed my normal strategy of giving him PC class levels, 4 levels of fighter. I then added 2 levels of expert to represent his growth after retirement.

My Issue

I want to represent the injury that caused him to retire in a mechanical way. Hopefully in a way that it will be obvious to the players during the fight. My only ideas were to reduce his movement speed to 20ft and give him some penalty to dexterity. I was hoping for something better than that.

How can I create stats for an NPC to show their permanent injury?

If there is an existing mechanical way to do this that would be the best answer. I would also accept any experienced based answer either from NPCs or PCs.

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