Custom JS produces different results based on user’s permission level in SP 2013

HELP! I understand this question is a bit vague, however, that is because I have never run into this issue before and I have no idea where to start.

Anyone who can share a similar experience and what they did to solve the problem is a Godsend

I have custom JS for an uploader that ingests excel files, parses the data and put that data into SharePoint lists. It uses the following libraries: xlsx.core.min.js, xlsx.full.min.js, and jquery.min.js.

This uploader behaves differently depending upon the permission level of the person attempting to do the upload. IE – you must have full control or be an SCA for it to work as intended. None of the scripts make a reference to other subsites, everything is local. I have never heard of this before and am having trouble finding help online for this topic.

Any takers??

What is this permission group?

When I ran adb shell pm list permission-groups one of the groups was:

I’ve never seen this before in system settings and I can’t find anything explaining what it is for.

Why does Google have a permission relating explicitly to cars?

Revoking Bluetooth permission from all apps?

I noticed that my phone silently enables bluetooth when screen turns off. When phones remains inactive for few minutes and I click unlock button I can see bluetooth indicator showing up for around 1-2 seconds, then it disappears and Bluetooth is disabled. I have suspicions that some app enables bluetooth programatically when screen is off.

Can I revoke bluetooth permissions from all apps? (eg. using adb) Or at least check recent bluetooth activity events?

How to check user has permission special node

I following topic to create custom permissions for node. It’s working ok. Example I can edited node 1 with url: I wan’t check user have permission edit node by code eg:

node_access('view', $  node); 

and Drupal 8

$  node = Node::load(1); $  account = User::load(1); $  check = $  node->access('edit', $  account); 

But It don’t working. So how can check permission of special node?